repair a broken Door Hinge in a Washing Machine

How to Repair a Broken Door Hinge in a Washing Machine?

Washing Machine How to repair a broken Door Hinge in a Washing Machine?  

It seems very difficult to repair the broken door hinges of the washing machine but the idea must be changed. You can repair the broken door hinges if you have the essential tools and devices to repair the hinge. You need to arrange the devices and then you must start to work on the problem.

Step 1

To repair the hinge you just need the common domestic tools that are always ready in the home. In the first step, you need to do a detailed inspection of the problem. You must understand the problem and for that, you need to detail observation of the broken door hinge.

Step 2

There are many inner parts in the washing machine and you need to understand that the problem is in which part and then you can start the work proper detection is very much important to solve any kind of problem.

Step 3

If you find that the hinge of the door is broken then you have to get the new parts and you will get the parts from near shops of the market. To get the proper parts you need to give the details of the washing machine like the name of the model, serial number, and all other details to the dealer, and he will help you to get the duplicate part of the broken hinge.

Step 4

You can also take the broken parts to the shop so that the dealer will help to get the proper parts of the door hinge. Check the parts of the door hinges before you fix them in the washing machine. So now in the second stage, you are well equipped with all the instruments and tools and now you can start the work.

Step 5

Before starting the work you have to unplug the wire from the main connection. Then open the door of the washing machine and hold the open door in your hand and then place it safely in another place.

Step 6

Then very safely and securely open the hinges of the door and be very much cautious about the black plate of the hinges so that they must not fall inside the machine or on the floor.

Step 7

Replace the broken hinge with the new one and place all the screws in the right place so that they all become fixed properly. After this, you can also check the condition of the other parts of the washing machine to get sure that there are any other damages.

Step 8

In the third step, you must place the door of the washing machine in the proper place and then you must screw down all the screws in the right place of the washing machine put all the screws in the right place, and tighten them properly so that they may not loosen.

Step 9

You do not have to do alignment of the door but if you have the problem then do it in order to have the proper working and in this way you will be able to repair the broken hinge of the washing and the machine are ready to use again for further work.

Step 10

You do not have to call any other experts or mechanics if you can only mend the broken hinges of the washing machine.

Hence, it is not at all a difficult work that you need the help of the mechanics. You just need the proper spare parts and some very basic tools to open the door of the washing machine but you must do correct inspection also at the same time.

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