What to Expect During a Shower Door Installation

Last updated on February 18th, 2024 at 07:52 am

Upgrading your bathroom is a crucial investment as it instantly adds value to your home. Take time to do your research to secure a shower door that fits your preferences and needs. Multiple shower enclosures on the market require additional expense and installation time, and choosing the right one is crucial.

Plan Before Beginning the Shower Door Installation

Before installing the shower doors, assess your bathroom to establish the best shape and size for the new enclosure. There are multiple options, ranging from ultra-sleek frameless to simple framed enclosures.

Some installations require additional time, especially if the shower door is part of the bathroom remodel, while others are completed within a few hours. Plan accordingly, factor in the duration of the work, and consider the extended installation period according to the structural work.

Evaluate the Shower Door Details

Once you come up with an idea regarding the shower door’s shape, size, and style, you are advised to visit reputable glass stores in your location. The professionals will provide the required quotes and work with you to ensure the installation process is done smoothly.

Visit several glass shops to secure multiple quotes for the new shower door. Once you establish the estimated cost, you can consider additional customization options, including finishes and hardware. You can opt for a frameless or framed enclosure as they are made with safety in mind.

Shower doors are made of tempered glass that shatters into little particles, minimizing the possibility of injuries when they break. The other emerging trend is using laminated glass with a vinyl interlayer between two glass piles. The glass stays together during breakage and qualifies as a safety glazing product.

Multiple Shower Glass Options

Clear glass is usually the most common type used in shower doors, but there are other options. Depending on the desired look, you may opt for patterned, etched, textured, and other decorative alternatives.

If you want to install a new shower door, you should discuss the glass option early with an expert, especially when researching the quotes. Decorative options come with an additional cost as the work done on the glass is labor-intensive.

The hardware of the shower door is another option to take into account. Different types of pulls, handles, and hinges are available in various finishes and styles, and you must take that into account when making the selection.

Some homeowners want shower door hardware that matches the sink and tub finishes. You are advised to discuss the options with a professional when researching quotes. Some hardware finishes and styles will demand an additional fee that adds to the total installation cost.

Planning and Installing the Shower Door

Once you have the required quote and have settled on an installation company, an expert will come to your property and take professional measurements. The process is crucial as it provides the professional with the required information to begin the fabrication and finalize your quote.

Some shops require a deposit for fabrication and production, and the process may take up to two days. The steps include polishing, cutting, and glass tempering, and some companies handle multiple procedures while others liaise with local glass fabricators.

The hardware is then added to the shower door once the fabrication is complete and the installer schedules a time that does not affect your day-to-day activities.

If the bathroom requires new tiles or structural work, the shower door installation will occur once the portions are complete. Most shower door installations take less than a single day, allowing homeowners to enjoy the new bathroom addition.

There are multiple shower door companies, and working with a reliable company ensures the work is done correctly. You may consider working with a shower door company that offers high-quality products with different types of metal finishes, glass, and hardware options.

Bottom Line

Shower door installation is a process that requires the expertise of a professional. It is important to be prepared for the installation by having all of the necessary tools and materials on hand. The installation process can be time-consuming, so it is important to be patient. Once the installation is complete, you will be able to enjoy your new shower door for many years to come.

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