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5 Ways to Maximize Laundry Room Space

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2022)

Laundry day is always something we do not prefer to add first in our daily to-do list but these clever decorating ideas and storage solutions will make you look forward to doing laundry more often.

We all know that our laundry space is not the biggest part of the house, and we often find it filled with clothes hanging around everywhere and things getting messed up easily.

In order to make you more motivated to do laundry, we have selected the best laundry room ideas you can do to make your laundry room clean and neat.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Laundry Room Space While Spending Less Time:

Creating storage solutions in your laundry room can sometimes be a hard task to figure out but with these great ideas, you can maximize laundry room space and make it function to its maximum.

The first thing you need to do is add cabinets, preferably on the top of your washing machine. This will organize all your cleaning supplies. If you find yourself storing different things on top of the cabinets then it is better if you put storage baskets up there to make the laundry room look more organized.

It is important to add a shelf in one corner of your laundry room to put things that you use more often. An air freshener could be a good idea to place there in order to leave a good scent. Most families have pets like cats or dogs and a laundry room can be a good idea to set up a feeding spot for your pet or you can set up a litter space that is easily accessible by your cat.

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When it comes to organizing dirty clothes the video shows a step-by-step DIY on how to create a space next to your washing machine that will make it easy to separate your white clothes from the delicate and from the vibrant-colored ones.

These 6 Steps Help to Upgrade Your Laundry Room Space: 

  1. Clean up the laundry room and empty it
  2. Put organizing bins and cabinets for a place to put items
  3. Place a mop holder on the wall to neatly pace your mops
  4. Create storage place next to the washing machine to place dirty clothes
  5. Create a section with a shelf to put your most used items
  6. Below the shelf place litter box or a feeding bowl if you own pets

Supplies You Might Need to Upgrade Your laundry Space:

Final Thought:

These great laundry room ideas will help you with keeping a more clean and organized space. This will most likely help you get motivated for laundry day.

The ideas shown in this video can apply to all laundry rooms and apart from having more storage solutions you will also have an upgraded laundry room.

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