10 Different Types of Bar Stools

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Every home has a kitchen, and every kitchen has bar stools. But not all bar stools are created equal. There are many different types of bar stools, each with its own unique features and benefits.

When it comes to outfitting your home bar or kitchen counter, the right stool can make all the difference. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different types of bar stools and help you determine which one is right for you.

Types of Bar Stools

Types of Bar Stools
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Upholstered Bar Stools:

You may desire a great ambiance with comfortable and relaxing seating arrangements for your bar or restaurant. It means that you don’t want to go for stools that have metal or wooden seats with little or no cushioning making long sits intolerable.

Upholstered bar stools can provide comfortable seating and a feeling of luxury for their customers. Sit on a comfy upholstered bar stool and meet attractive people of the opposite sex.

Now take that same situation and replay it in your home and at your home bar. You are welcoming friends to your home bar to watch the game on the big screen or maybe getting together with some of your friends. Everyone will feel better knowing that they can sit on a comfortable stool and enjoy their drink and each other’s company.

If you are feeling the same, then you can be like the stylish bar owner that makes sure his customers have the nicest seats available. You can exchange the old rickety bar stools for some well-cushioned, upholster red bar stools that will make attractive and comfortable seating for your friends.

Swivel Bar Stools:

Types of Bar Stools
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Swivel bar stools or rotating bar stools, make great bar furniture and have lots of advantages in both the domestic and commercial spheres. They are practical because they save invaluable space and at the same time allow the person to sit down with an amount of flexibility. 

In commercial places, swivel bar stools are often fixed to the floor and look neat and tidy at all times. Most importantly they can look very stylish and have an air of expense about them.

Not only is there a large variety of swivel stool styles available, but there is also a large variety of swivel mechanisms. You can opt for manual mechanisms that involve winding a handle or turning the stool or automated mechanisms that use gas cylinders. High-quality memory return swivel mechanisms are the best for commercial use.

Bar Stools with Backs:

Types of Bar Stools
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Bar stools can be fairly uncomfortable if you’ll be sitting for an extended period of time.  Because most don’t feature back support, they can cause you to sit with your back out of alignment, in an uncomfortable position.  

Nobody wants that, especially if you’re sitting in your own home, where you would expect to be comfortable all the time.  But there is a way to get the great stool look, without having to suffer the discomfort.

The major choice that you’ll have to make when choosing bar stools with backs, is what sort of material you would like them to be made from. The most common types are wood bar stools with backs, as well as metal bar stools with back.  

Wooden bar stools provide a more antique or classic look, but also aren’t as sturdy and will wear down over time.  Metal bar stools are the most sturdy type of bar seat and are great if you want a more contemporary look to your bar area. Metal stools will also support more weight comfortably, so there’s no worry about the stool’s stability.

Another factor to consider is the way that the bar stools with backs are padded.  Padding is important, as that ultimately dictates how comfortable the bar chairs will be over time.  

Counter Height Bar Stools:

Types of Bar Stools
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Investing in counter height stools is essential when you need to reach higher surfaces with your stool. You’ll find that when you have a home bar, in which you eat off of a counter, or if you just do work in your garage on extremely high surfaces, you need a larger stool. 

Regular stools simply aren’t high enough for this, and usually, they are no higher than a standard chair.  Only counter height stools are going to be tall enough to get the job done so that you can ensure that you’re able to sit in comfort, at the perfect height for any type of surface.  

Picking out the right stool isn’t always easy, but is essential when you’re looking to really sit comfortably on any surface, and ensure that you’re able to add the perfect furniture to your home.

The first and most important thing when it comes to any type of counter height stools is to ensure that they are going to be high enough for your counters in the first place. That means you’re going to want to measure how high your counters are exactly, to ensure that any type of stool is going to get you up and high enough. 

This means you want to be sure that you have a few feet difference between the top of the seat, to the countertop, but not too many, as you want to be able to sit comfortably but also normally.

Metal Bar Stools:

Types of Bar Stools
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Metal bar stools generally offer the most modern and sleek look. Not only are they ultimately fashionable, but they are also highly practical and durable. They are perfect for outdoor use because they are lightweight and weatherproof, and they are also becoming the most desirable choice for the home. Their contemporary look integrates with modern kitchens easily and gives a touch of class to the room.

Common metal types that are used for metal bar stools are aluminum, steel, and wrought iron. Chrome is also a popular choice, especially with retro diner stools. Aluminum is perfect for durable commercial use and outdoor use due to its lightweight. Wrought iron models can be extremely decorative and retain a traditional look.

Once you have chosen to opt for a metal bar stool you can add soft furnishings to enhance its style. If you are using the metal bar stool outdoors a practical solution to waterproof upholstery may be to use detachable cushions that are easily stored indoors.

Wrought Iron Bar Stools:

Types of Bar Stools
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Wrought iron bar stools are thought by many to be the most superior of bar stools. In recent years they have become more and more fashionable as a fixture in kitchens and informal dining rooms. They possess an elegance and quality that other bar stools do not have and consequently demand a higher price on the market.

Wrought iron as a material has a stylish and dark look that blends with contemporary and traditional settings. The craftsmanship and design work that goes into creating a wrought iron bar stool makes it stand out not only as a practical piece of furniture but also as an imaginative piece of art.

Many retailers offer you the possibility of designing your bar stool from scratch. This gives you a fantastic opportunity of creating your own unique wrought iron bar stool.

