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5 Clever Ideas to Use a Lazy Susan

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2020)

We all have seen lazy susans at some point in our lives but we mostly have seen them on those fancy Chinese dinners where a lot of people gather and share their table food. But while most of us might think that the lazy susan is made only to share food in big gatherings you are very wrong.

Lazy susans have seen a widespread all around the western population and have been very useful in organizing their homes.

You can use a lazy susan to organize food, and items to make your life more effortless. The video below shows ways you can use a lazy susan and even how you can create one yourself using home tools.

Best Ways to Use A Lazy Susan

Placing large utensils near you to have it easier while cooking is kind of hard and inquires a clever idea to do so. A lazy Susan in this situation will do the trick. Simply take a lazy Susan and put 6 symmetrical holes in it to place cup hooks. After placing the cup hooks, put the lazy Susan on the bottom of a kitchen cabinet nearest to your cooking space.

If you have a lot of food inside your fridge then you can use lazy Susan to solve the problem. Put a small lazy Susan in the fridge and put different items in it. Soon you will see that your fridge will look way more organized. A great way you can use a lazy Susan in your room is to consolidate you are getting ready area.

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Take a thin raft you used to place shoes and small accessories and put it on top of a lazy susan and keep it intact by nails. Use the shelf part to store your accessories,  put nails on the back to hang hats, and use another surface of the raft to place a mirror. Place a lazy susan under a TV to easily watch TV in every corner of your living room. Create a DIY lazy susan by putting some marbles in a glass bowl and place a slightly smaller bowl in.

Ways of Use:

  • place on top of a cabinet
  • put it in your fridge to create more storage space
  • place it under a shelf
  • place it under your TV
  • create a DIY lazy susan with a glass bowl and a


A big house can get messy in general so you will have a hard time to get around easily and find what you are looking for. With these lazy susan ideas, you can organize your house and even make your life a bit easier and effortless. It seems that lazy susans can be more useful than we thought after all.

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