Wood Sectional Sofa buying guide

How to Choose the Wood Sectional Sofa?

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2022)

Wood sectional sofas are very appealing to the eyes. They are not like the regular sofas where the frame is covered with cushions and fabrics. The wooden frame of this kind of furniture is exposed because it is essentially the whole essence of the sofa itself. They are made of strong wood, or a wood of your choice if you want to have one custom-made.

A sectional sofa is a unique set of sitting devices that you can reorient to your liking. The versatility that is given to you when it comes to arranging such furniture for your living space would enable you to choose your desired look and position because a single set may have three to five pieces of the entire sofa set.

But the wooden versions of these sofa sets are unique because they can come as a single unit. Sectionals can be shaped into the letter L or the letter U, depending on your preference, but the wood-made ones can be a single unit. You might see one that you think can be disjointed, but it can’t because the whole thing was already shaped that way.

So here are tips on how to choose the best one for you:

Tips in Choosing Your Own Wood Sectional Sofa

Measure the size:

In measuring the size, you should take note of both the size of the sofa itself and the size of your living room. Because most wood sectional sofas are single units that are shaped in a certain way, you should take note if the space in your living room can accommodate the size of your chosen unit. L-shaped sofas can fit well in two corners of the wall, while U-shaped ones can fit three. But you won’t want your sofa to block any doors or overreach its boundaries in an awkward manner.

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Imagine how your new sofa will take shape in your home

If you want a sofa set that would accommodate your needs for visual entertainment, then you should plan on facing one in a single direction, particularly in front of the TV. If you are a person who regularly has visitors over for mingling & bonding, then you should choose a set that can be oriented in a semi-circular or a completely rounded manner. But you should make sure that the size and the number of sofas you want to place would not overwhelm the size of your living area.

The shape your sofa will assume matters

If you have a sectional sofa that you can actually reorient, at least in terms of its positioning, then you can definitely do what you want with it. Small sectional sofas a great for filling the corners, but bigger and longer ones can act as a divider between two areas in a big space, like when the dining area is just a few paces away from the living room itself. L-shaped sofas will be your makeshift walls between two separate places and U-shaped ones will bring people closer together as it allows all of you to gather and see each other.

Choose upholstery materials that would blend well with the wood, while maintaining quality

Wood is such a versatile material, even as a module to encourage the beauty and strength of a product. It is worth noting that practically all colors would be able to mix with painted, varnished or polished wood. The sofa items should provide greater comfort and accessibility because, let’s face it, wood is just too stiff & uncomfortable. You can also choose fabrics that won’t be caught in the wooden frame. A runny fabric for your cushions would only tell you that it doesn’t live up to any high quality standards.

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Wood sectional sofas are your strongest choices when it comes to improving your living room. These things last longer. You may not even bother to have them repaired because if the wood and joint-connectors used are durable and dependable, then it will last a lifetime, even more. Having wood as your frame would also allow you to clean the sofa set very easily.

You can just take the cushions and clean them separately. You can maintain the wooden frame, as well. You can definitely rely on wood to be resilient and long-lasting. You only need to find the best source and the right choice for your home.

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