5 Ways to Make Extra Kitchen Counter Space

(Last Updated On: July 27, 2020)

If you live in a small home then you will understand the struggles of having a small kitchen. The kitchen counter is almost always full of utensils and cooking items. You might be stressing out every time you cook something because there is just not enough counter space.

With a lack of counter space, it is very hard to try to cook. But with these great ideas on how you can create extra room in your kitchen counter, you will no longer end up in a big mess. Watch the video down below with step by step tutorials on how you can create extra counter space.

5 ways to increase kitchen space

I know how hard it is to live in a studio apartment with minimal space. My kitchen was just too tiny. I only had one small counter space where most of its space was occupied from a cooker. That barely left me with space to even cut my vegetables.

To make extra space on your counter space you can place a wooden ladder in a corner of your kitchen and add some baskets held by S-shaped hangers. Add one small basket holder in every two ladder slats to organize jars, canned food, or fruits.

Be creative in creating extra counter space by making a DIY shelf from a wooden suitcase. Take the suitcase and add shelves to it. Then put it intact on a wall and reduce its opening capacity by also adding chains. This will not let your jars fall off of the wooden suitcase.

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Ways you can make your counter look more organized is by placing a tiered organizer on the kitchen counter. It lets you easily place fruits, cans, jars, herbs, and more. Another good idea is to place a cutting board on top of the sink when you are cooking. This gives you extra counter space as well.

Ways to create extra counter space:

  • Hang baskets on a ladder on a corner of your kitchen.
  • Place a cutting board on top of your sink to cook better in the kitchen
  • Place a tiered organizer on your counter to
  • Make a DIY hidden shelf you can place in the space between the fridge and the wall
  • Turn a wooden suitcase into a wooden shelf

Supplies you may need:

No one wants to feel uncomfortable while cooking and get a messy kitchen very fast. That is why by using these creative ideas you tend to create extra counter space for your kitchen. This will let you get around the space more easily and will make your life just a bit easier than you may have it before.

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