How to Decorate Your Vacation Rental Property

Last updated on February 25th, 2024 at 12:25 am

When looking to start a business we usually need some sort of guide. So, you have probably gotten a short term rental management software where you see a couple of listings. Apart from noting the price range for specific types of properties, you also note that these spaces come in different sizes and designs. Does that ring a bell? 

It should! It goes to show that aside from having an Airbnb software, there are still things that need to be done to get the property ready for guests. Of course, cleaning the apartment is on that list but, after that, you need to decorate as well. 

Here are a few guiding tips. 

Brainstorm, decide, and plan 

Recognizing that this property though yours, will now be open to others is enough reason to give it special attention. Take some time to consider your target audience. What type of guests are you looking to have? What furniture and style choices appeal to this group of people? 

It is also wise to consider the area where the property is located when decorating. Is it located close to the woods? Then you should be thinking of more clear screen widows from which the guests can admire wildlife. Wood-themed furniture is a good addition as well. 

Don’t ignore the outdoor area 

It’s a no-brainer that while on a vacation or trip most people plan to spend most of their time outdoors. So, your outdoor presentation is more likely to hold their interest than your indoor designs. 

In that case, work on the outdoor area to make it as inviting and comfortable as can be. You can include a nice round table where the guests can gather to have conversations or share a meal. You can also have a fireplace, some flowers, and even a pool. 

Spice things up with some art 

Art is known to evoke certain emotions in different people. Make use of some art pieces in your vacation rental. Mix it up, some colorful, some neutral. Be careful not to overdo it. 

Don’t be afraid to upgrade some pieces 

Decorating your vacation rental property is no reason to break the bank. There are some furniture or fixtures in the property that might just require an upgrade. Not only will this cost less, but it’ll also help you achieve the look you were going for. 

For instance, the kitchen cabinet may be in good shape but the knob isn’t. change the knob. Your bath may be fine but the faucet isn’t. change the faucet. Not everything has to go. 

Simplicity is key 

While, planning which designs go and which don’t, you might get a lot of ideas. It’s very tempting to act on every one of them. But, would you throw in every condiment or spice in your kitchen into a meal you’re preparing simply because they’re all good. Not at all! 

Design is similar to that. Acting on every idea only results in disaster. The property will appear rowdy, uncomfortable, and chaotic. So, make a list and only select a few ideas that work well together. 

That’s it! It’s time to implement. Make sure to take some pictures and put them out there. 

Final Thought:

In conclusion, by following the tips provided in this article, you can ensure that your vacation rental property is decorated in a way that will make your guests feel welcome and comfortable. By taking the time to decorate your property in a stylish and inviting way, you can help to create a positive impression for your guests and increase the likelihood of them returning in the future.

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