7 Space-Saving Small Bathroom Storage Idea

Last updated on February 24th, 2024 at 06:44 am

Bathrooms are the most neglected space in the house. However, it is the most important one as well. The bedroom is for sleeping and relaxing; the dining is for eating, and the living room is for watching TV or reading a book. 


When it comes to the bathroom, it serves multiple purposes. However, the main purpose is to take a bath and freshen up. 

However, in reality, you spend time thinking and making some major decisions while you are in the bathroom. You scroll through the Instagram feed and sing your favorite song while enjoying the water on your skin. 

You cry there after your first breakup. 

You hide there, So, basically, it is your place for escape. You start your day here and also end your day with a nice shower here. So, you should design it really well. 

Space-Saving Small Bathroom Storage Idea

Most of the time, after planning and designing all the essential rooms, there is only a small space left for the bathroom. Here, you need to design it wisely and smartly so that you can utilize every corner of that space. 

When we think about bathrooms, we always prioritize storage spaces. When your bathroom is small, it becomes really challenging to take out some spacious storage space. At this point, you need to choose space-saving cabinets with efficient storage space. 

Here, in this article, we will offer you a guide on how you can plan your small bathroom for more storage. Let’s look at those ideas now. 

1. Opt For Wall-Hung Furniture 

The best way to utilize small space is to opt for wall-hanging furniture or storage spaces. You can use the space on the wall more than the floor area. Opt for wall cabinets with glass clover. Glass makes the area look spacier. 

You also can use a cabinet attached to a mirror so that you do not need to install them separately. 

2. Plan The Storage As Per The Bathroom Size 

You always need to remember that you are choosing storage solutions for small bathrooms. You might think that a cabinet under the basics will be a smart solution. But if it has shelves far apart, it is absolutely a waste of space. 

Most of the toiletries are just small bottles and containers. So, you need to consider it while you are choosing storage cabinets. 

3. Use The Under Basin Area Properly

Yes, you should use the space under the basin area and store as much as possible. The space under the basin is huge; you just need to utilize that smartly. You can go for the box basin or can build storage spaces as per your requirements. 

If you are installing a tabletop basin, you must use the surrounding space as well. In short, you can’t just leave any possible space that you can use for storing purposes. 

4. Use A Moveable Table

This one is one of the best solutions for small bathrooms. You might not have space for toiletries where you actually want them. No worries, the solution is here now. Instead of cabinets, go for a moveable table. 

Place the toiletries on it, and you can simply move it anywhere you want. It is convenient and also space-saving at the same time. 

5. Build-In Storage

When you get to know that you are going to get a smaller bathroom, you need to plan for that from the very beginning. When you are building your bathroom, you need to figure out where you need your storage spaces and opt for built-in storage spaces. 

It not only saves space but also saves a lot of money that you might be spending on buying storage cabinets and storage shelves. 

6. Opt For Smart Storage

Now, you know what you need to do to get apple storage spaces in your small bathroom. Always remember the motto is to use more of the wall space than the floor space. 

You can install more mirrors and choose a classic light color to make the bathroom look bigger. Instead of shower doors, use curtains; it will make the space less clumsy. 

Final Thought:

In conclusion, there are many ways to save space in a small bathroom. Utilizing storage ideas such as those mentioned above can help to free up much-needed room. When choosing storage solutions for a small bathroom,

It is important to consider the amount of available space, as well as what items need to be stored. With a little bit of creativity and some planning, it is possible to create a functional and stylish small bathroom.

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