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4 Easy Ways to Organize Messy Wires

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2020)

I always felt uncomfortable when I was able to see messy wires on the corner of my room and always tried to fix them by hiding them behind furniture as much as I could. You might feel the same way too. All those messy wires make anyone feel uncomfortable, we are just people that like things to look as satisfying as possible.

If you are wishing to learn creative ideas on how you can organize messy wires then this is the site for you. Keep on reading to learn how you can turn visible wires to invisible just by these simple tricks.

4 Simple  Ways to Organize Messy Cables and Cords Under Your Desk:

We all know that furniture got out backs whenever we want to hide those messy wires. But that is not always a solution to organize messy wires. The best way to hide wires using the back of furniture is by placing a wooden slab at the back of the furniture. Attach the slab on the wall and place wires on the slab.

Do you find your office desk full of different kinds of wires? Yes that happens to me often also. The best way to solve this problem is to add binder clips on the corners of your table and equip each clip with a wire head.

Placing adhesive hooks on the furniture or on the bottom of the walls keeps wires more intact and organized. The worst wire we can ever think of is our phone charger. Sometimes it can even be a tripping hazard.

You can cut an empty shampoo bottle and make it like a cup shape to hold both your phone and charge it when you place it near a plug.

Shampoo bottles are ugly to keep as a phone holder. You can become creative and paint it as you wish to make your space look more neat and satisfying.

4 Ways to Organize Your Messy Wires and Cords: 

  1. Attach a wooden slab in the back of furniture and place wires there
  2. Add binder clips on the edges of the desk and place each wire in each binder clips
  3. Place adhesive hooks in the bottom of your walls to keep wires intact
  4. Turn a shampoo bottle into a phone holder while it charges

Supplies You Need to Use Organize Your Messy Cables and Cords:

Final Thought:

Make sure you never see those ugly wires again as often as you used to. Organize them by using these tips and tricks that I have provided you on how you can organize messy wires. You will definitely see the difference and not be disappointed one tiny bit. These are DIY hacks that anyone can easily do in the comfort of their own home.

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