Cleaning Artificial Grass For Dogs

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Artificial Grass for Dogs

Many people prefer artificial turf for their yards due to the easy maintenance of it. If you do not like to mow your yard and use a weed-eater, turf can be a lifesaver for you. But that can become a nightmare if you have dogs that need to potty in your turf. It will take a little more maintenance to keep it clean and smelling fresh.

There is turf that is made especially for dogs that allow urine to flow through holes in the bottom to keep it drained. If you want artificial grass for dog, you will need to look for types that are made for them. This is an easy internet search, and you will quickly find many different types to use. 

When you have artificial turf and dogs, you will need to clean your turf often. This article will help you to learn more about cleaning artificial grass after your dog has used the bathroom on it. They are easy steps and can be completed in a short amount of time. 

Steps to Cleaning Turf

Before you get started, you need a few items to help you out. You will need a hose, doggy poo bags, trash bags, an artificial grass broom, artificial turf cleaner, and baking soda.

Remove Solid Waste

You will need to remove all the solid waste on your turf. If you leave it on too long, it can ruin your artificial grass and cause bacteria such as e. Coli and salmonella to grow around your family. You really do not want that to happen because it will make them sick. Pick up the solid waste with the doggy poo bags and place it into a trash bag.

Rinse Area with Hose

Use a hose on a low setting to spray the area clean so that there is no residue left. If your pet has one particular area that they use, clean that area even better. If you clean it well enough, they might use a different area next time. 

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Use an Artificial Turf Cleaning Solution

There are many types of turf cleaning solutions on the market, you need to choose which one is best for you and your situation. You can find the right solution if you do a little research. You can also make a solution of vinegar and water. You just need to make sure that you neutralize the urine smell so that it does not linger for long. There are many market ready solutions that you can buy to help you out. 

Let the Solution Set

With most solutions, you will need to let it sit on the turf for about thirty minutes before you rinse it away with a hose. The hose should be on a low setting so that you do not disturb the infilling or sand that is underneath the turf. You can rinse carefully for several minutes to make sure that you remove all the solution. 

Scrub with a Broom

You will want to use a turf safe broom to scrub the area. This is sometimes done before you rinse the area so that you can raise a lather with the cleaning solution. When you have the lather, let it sit for a little while. You will rinse it after that and make sure that you get all the lather. You want to get all the lather because you do not want your turf to stain. 

Add Baking Soda

If the odor still lingers, you can make a solution using baking soda. Spread it on the affected area and let it sit for a little while. You will then rinse it completely away, making sure there is no residue left. If you used vinegar and water to clean your turf, use baking soda to rid the turf of the smell of vinegar.

Proactive Maintenance

Use proactive maintenance to keep your turf safe for pets and children. When your pup urinates on the turf, use a paper towel or wipe it to clean it up immediately. Use a hose at least weekly to wash away any buildup of urine. Clean up waste as soon as possible so that you can avoid the odor. If you smell the odor, use baking soda to neutralize the smell. You can talk to a turf lawn maintenance company to see what else you need to do for artificial turf installation. They can help you to maintain your lawn so that it looks and smells as fresh as the day it was installed. 

These are just a few of the tips that can help you to keep your artificial grass lawn looking new. There are more tips that can help you, just call around and do some research and you will find artificial turf maintenance close to you. 

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