Household Chores

How to Simplify Household Chores

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2021)

When it comes to cleaning your house we all have better things to do, so the idea of how to tidy up as quickly as possible pops into our minds. Yes I know, I would rather eat pizza and watch my favorite Netflix show also but you gotta do what you got to do in order to keep your home free from dust.

Because doing chores is not my most favorite thing to do, I usually add some music or listen to a talk show while I clean. It helps me to not get lazy while cleaning and keeps me moving. If you want to learn some tips on how to do your chores as fast as possible as stick around.

Tips on How to Simplify Household Chores

Vacuuming is necessary for big carpets but saves time by lint-rolling small carpets. The effect will be the same in half of the time. If you have dirty blenders do not wash them at all because that is just a waste of time. Just pour in some warm water, add dish soap, and start blending. This will leave your blender sparkling clean.

Dishes are hard to clean if left for long due to the hardened food stuck on them. To reduce effort just pour hot water on them to melt a big part of the stiff food particles. Pans are the hardest to clean, that is why you should mix hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and let it sit on the pan for a few minutes to make to look like new again

Put new trash bags on the bottom of your trash can. This will help you find them and replace the old bag with the new bag in an instant. To clean dust from furniture faster you can just place an old sock made out of absorbing fiber material on your hand. That will make the process a lot easier.

6 Hacks to Simplify Household Chores:

  1. Lint-roll carpets
  2. Blend water and dish soap in a dirty blender
  3. Pour hot water on dishes
  4. Add baking soda and hydrogen peroxide on a pan
  5. Place spare bags in the bottom of a trash can
  6. Clean dust with old sock placed on your hand

Supplies You Might Need to Simplify Household Chores:

  1. Water 
  2. Dish Soap
  3. Sock 
  4. Trash Bags
  5. Hydrogen Peroxide 
  6. Baking Soda

Final Thought:

Doing chores is something anyone would avoid or try to do as quickly as possible. But at the end where everything is polished and clean, you will surely be so proud of yourself and also relieved to get it out of your way. These tips will surely help you reach that feeling faster than ever before.

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