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15 Essential Kitchen Knives and Cutlery

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2022)

You can ask any chef about the most important cooking item in any situation, and he will definitely tell you that it is a knife. If you really think about it the knife is the second most important item in the kitchen with the first being fired.

You are probably struggling with your old knife that does not even cut something as soft as a tomato without making a huge mess.

If you want to cut your food precisely and with ease then choosing one of our mentions might just save you both time and money. We have listed all sorts of knives from chef knives to bread knives.

The choice is yours from where to choose from. But every kitchen knife is equally important because every type of food needs to be cut in perfection and easily.

Moreover, you also have to choose a knife based on the materials. For instance, the blade should be made from grade 440c steel to ensure its quality and durability.

Essential Kitchen Knives and Cutlery

Boning Knives:

Essential Kitchen Knives

As its names refer to its work like boning beef. But with so much flexibility they are easily going with poultry and fish for deep cuts and holes. Basically, the common sizes of these products are 5 to 6 inches but few companies give them as long as 9 inches (ca. 23 cm). Metal and stainless steel are the usual material to structure them.

Typically, they have a narrow blade with sturdy handles of wood and polypropylene for easy use. Few come with traditional Honbazuke or retailer sharpening method with 3 steps up to various stable degrees for super cutting.

Bread Knives:

best Bread Knives

The reliable solution of crushing bread is nothing but a sharp and well-maintained Bread Knife. you can find so many Bread Knives with various sizes, models, materials, and outstanding features. A serrated sharp blade is specially designed to cut any substances even soft cake smoothly because of their teeth.

Length can be varied from 6 to 10 inches long sturdy handles. Carbon stainless steel is dependable blades for it with wooden and polypropylene materials. Straight and little curved designs are available.

Cake Knives:

Cake Knives

All of the essential kitchen knives, Mostly cake knives come in a combo pack as cake knives and a server. But Single pieces are also present in the market. Serrated and non-serrated blades are used in cakes knives. Stainless Steel is picked as the material for the blade because of its durability and effectiveness. Porcelain, resin, stainless steel-made handles are attached with them in so many colors.

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Silver-plated is shinny attention for celebration. you can purchase this thing in various sizes per your need. At the cleaning option they are mostly dishwasher safe or hand washes which is so easy in a simple manner.

Carving Knives & Forks:

Carving Knives & Forks

In all the essential kitchen knives, Carving Knives are specially designed pr their duty as carving or slicing meat perfectly with a bit thinner and confined than casual cooking knives. They are available at various lengths especially from 15 to 25 cm. They are well-made from stainless steel or carbon steel with ergonomic handles.

Reliable materials and flexible construction make them durable in your workplace and private kitchen. Together with a fork, they are more versatile. Electric carving knives and fork sets are celebrated sets of tools to prepare meat absolutely with control.

Chef Knives:

Chef Knives

Nothing can be more versatile as Chef’s Knives with the right size, weigh which is the perfect feed in your hand. Well-made handles along with a point for finger can be more dependable knives on chopping, slicing, dicing, and mincing in your kitchen. Made out of stainless steel Chef knives are more reliable to smooth cutting of things. 

Steel is also sustainable material for corrosion rust resistance and color fading. Handles can be extracted from polypropylene, wood, and more. These types of knives are easy to sharpen and comfortable in a kitchen task.



The large size of knife usually has a rectangular blade for cutting meat and soft bone. Stainless Steel and carbon steel were picked to structure the blade with plastic and wood-made handles. Non-slip handles make them more convenient in chopping, mincing, slicing, dicing rightly.

Few of them have Hole in the blade to store them by hanging if they are not fitted in kitchen cabinets drawers. Mostly they have an extra sharp blade to do your kitchen cutting tasks with minimal effort. Because of the flat surface, it is easy to clean after use.      

Cutting Boards:

best Cutting Boards

Various materials such as wood, plastic, bamboo, acrylic can be effective for a cutting board which is certainly needed in every kitchen. Though people love to purchase them on natural components. Handle makes them easy to carry and place. they are available in varied dimensions and set per people’s needs.

