Everyday Items You Should Wash Regularly

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Your laundry schedule depends on what you wash. Some clothes can be worn several times before washing them, while clothes you wear close to your skin have to be washed regularly. You do not have to visit or call for a laundry pickup every day, and you can hand wash some of the garments at home and put the others in the hamper until the laundry day. 

Wash Undergarments Regularly

Undergarments such as undershirts, underwear, and socks need to be washed after every use.  Since these garments are in close contact with your skin, they accumulate dead skin and sweat. Thus, regularly washing them keeps them fresh.

 Bras are an exemption, and you can wear them 3 to 4 times before washing them. However, this is only applicable if you live in a place with cool weather and you do not sweat much.

Lingerie for women has to be washed in a delicate cycle or by hand. Moreover, it is not recommended to dry them under the sunlight. Air drying them indoors is the best method. If you opt to use the dryer, use low heat or a delicate dryer cycle. 

Shirts and Workout Clothes

The clothes you wear casually have to be washed regularly, while the clothes you wear at the gym or during sports activities have to be washed immediately. These shirts are most likely soiled from all the sweat and activities you are doing. Washing them as soon as possible help keep their optimum look. 

These are the only everyday items that you have to wash regularly, and other garments can be laundered after wearing them on several occasions. 

How Often Should You Wash Other Garments?

Garments like jeans, jackets, suits, and sweaters should be worn several times before being washed. If you regularly wear suits for work, it is best to have them dry cleaned after 5 to 6 wearings. You do not have to wear them on consecutive days too. Part of making your suits last longer is to wear them in rotations and not to wash them often.

Jeans and slacks should be worn thrice or four times before washes. Again, it has to be worn in rotations. You can wash them immediately if they are caught with stains or visible dirt.

Meanwhile, sheets, towels, and linens must be washed once a week. These garments absorb water or sweat, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Final Thoughts

Doing laundry on a regular basis helps you remove all of the visible stains and prevent the unwanted odor from sticking to your clothes. Keeping things clean regularly needs less effort than doing things all at once.

Moreover, washing your clothes regularly will only be efficient if you have sorted your clothes and read the care label on each fabric. Skipping the wash label may only do harm to your delicate clothes. If you do not have enough time on your plate, do not hesitate to book a laundry service in Germany.

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