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Must-Follow Kitchen Appliance Trends in 2023

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2022)

The kitchen is always one of the most renovated places in the home, and it’s projected to be so in 2022 thanks to the “socialize at home” culture cultivated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The kitchen has become the focal point of the home for many people because it offers food, drink, comfort, and exciting family times. If you’re looking for your next project, take a moment to consider what the kitchen means to you. Then, you can examine the following 2022 trends to help bring your vision to life.


Even though clear trends are emerging for 2022, no two kitchens should look the same. When you’re designing your renovation, whether it be a total overhaul or investing in new appliances, try and break boundaries and put your stamp on the space. Think of custom colors and quirkiness for equipment that show who you are. For example, if you’re a coffee fiend, consider this stylish Fellow kettle from SSENSE that shouts “I love coffee.” You will also find plenty of other kitchen appliances from top designer brands that are guaranteed to make your kitchen pop.


Ride 2022’s most significant trend and invest in a multi-cooker, which will help you practice healthy eating more efficiently. Multi-cookers are relatively new and allow food fanatics to prepare meals in many different ways, including steaming and slow cooking. This trend lets you say goodbye to spreading oil or butter across your pots and pans.

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Wi-Fi Connectivity

This trend is rolling over from 2021, with more kitchen appliance manufacturers feeling the pressure to integrate smart technology. You will be able to use your smartphone and control most elements of your kitchen remotely, including the lighting, fridge temperature, microwaves, oven, stovetops, and much more. There’s no doubt that Wi-Fi connectivity in the kitchen is a trend that will run through beyond 2022.

The White Revolution

Dark countertops have dominated kitchen renovations in recent years, but 2022 brings the white revolution. Ice white surfaces, cupboards, and appliances let people show off just how clean their homes are. Thanks to the gorgeous slate finishes and elegant styles, our top pick for ice-white kitchens goes to Whirlpool; the AquaLift Self-Clean Technology is our favorite in the collection.

The Fridge Overhaul

Fridges are set to become more functional and versatile in 2022, which will change the face of the whole kitchen. Going forward, many refrigeration units will include sectioned compartments for specific food types, alongside glass doors and drawers. Further, handles will decline, with smart technology taking us further towards full automation. When it comes to ice makers, manufacturers are starting to raise them to filter the water and improve the quality – the shape of ice cubes is being made spherical to meet the expectations of avid bartenders and cocktail drinkers.

The kitchen renovations are high every year, and the mold isn’t set to break anytime soon. In 2022, manufacturers are creating smart appliances to simplify kitchen processes, and color schemes are shifting towards white to highlight cleanliness.

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Final Thought:

In conclusion, these are the top kitchen appliance trends to watch for in 2022. Be sure to keep your kitchen updated with the latest technology to make cooking and cleaning easier than ever.

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