How Much Does An Aluminum Fence Cost

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Setting up a robust fence is not easy – it has to mark your property, keep outsiders out and insiders safe, and stand victorious in the test of time. Aluminum is an obvious choice for a durable and stylish fence option that keeps your property looking luxurious from the outside.

In terms of the cost of setting up an aluminum fence, you can expect an expenditure of $2000 to $6000 on average. This amount is exclusive of some extra expenditure you might need to face regarding fence installation permits or survey requirements.

The Per Foot Cost Of Setting Up An Aluminum Fence

If you live in a humid area or by the sea, there is no better fence material than aluminum. With various designs, aluminum fences are rust-proof and require once-a-year maintenance.

You can expect an expenditure of $7 to $40 per foot for the aluminum fence materials. If you want pre-designed panels that suit your design, the cost can go up from $30 to $70 per foot. You also have to consider a labor charge of $15 to $40 a foot, depending on labor rates and the size of your property.

Aluminum Fence Length You Can Get As Per Your Budget

The cost of setting up an aluminum fence is less than setting up a steel fence, including labor costs. Let’s look at how much aluminum fence can be set up within your budget.

  1. Within $1000 to $2000, you will get 100 feet of aluminum fencing in one straight line, including labor and material costs.
  2. Within a budget of $2000 to $3000, you can choose higher quality aluminum for the fencing that isn’t linear or cover labor costs in pricier cities like New York. 
  3. For a budget of $3000 to $4000, you can enjoy more flexibility, like building a gate or fencing around your whole property. You can build a 100-foot-long aluminum fence within this budget.

Factors That Influence Aluminum Fence Installation

We have the main factors that affect pricing while setting up an aluminum fence:

  1. Fence length
  2. Labor costs
  3. Posts of the fence
  4. Unique designs and installation
  5. Fence prices in that region
  6. Post filler materials
  7. Survey and permit cost
  8. Material of the fence
  9. Treatments of the fence material
  10. Gates and doors of the fence.

Installing An Aluminum Fence By Type

Aluminum is a durable metal for your fencing, but it doesn’t hurt to add more strength to it. An external coating of special alloys can keep your fence rust-free and look new for many years. You can add a polyester-based powder coating to the outside of your aluminum fence for an extra cost of $6 to $8 per foot. Otherwise, you can buy powder-coated aluminum panels for $50 to $70 each.

Installing An Aluminum Fence By Style

A significant advantage of getting an aluminum fence is that apart from the longevity, aluminum fences can be customized into different styles to suit the look of your property. However, it will increase your expenditure on setting up the fence. An ornamental fence made of aluminum will be strong enough to keep strangers out and resist corrosion from heavy rains or poolside splashes of chlorine water.

Here are some particular price ranges for decorative aluminum fence types:

  1. You can expect an ornamental aluminum fence to cost around $15 to $100 per foot;
  2. A poolside decorative aluminum fence costs around $60 a panel;
  3. An aluminum privacy fence would cost $30 to $40 per foot.

DIY Aluminum Fence Installation Costs

You could take on the project yourself if you have faith in your ability to install a fence and dig postholes.

When deciding which fence is the most excellent fit for your lawn, there are several financial considerations to bear in mind. To draw your property, you must first engage a qualified land surveyor. If you don’t, you risk incurring high legal costs for constructing a neighbor’s yard. A land surveyor should cost between $350 and $700.

Additionally, even though you may save money on labor, fence specialists frequently know wholesale discounts. Expect to spend more money on fencing than is typical with aluminum by going DIY.

Also, you might require roughly $300 in tools, such as a hammer, a saw, and shovels, which are typically included in the cost of hiring a professional.


Are Aluminum Fences Worth It?

Aluminum fencing adds an aesthetic appeal to your home and is corrosion-free, so you don’t have to worry about costs related to upkeep when it comes to aluminum fencing. Also, they are easy to clean – looking new over the years.

Is Aluminum Fence Cheaper Than Wood?

In the long run, the average cost of a wooden fence is $1600 to $4000, based on the wood you choose. However, an aluminum fence costs $2000 to $5000. People usually choose wood fencing because it has a lower upfront cost.

Is Aluminum Fencing Cheaper?

Aluminum fencing is cheaper than vinyl or iron fencing – because vinyl fence surpasses wood in initial costs, and iron fence is susceptible to corrosion over time. You can expect an overall cost of $4000 while installing an aluminum fence.

Aluminum Fence Cost Breakdown – All You Need To Know

Think about the components of a fence: the panels, the posts, the gates, and the doors. Each item has different pricing depending on the material used and the design. It’s also important to consider how the fence will be used, such as if it’ll be used to enclose a pool or provide privacy.

Next, think about how your yard is laid out. Maybe you like how your terrain has undulating hills, or you have to work around a big oak tree. Costs increase with installation complexity.

Here is an essential cost breakdown of installing an aluminum fence:

ItemPrice range (per foot)
Fence materials$7- $32
Posts$30 – $60 (Per piece)
Doors or gates$300 – $2500
Labor costs$15 – $40 
Permit (regional)$20 – $60

In total, you might have to pay $17 – $90 per square foot for installing an aluminum fence.

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