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Plastic and archaic ones are colorful, decorative pieces for any kind of home decorations. Attachments of juice grooves with the cutting boards are more advantageous for ensuring the kitchen is more clean and hygienic.

Electric Knives:

Corded and cordless electric knives are present in the market which are mainly grouped as carving knives. Manufacturers build them with blades and comfortable handles for easy use. Most of them can well prove over cheese, bread, and chicken carving.

Whether others come with only chicken carving tools along with a carving fork. Few models offer a caring box to carry, anti-slip grip handles to avoid an accident and smart button to start, blade release, and more which make them safe and reliable.

Fillet Knives:

Along with filleting boning, preparing, skinning, trimming, and butterflying can be done these types of knives neatly. Per their functionality, they got structured in merely narrow-shaped knives with effective handles. stainless steel and carbon steel are durable and worthy materials to build them.

Wood and plastic are common components for handles. Sheath for storing them move safely to your journey and drawer. Safety edge and anti-slip on the handle ensure protection for your hand and sharp blade and extreme finishes provide their flexibility and durability.

Knife Block:

In all essential kitchen knives accessories, Knife block undoubtedly knifes storing solution avoiding injuries by their sharp blade. These blocks can be varied to their capacity to hold knives, sizes of knives, and their materials for building them. Wood-made blocks are reliable for the power of absorbing water that comes with the blade.

Bamboo is another natural material to make them. Stainless steel, hard acrylic make them more decorative for any kitchen style. These blocks can be parallel for drawer placement and vertical for countertop and more.

Knife Holders:

There are several types of knife holders are found in the kitchen such as cabinet drawer knife holder, countertop holder, and wall-mounted categorized with especially magnetic one. Bamboo. stainless steel even plastic is largely used materials to structure them which makes them durable and decorative kitchen accessories.

Along with a beautiful knife holder, you can keep all knives together and safely leave the uncertain accident from a sharp blade. They come with various dimensions, sizes, and designs at reasonable prices and so many conveniences.

Knife Sharpeners:

According to the essential kitchen knives accessories, Sharping Rod, and Stone are also tools for sharpening a knife while sharpers are more safe, durable, and effective in doing their work expertly. Many companies supply these kits with varied specifications as they serve roger sharpness and are workable to any type of knife even heavy steel.

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With manual labor and quickly you can sharpen your knife with various sizes. Mostly they have a strong grip to place on a countertop and point to keep a hand at a safe distance.  Knife Sharper is also available in the market with outstanding features and capabilities.

Paring Knives:

When it comes to the balance in kitchen work paring knives are essential in garnishing, mincing, or peeling, to slicing or dicing every time. Blades of these types of knives can be straight and serrated. Both are ravishing in on their field. Carbon steel and Stainless Steel ensure motley their rust resistance, corrosion, discoloration with various warranties per company.

For effective use, they have handles that are made from wood, polypropylene, and more for durability stylish appearances. You can get them in various sizes per your demand with storing cover for safety.


Cutting poultry, veggies, meat shears are incomparable in the kitchen. They come with casually two separated blades that have micro-serrated or do not appear for nonslip chopping. Most of the blades for them are made out of stainless steel as well as carbon steel with hard plastic handles.

Grip and finger point make them efficient while you are working with them. For materialistic they are easy to clean. Through them, with less effort, you can easily do your kitchen’s various tasks within less time.

Steak Knives:

It is not required that t steak knives are being serrated, straight ones are also capable to do a perfect slice of steak of poultry and fish. Though serrated steak knives need not sharpening frequently. Stainless steel has dominated position as super sturdy and flexible materials for building the b; lade for it.

Recently coating of ceramic and nonstick one also getting reliability in this field. Commonly they reach the market with sets of numeric pieces with a well-made handle to smooth use. By using them you can get a perfect slice every time in your kitchen.

Final Thought on Essential Kitchen Knives

If you want to cut your food quickly clean and sharp then these essential kitchen knives and cutlery accessories are just the things you need. We have listed all kinds of knives for cooking and cutting up different food.

If your knives are old and dull then the time has come to get some new sharp ones. Try them now and boost up your cooking experience.

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