Make A Living Room Look Spacious with Just Paint

Last updated on February 14th, 2024 at 06:20 am

Small spaces can go a long way, especially with the right paint color. If you have been looking for convenient ways to make your living room look bigger and more spacious, then you should consider learning about the different types of paint colors and painting techniques that can do just that.

If you want to ensure that the paint job works and that you will have a bigger-looking room in no time, do not hesitate to call in experts. For now, learn about the different paint colors and what you can do with them to make your living room look spacious:   

Paint Colors That Help Make a Room Look Bigger   

If you plan to give your room a new color, consider using different colors to create an illusion of a bigger space. While it may not increase the size physically, it will help make sure that the room does not feel too suffocating, especially if you are someone who doesn’t like feeling stuck. The good thing about paint is that you can even cover up your flush drywall access panels so they blend in well with your walls.

Soft Black:

While you may initially think that black can make a room look smaller and darker, a specific type of black is softer and will make your room look much bigger. This color will be perfect for rooms with little to no natural light, giving it a classy and expensive look.    

Blush Pink:

Another color that you can consider is blush pink. It makes a room look bigger and brighter because of its light and softness. The color can also help make the room feel more comfortable and safer with its feminine touch.    

Stark White:

The safest and most common color to choose if you want your room to look bigger. This color can be perfect for living rooms with big open windows, as natural light can reflect on the walls making them feel bigger and brighter. It also helps you save on energy costs.    

Dark Navy:

This color may be a good fit if your living room lacks natural light. This color will make your room feel more spacious without having to be so dark that it makes the room feel closed.     

Light Taupe:

If you refuse to go for the stark white color, you can always go for the light taupe. It makes any room look large and feel elegant. It will be enough for the light to bounce off but will not be as sharp or bright as whites as it comes with a touch of warmth.    

Cool Gray:

Another alternative you can choose aside from white would be cool gray. While it may not seem as warm as the light taupe, it still makes a room look bigger and feel much bigger because of its reflective properties.    

Painting Techniques You Should Know About    

When painting the room, you should also consider what look you want. You do not need to drown the whole room with the same color if you want to make it look spacious, there are different techniques to do this, and they all give you different results. Here is what you need to consider:   

Expand the Space:

One easy way to expand the space of your room is to paint the walls and the ceiling with the color white. You can always choose cool gray or light taupe if you do not want the whole room to be white.    

Vertical Stretch:

If you want to stretch the room vertically, try painting the walls a different but complementary color to your ceiling. Remember, you must paint only the walls and leave the ceiling another bright or white color to let the room look like it is stretching vertically.    

Elongate the Space:

If you want to elongate the space, paint the ceiling and the far-end wall the same color. Doing so will create an illusion that the ceiling stretches to the end of the room.    

Horizontal Stretch:

If you want to create an illusion that stretches the room horizontally, paint half of the wall in a different color and leave the lower half and the ceiling in various brighter colors.

Bottom Line

Decorating a small room can be overwhelming, especially if you do not want to take up too much space that it becomes difficult to walk around. You also want to avoid making the room look cluttered with too much furniture and items. You can’t control the size of the room, but you will be able to control how people perceive it with the right paint color.  

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