10 Advantages of Combination Locks You Should Know

Last updated on February 29th, 2024 at 12:46 am

Combination locks are becoming more and more popular in the past few years. A lot of people are switching to them because they offer many benefits that traditional locks don’t. You’ll want to find out what these benefits are so you can decide if combination locks would be a good fit for your home or business. In this article, we will discuss 10 different advantages of using combination locks!

1. More Secure

Combination locks are more secure than key locks. They offer a lot more security than key locks because you can set your own codes and no one else will know them.

It also prevents people from trying to copy down your number or pick the lock with a hairpin because usually all that’s on display are numbers and not letters too. If someone saw what your combinations were on a keyless entry, they could easily make their own set of fake keys which would be opened by those same codes! It’s much more secure than having just one key that opens everything in sight.

2. Easy to Reset

Combination locks can be reset if the code is forgotten. You can reset your code after 10,000 unsuccessful attempts to keep it safe from others who might try to guess it. You don’t have to worry about forgetting the combination because you can set it in advance.

3. Easy to Setup

As for setup combination locks, you can use a number lock or padlock. A common type of setup is to have the numbers 0-99 on each dial and then just turn until they are aligned correctly. This method ensures that there is an infinite number of different combinations for setup combination locks. If done right it should be impossible to lose your setup combination unlock key because even if someone were able to get one digit wrong no other digits would line up properly.

4. Easy to Carry

A combination lock is also easier to carry around than a key so if you’re planning on traveling or going out at night, it’ll be much more convenient for you. It is not like the original standard padlock which you had probably seen in your childhood, but there are still many people who use them.

5. Protect Your Property

Combination locks are a simple and effective tool to protect your property from unwanted guests. No one wants their belongings stolen or vandalized, especially those who work hard to buy these items. If you own any combination of valuables such as bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, lawnmowers, patio furniture – the list goes on – it would be in your best interest to install combination locks so that thieves cannot easily take them away.

6. Easy to Use

It’s easy enough that anyone with average intelligence should be able to figure out how they work in just a few minutes – there’s no need for complicated instructions like with some other types of locks! You don’t need any special tools for opening a combination lock – just use what you have around the house, like paper clips or bobby pins!

7. Invisible

The combination is not visible from outside the door so it is harder to guess what it might be. Combinations can’t be guessed by someone looking over your shoulder because the numbers are on the inside of the lock.

8. Suitable for Outdoor Use

Combination locks suitable for outdoor use are a great alternative to traditional padlocks. If you have something that needs locking up outside, be it a garden shed or bicycle then they’re the perfect choice as not only will they keep your belongings safe from burglars but also thieves and bad weather too! They come in various sizes with different numbers of digits so that you can choose one which is suitable for what you need keeping secure.

9. Perfect for Office Building

A combination lock is a perfect choice for an office building or other shared space where multiple people will have access to it. When it comes to business owners and commercial facilities, having the right combination lock is very important. It needs to be simple to use while also easy to install and secure at the same time.

Business owners and facility managers alike need to understand which type of combination locks are best suited for high-traffic environments as well as situations where more than one code will be needed, such as master codes that allow both individual user codes (employees) plus key-controlled ones (management).

10. Affordable Price

Combination locks are less expensive to replace if they get lost or stolen. Its price is affordable because of common choice for people who want to protect their homes from burglary. The main reason why this product has become popular among homeowners and business owners alike, the fact that they offer affordable prices compared to other security products on the market.

11. Lifetime Warranty

Combine locks are a great, affordable, and reliable option for anyone who needs to protect their valuables at home or in the office. It comes with a lifetime warranty so if something happens to the lock, you’ll get a replacement without any cost!

Disadvantage of Combination Locks

The only downside is that they take up more space on doors and cabinets but since we don’t always leave our homes unlocked anyway this isn’t an issue


Combination locks are an excellent way to keep your belongings secure. For some people, they may seem like the perfect option for their needs because of how simple and quick they can be when it comes time to lock up. But there is more than meets the eye – in addition to being easy, It also has several other benefits that make them worth considering over traditional padlocks or keyed locks. Here are just a few reasons why you should seriously consider switching out your old-fashioned padlock with one that uses numbers instead! 

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