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How to Clean Your Room in Less Than 20 Minutes

(Last Updated On: November 5, 2020)

Cleaning your bedroom up from all those things that have been piling up for days can be a total nightmare. We have all been there, just figuring out how to clean your room as fast as possible so we can get on with our daily lives.

I have caught myself a lot of times just standing in the middle of my messy room not knowing where to start from cleaning it. That moment will forever be stressful for all of us. I have set up a video that will show tips and tricks on how to clean your room in minutes without having to stress out about it in the first place.

Amazing Tips on How to Quickly Clean Your Room:

Cleaning your room fast can be hard if you do not have a plan on how to do it under your sleeve. One amazing tip to always keep in mind before cleaning your room is to NOT put on music while you are cleaning. This keeps you focused on finishing more quickly.

What you need to do first is focusing on getting rid of anything that leaves your room with a bad smell like plates with leftover food, packages of already eaten food, used tissue used glasses, etc.

After you get rid of all that mess start to put items that you previously used in organizing bins. Now we come to the hardest part of cleaning your room, organizing your clothes.

Since you want to clean up your room fast you got to figure out a way how to organize clothes as fast as possible. First, select the clothes that are clean and put them in a big bag to just make the room look neat.

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Then take other objects that are hanging around in your room and put them in a storing drawer or box if the items are small. Remember you are trying to be quick in setting up a clean room.

The room will not look glorious but neat enough for you to surely survive a couple more days before you are really ready to spend an entire day into tidying it up.

These 6 Steps to Quickly Clean Your Room:

  1. Avoid putting on music in the first place
  2. Clean up the things that smell and do not belong in your room
  3. Put the items you have previously used in organizing bins (makeup, combs, books)
  4. Separate dirty clothes from clean ones and put clean ones in a large bag and place in the closet
  5. Take the rest of the items and place them in a drawer
  6. Tidy bed and vacuum the floor

Supplies to Clean Your Room:

To Sum Up:

Cleaning your room cannot be the most fun thing to do, especially when you are forced to do it simply because it is too messy. But with these step by step instructions in mind, you will most likely get over cleaning in a bit.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will keep you more organized daily. You just need to keep in mind that these tricks are not permanent, if you do not get your arms moving, your room will start becoming a big mess very soon.

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