The Best Small Towns to Raise a Family in US

Last updated on February 14th, 2024 at 11:44 pm

At present, raising a family is not that easy in the US. Parents are overwhelmed considering the coronavirus outbreak, increasing crime on the street, rising number of school shootings, school education system and facilities, neighborhood conditions, etc. 

Additionally, the cost of raising children is also a more significant concern from the parent’s end. Many research showcases that approximately 20% of the earnings is required for raising a child. As it is already a tough call, raising more than one child seeks effective and strategic planning. 

Considering all these impactful phenomena, HomeGuide would like to offer the very best working solution. The solution asks parents to find the best small towns to raise a family in the US. In this way, they can meet the cost, health, education, and safety requirements as living in small towns offers more safety, low living costs, a good education system, more free space for a healthy life, and so on.

Below is a listing of the best small towns in the US where raising a family with kids is suitable enough. The list has been prepared considering the education system, crime rate, gross household expenditure, healthy living conditions, and community characteristics.

South Riding, VA 

South Riding is a quiet, small, and safe place to live and raise a family. Here, residents can enjoy a suburban feel while expending comparatively less on the living cost. In addition, house prices in South Riding are affordable, having a median value of $600,000. 

This small town is the best place to raise kids due to the highly ranked public schools, safer streets and neighborhoods, welcoming and helpful people, modern amenities, gorgeous settings, and so on. Also, South Riding is well connected with nearby big cities and towns like Chantilly, Dulles, Reston, etc.    

Homewood, Alabama

This small city is a suburb of Birmingham and is regarded as the best place to live in Alabama. This family-friendly city is a thriving hotspot for fun, food, and entertainment. Most importantly, the education system of Homewood deserves an A-grade, and more than 3,900 students are currently studying in Homewood City Schools.

Three elementary schools, one high school, and one middle school are part of this educational district. Though property crimes are higher here, the streets are mostly safe with a very low number of capital crimes.

With lots of parks, restaurants, coffee shops, dreamy houses, higher household incomes, and low living costs, Homewood is a promised place to raise children.

College, Alaska 

This Alaskan city is home to 13,757 people. The residents’ median income is $81,932 and the median property value is $243,380. College has a significant number of educational institutions covering every level of education. Most of the schools offer open enrollment and are not restricted by attendance area boundaries.

Most amazingly, the crime rate in this city is nearly zero. College is the best option for mid or low-income families to raise their kids in this neighborhood.

Fremont, California 

Fremont is a growing city in California. Residents of this city enjoy diversified cultures, green spaces, luxury real estate, and so on. In addition, living in Fremont comes in handy in the case of schooling for children; more than 115 highly ranked schools are operating in this area. The prominent names are William Hopkins Junior High School, American High School, and many more.

The living costs are about 81% higher than the median living costs in the US. Still, the lower crime rate and a large job market are promising contexts for families with children.

Plano, Texas 

Plano is one of the happiest cities in the nation. Residents of Plano enjoy exclusive coffee shops and restaurants, open spaces, and natural trails. Though the living costs in Plano are a bit higher than the national average, the housing prices are very much more affordable, with a median value of $540,000. In addition, this city is home to renowned corporations like Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Ericsson, etc., which allows residents to have more job opportunities.

Moving to Plano with children can be beneficial due to the existence of a high-ranking education system and facilities. Apart from 67 schools, Plano has two public institutes, six community colleges, 29 colleges, and 21 private universities.

Cave Springs, Arkansas 

Cave Spring is a small town with a higher livability ratio and a lower cost of living. Education and schools in Cave Springs score above average with a decent graduation rate, teacher-student ratio, and enrollment rate. The promising feature of education in Cave Spring is the result of an extensive amount of funding from government and community sources. The median home value and household incomes are $305,500 and $133,981, respectively.

Apart from the above terms, Cave Springs can be the best place to raise children for tons of reasons; low crime rate, great community, exclusive dining and entertainment options, modern amenities, etc.

In contemporary America, small cities also have the same facilities as big cities. So, it is not a good idea to choose a densely populated city for raising a family. For the sake of our children’s future, cities with low populations, low crime rates, high incomes, healthy atmospheres, and quality education should be positioned at the top.

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