Declutter Your Closet

11 Clever Ways To Declutter Your Closet

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2022)

Cleaning your closet can sometimes be stressful but the seasonal decluttering of your closet is a whole other thing. This takes a lot of time and with the help of some background music, it can be a soothing experience.

If winter or summer is coming we all know that our closet needs to go under a total decluttering. Taking your old clothes that you will no longer use because of the change of weather is a must to create space for the other clothes that you will use in the following months. Click on the video below to learn more about how you can declutter your closet by yourself.

Clever ways to declutter your closet

On the bottom of your closet, it is best to place tension rods to place your shoes. Place parallel rods to place flats and leveled rods to place high heel shoes. If you are having a hard time finding a place to hang it, then the best solution to this problem is to place your belt on a paper roll holder. You can also place bracelets and watches on the holder.

Do you need more room to hang more clothes in your closet? Do not worry because all you need is just some soda tabs. Put a soda tab on the hanger and hang another hanger-on. This will leave you with a double hanger and also double the space where you can hang your clothes.

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A great idea to hang tank tops if you are organizing summer clothing is using S-hooks. Place one tank top on each S-hook. Put a hanger organizer on your closet door in order to create more storage space for your closet.

Learn how to perfectly fold linen and store them in the closet to maximize closet space. to learn how to perfectly fold linen and more tips on decluttering your closet just click the video down below we have provided you.

Declutter your closet in these ways:

  • Place rods for shoes
  • Use a paper roll holder to put belts
  • Put a soda tab on a hanger do create a double hanger
  • Use S-hooks to place tank tops
  • Perfectly fold linen to maximize space
  • Place hooks on a hanger to place jewelry
  • Put an organizer on your closet door to tore mere items

Supplies you might need to declutter your closet:

Final Thought:

Learning how to declutter your closet is very important if you want to maximize storage space and make the inside of your closet look nice and tidy. These tips and tricks will make your closet look clean and organized in just a short time when cleaning your closet on a regular day or if you are doing a seasonal clean.

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