11 Creative to Use Magazine Holders to Create Storage Space in Your House

11 Creative to Use Magazine Holders to Create Storage Space in Your House

Well roughly anyone uses magazines anymore. You can be updated on the news any time you want just by clicking on the internet. Magazines are just too out of date, you can only come through with them in hospitals or waiting rooms. But what happens with all those magazine holders? 

 You can actually use magazine holders to neaten up your rooms and place items to keep organized. Here are 11 ways you can use magazine holders in your house and use them as storage space. Use magazine holders in your kitchen, kid’s room, bathroom, bedroom or craft room. 

How to Use Magazine Holders to Create Storage Space:

Use magazine holders to hold fruits and jars in your kitchen. This will save you counter space and also keep things organized in separate sections. You can also place magazine holders in your cabinets to keep utensils that are not so often used.

If you do not know where to put your child’s crayons and small toys then stick a magazine holder in your child’s room with an adhesive strips and you will be good to go. Create a homework station for your child’s room and place magazine holders near each other to store notebooks and school papers in one holder and school utensils in another holder. To make it easier for your child, label the magazine holders with what they are used for.

For bathroom usage put plastic magazine holders on the counter and put hand towels there. Or you can hang a bigger magazine holder on the wall of your bathroom in order to create more storage space to store your items.

If you have too much beauty products and you keep seeing them all messy on your bedroom counter space then use a magazine holder to keep beauty products in one place and reduce the mess on the counter space. 

Creative Ideas on How to Use Magazine Holders: 

  • Hang them on your kitchen wall
  • Put them in cabinets to place utensils
  • Stitch them on your child’s wall for toys
  • Make a homework section with the holders 
  • Place on counter top of the bedroom
  • Hang on the wall of your craft room

Supplies You Need :

11 Creative to Use Magazine Holders to Create Storage Space in Your House

Final Thought:

One of the main reasons to use magazine holders in your house is organizing your valuables in sections. Make them easier to put into place by labeling the magazine holders. You will definitely save more time using these holders in different areas of your home. You also have plenty of designs of magazine holders from where to choose from to best fit your space.

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