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10 Easy Ways Clean Your Room Fast!

You cannot avoid the day where you have to perfectly clean your room until it shines. It is going to come and you will end up dedicating your whole day into getting everything looking brand new again.

Most of us let our room get very messy simply because we do not have any time to properly clean it. I know the struggle of that stressful moment when you decide to clean your room but just have no clue where to start. That is why I have decided to show you guys a tutorial with 10 easy steps on how to clean your room from top to bottom.

How to clean Your Room Fast Following These 10 Steps:

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In order to start, you need to know how to get motivated to clean your room. Simply put on some comfortable clothing and your favorite playlist in the background and you are good to go.

The things you need to get rid of first is anything you have eaten or used to eat with in the past few days and place them in your kitchen. Then a wise trick to clean your room more easily is to put everything that is out of its place on the bed. Yes, I know that the result will be a big mountain of belongings on your bed but we will get to that soon.

Now after all your furniture and floor hold no more items you start to clean the furniture from dust and also vacuum the floor. Do not forget the cleaning windows and mirrors because they improve the appearance of your room.

Now all you have left is a big pile of things on your bed you have to clean. First, start with big items and place them neatly to the according drawers. Clear out the smaller items in their according bins the same way and then fold all your shirts and put them in the drawer. This will leave you only with the bed. Do not forget to change the sheets and lastly tidy it up.

Instructions how to clean your room fast:

  1. Get into comfortable clothes
  2. Put your favorite music on
  3. Get rid of food products
  4. Place all items on the bed
  5. Clean the furniture, mirror, and windows
  6. Vacuum the floor
  7. Take large items off the bed and place in their according drawers
  8. Take small items and place them in box organizers
  9. Fold your clothes and store in the closet
  10. Change your bedsheets and tidy the bed

Supplies to Use That Make Room Cleaning Easier:

Final Thought:

Organizing your room to make it look perfectly clean can be a tiring thing to do but in the end, you will be proud of yourself and feel so motivated to do anything else in your to-do-list.

This tutorial has helped many tidy their room to perfection and even maintain it for days in a row.

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