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5 Essential Graters, Peelers, And Slicers For Your Kitchen

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2022)

To set up every one of the dishes you have to cut them into pieces. Sometimes, you have to peel or grate them. In any case, peeling is not a simple activity and it can’t be neatly finished with a normal knife.

To make every one of these things conceivable you need some sort of gadgets that can carry out these responsibilities effectively, splendidly and that additionally peels or grates in minutes.

Along these lines, you have to try these essential graters, peelers, and slicers from the best brand and the best models also.

We are going to help you with these gadgets of various brands and models. Examine the best graters, peelers, and slicers now.

Here is the List of 5 Essential Graters, Peelers And Slicers For Kitchen:

  1. Grater
  2. Mandoline
  3. Slicer
  4. Peeler
  5. Zester



Time management in cooking is imperative of this age. If we want to save time in cooking, cooking should be faster. Though you can cook them in electric accessories,

It required finding chopping shapes like onion, carrots, potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, and so on. Stainless Steel made greater is originally known.

They come in various according to numbers of blades. They had comfortable handles to securer than in hand while they are grating.

Not but what they are using as testing of lemon or peel of orange they are used verily in my purpose. Some have wonderful; before as hardy stand to place with a small basket to hold the small pieces of food and grip in hand to convenient use.

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Few of them have a removal blade system that makes them super easy to clean. They arrive in a perfect size to adjust your kitchen needs.

Use of the Grater:

  • Grating foods without being tired.
  • Easy to clean and store.
  • Cutting foods into fine finishing pieces.
  • Worth of prize.
  • Enhance your food item flavor and look!
  • Enough sturdy to do daily works.
  • Long lasted with multipurpose use.


Whatever you want to get from cooking salad to anything you must chop vegetables.

Use of the Slicer:


Alleged that mandoline can be detrimental if you are not experienced enough but these days modern mandoline is amazing as they are capable to secure your hand and finger to prevent unwanted accidents.

Plus they also can be used home kitchen use not only for commercial purposes. Mandolin is  super sharp slicer from vegetable carrot to tomato. Though they are reached in the market three blade shapes, V-shaped the most preferable one for home users.

Mandoline also can be varied up to their designs as flat handed and stand models. Here you also can choose the adjustable or rolling blades according to your like.

Mainly blades are made of stainless steel but frame and handle can be different materials. However, ceramic blades are getting popular ones. Few of monoline have added with a grater and catch tray combo.

Use of the Mandoline:

  • Capable of chopping food or veritable items in multiple ways.
  • Get chopping things thinner.
  • Work perfectly.
  • Easy to operate any time, anywhere.
  • Simple to clean and safe store.
  • Cook fast and get more leisure time.
  • Made potato chips at home easily.


When you set a mind to buy or replace a new peeler to an old one you mostly have to be conscious about a few features of a peeler that ensure your peeler will work aptly such as durability, blade, designs.

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Peeling of vegetables undoubtedly a hard deed so obviously they should’ve sturdy enough. Mainly sharpness depended on its blade which is made of stainless steel, ceramic, and carbon steel.

Though Stainless Steel one is more effective. Sweval and Y are the most common types of peelers used in the kitchen. Thought sweval is more popular for their cutting designs, but Y peeler is getting exotic between folks in these days.

Most of them have a comfortable handle with a hole for hanging purposes after use. They can be varied in designs along with blade numbers and replace ability. Few of them are designed for potato too.

Use of the Peeler:

  • Sharpe blade with oral durability for daily use.
  • Adoptable for both right and left-handed.
  • Super easy to use, store and clean
  • Capable of peeling any tough skin like apples and other vegetables.
  • Easy to pick the right one as they come in a wide range with some sizes and colors.


It is individuating that creating a final look or decorating is harder than making the dish. Zesting is related to this work as raising the conclusive part before placing dining.

With so many teeth they are ready to zesting lemons and either which is wanted to zesting. Along with various sizes and shapes, they are available in the market. Stainless steel make zesting is more favorable for their Hardy body,

Most of the handles are made of hard plastics with BPA free and grip let them enough comfortable to hold. They are built in food grade balance to ensure harmlessness.

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Bring them you can replace a few accessories as greater and more than the perfect zester can do also their work. Through their beautiful finishing, they can save your hand and fingers from an accident and did not require extra pressure to doing zesting.

They are superb on cheese, lemon, ginger, coconut, chocolate, carrot and so on accurately.

Use of the Zester:

  • Produce dishes like experiences.
  • Save energy and time.
  • Well-built to do their duty aptly.
  • Easy to clean, store, and use.
  • Keep the balance to zest and dishes.
  • Long lasting with versatile uses.


These graters, peelers, and slicers are the perfect solution to ease your kitchen experience. Peel fruits or veggies like apples, potatoes, and more. Or grate whatever kind of food you need to cook. Try them now and say goodbye to any peeling and grating with just a usual knife.

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