benefits of wind chimes

Amazing Benefits of Wind Chimes You Should Know

Door chimes greet visitors and alert you to their presence at the same time. First impressions are everything. When someone first enters the door of your place of business or your home, it’s the small details that make all the difference. Most realtors suggest that you first spruce up the area around your front door before considering placing your home on the market. 

The front door offers an important statement about your home or office. The famous quote that says, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” can apply to your front door. Door chimes are a perfect way to greet guests when they arrive at your door. Their sound instantly creates a cheerful mood. They ding when you open a door and create a “positive energy” in the room.

How to Make a Wind Chimes

Making your own wind chimes is a great way to enhance relaxation in any setting. Plus, it’s extremely satisfying to create something beautiful that brings such pleasure.


There are a variety of materials you can use to make wind chimes. The clapper (or striker) can be made from metal or hardwood and can be any number of shapes. Many people enjoy strikers made from natural stones or beads. 

For the string, use something that is thick enough to hold the weight of the chime pieces, but thin enough to be knotted. Mono filament line (sold with fishing supplies) is a good choice. The plastic line for weed trimmers works, too. For the chime tubes, you might choose bamboo, metal, or hollow ceramic pieces.

Tips on Making a Metal Wind Chime

Keep in mind that the resulting tone depends on what type of metal you choose—aluminum, copper, brass, or steel—and on the thickness, length, and hollowness of the tubes, as well as the hardness or softness of the clapper.


Experiment with a number of types of metal. Each one has a unique sound. Consider the type of metal you are using. Softer metals, such as copper create milder tones; while sharper tones result from harder metals, such as steel and aluminum alloys. Also, remember that smaller metal wind chimes are generally more sharply toned than larger wind chimes.

Spacing and Arrangement

No matter how many tubes you have, the clapper and the chimes should not be so clumped together that the clapper strikes more than one or two chimes at once. Also, arranging the chimes in the right order will keep them from hanging crookedly and ensures a lovely result when two chimes are struck simultaneously by the clapper.


Monofilament line (fishing line) works well for stringing metal wind chimes. Use the line that will best support you. (The line packages will list how much weight the line will hold before breaking.) Make sure that the suspension holes in the metal tubes are very smooth, or they will sever the fishing line.

Wind chimes are fun to make. Once you’ve mastered their basic construction, you’ll want to make and share beautiful chimes with those you love.

Wind chimes make a soothing addition to your home or garden

Wind chimes are a stunning accent to any patio, backyard, or home. They add charm and elegance while offering beautiful calming tones. You will find many different styles and varieties on the market today. A wind chime is a simple yet magnificent piece that will add the perfect touch of style and fun to your patio, garden, or home.


There are many different styles of wind chimes. The most popular types are made of glass, metal, ceramic, and bamboo. Each of these types offers a different musical tone and beauty all their own. These are only a few of the many styles that you will find.


Glass wind chimes are stunningly beautiful. They are made with many different vibrant colors. Some just have a stained glass decoration such as an animal or shape hanging above the bells, while others have beautiful glass pieces hanging throughout the chime. Some are even made entirely of glass! They produce a beautiful, delicate sound.


Most metal wind chimes are made of tubular pieces of quality metal. They are tuned to perfection and offer a beautifully mellow and relaxing tone. They are weatherproof and durable, made to last for a long time to come. This type of chime is quite popular to put on decks or patios.


Ceramic chimes are some of the most beautiful chimes you will find. These chimes are very decorative and are often found inside homes due to their magnificent beauty. Ceramic models are hand made by skilled artisans from around the world. These objects create a warm melody as they clink together in the breeze.


Bamboo chimes are made of the finest bamboo. They are hand made and tuned by skilled craftsmen. Bamboo chimes offer a sound that is relaxing to the soul. They come in a large variety of styles. Many people not only enjoy the sound of the bamboo chime but its natural beauty.

How do wind chimes work?

Wind chimeswork by the power of the wind. The wind blows the chime causing the bells to hit one another, thus causing the bells to resonate melodic musical tones. Each bell has its own specific tone or sound.

What are they used for?

Wind chimes are generally used outdoors. Popular places to put them are on porches, patios, and gardens. They can also be used in your home in front of a window or where there is a gentle breeze. 

They add beauty to your space while offering a splendid sound to be enjoyed by all. Many people own wind chimes because they enjoy the relaxing and calming effect of the musical tones. Some people use them to block out unwanted noise around their home or yard, while others simply enjoy displaying them for their beauty.

As you can see, the amazing musical tones and exquisite craftsmanship of a simple wind chime is absolutely intriguing. A simple wind chime can change your backyard into a relaxing oasis. You and your guests will enjoy the beauty and splendor a wind chime offers to your home or garden. Add one to your home today!

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