As well as designing the stool itself you may want to personalize the stool further by adding a seat fabric of your choice including leather, vinyl, or upholstery. You can coordinate the material with the other colors in your room to create a totally integrated look. 

It is important that you invest in good soft furnishings to accompany your wrought iron bar stool. Check the quality of the filling inside the cushions. 1.88-44 foam can last for up to ten years.

Wrought iron bar stools cannot only be found in dining areas. Why not purchase one for your games room or even the front room for additional seating? Certainly wrought iron will be fantastic outdoors around the pool or by the barbecue, but check to see if the iron is suited for all weathers with your retailer.

Contemporary Bar Stools:

Types of Bar Stools
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Contemporary designs for your seat are a wonderful tactic for making your property seem contemporary. Contemporary designs have a range of designs to choose from, including modern, contemporary, and more. Contemporary designs are timeless and can fit in with your existing design or boost the look and feel of a brand-new space.

Contemporary bar stool manufacturers use all types of materials. Plastic, metal, glass, wrought iron, and wood are all used in the manufacturing of contemporary bar stools. 

The most popular contemporary bar stool design utilizes aluminum or chrome. These are very easy to clean and always look good. Now you can look stylish and be comfortable in your home at the same time.

In a commercial environment, contemporary-styled furniture looks exciting, appealing, and up-to-date. Contemporary Barstool models are often designed to be practical, and easy to store with quick upkeep. They are truly perfect for any thriving and busy atmosphere.

The most modern barstools incorporate swivel mechanisms into their designs. Swivel stools make great furniture and provide many advantages in commercial and domestic atmospheres. One can save on space and allow the person sitting on the stool to move with a degree of flexibility.

It may be difficult to work out the dimensions of very contemporary designs and work out how much space they will need. Always leave 10 inches between the seat and the counter Allow 20 inches between each stool and make sure that any stools with swivels have enough room to move around This will ensure that you get the perfect fit. If in doubt, measure the area thoroughly and present a plan to the retailer so they can offer their professional advice.

Leather Bar Stools:

Types of Bar Stools
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Leather is a durable and attractive material that is used more and more throughout old and modern homes alike. Known as a luxury material leather carries a status of sophistication. It is extremely soft and is known to be warm in the winter months and cool in the summer. Leather is also a practical material because it is easy to clean and lasts over time. 

Even though leather is expensive you must look at it as an investment because unlike other materials it gets to look better as it gets older. The worn leather look is highly desirable, so much so that second-hand leather bar stools can command the same price as their modern counterparts. Above all leather is a natural product and can give your bar stool a character of its very own.

Leather bar stools are versatile and integrate with modern and traditional surroundings. Obviously, it depends greatly on what the stool itself is made from, yet there is no doubt that a leather seat raises the stool into a higher class of furniture.

The upkeep of the leather on your bar stool is very important. Regularly dusting and applying small amounts of a leather conditioner is key. The conditioner helps keep the leather soft and protects it from stains and scratches. Never force dry leather with heat as it can dry out of shape and burn.

Leather matched with a wood bar stool provides a very traditional look and can only be seen as pure quality.

Wooden Bar Stools:

Types of Bar Stools
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Wood Bar Stools are the basic material that gives an extra at-home feeling to your home or even bar. Wood bar stools also can create a traditional but still modern-looking atmosphere.

Most wooden bar stools are made from hardwoods i.e. from trees that lose their leaves seasonally like ash, cherry, oak, teak, and mahogany. Different woods may be combined to make one piece of furniture. When retailers refer to solid cherry or any other solid wood, in general, they actually mean that exposed parts arts made of solid wood, and the parts you can’t see are poplar or gum.

If you are working on a budget then you might want to opt for a veneer or painted finish. Veneer construction means that a layer of expensive wood is applied to a solid core of plywood. 

A printed finish is cheaper again and just mimics the look of an expensive wood directly onto plywood. The benefits of these techniques are not only the price but also allow you to create a wood look that is more pleasing than nature can actually make.

Staining wood is also a good way of adding volume and elegance to your bars. The most popular stains are oak, maple, and cherry. You may want to leave the wood in a very natural state and allow the grain of the wood to come through.

Modern Bar Stools:

Types of Bar Stools
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Is anyone interested in re-designing a room in the home or planning to re-furbish a business, why not invest in some quality modern bar stools for the perfect contemporary atmosphere? Modern bar stools compliment modern rooms as well as accentuate features in a traditional room. Sometimes a modern design may be integrated into an antique room with traditional materials such as wood or wrought iron.

Modern Barstools can be made from a number of different materials these days. Online you may see them made from wood, metal, plastic, iron, and sometimes even glass. There truly is no limit to how and what these bar stools can be made of.

If you are in a commercial environment, contemporary furniture is very popular. The pieces one usually finds are designed for aesthetic pleasure but usually are also very practical. You’ll find that the more modern furniture is easy to clean, easy to store, and light to move around. This synergy of utility and aesthetics makes a modern bar stool the ideal modern furniture piece.

Final Verdict

One of the most important pieces of furniture in a home bar is the stool. Stools come in many different styles and can be made from a variety of materials.

In conclusion, there are many different types of bar stools to choose from depending on your needs. Some common types include counter stools, kitchen stools, and bar stools. Consider what you will be using the stool for before making a purchase.

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