How to Maintain the Temperature of Your Air Conditioner

Last updated on February 24th, 2024 at 08:29 am

Anyone who is fortunate enough to have central air conditioning understands the sense of comfort that comes from having the air conditioning system pump wonderful cool air throughout their home.

An air conditioner is a lifeline in many households during the summer months, keeping the temperature inside the home at a constant 72 degrees regardless of what the thermometer reads outside and allowing for uninterrupted sleep throughout the night despite suffocating heat during the night.

That being the case, most homeowners purchase a home warranty for their HVAC system to ensure their peace of mind knowing unexpected issues could happen at any time.

As soon as feasible, an air conditioner repair service should be contacted to schedule an appointment for a home evaluation of the HVAC system, preferably by the middle of spring.

Why? The reason is that the temperature will rise sooner or later, and a flip of a switch may indicate that the system is no longer operational. Because winter is drawing to a close and heating systems are being turned off, spring is a slower season for HVAC repairmen and service technicians.

This time of year, also makes scheduling service calls a lot less difficult. Summertime service calls can take several days to schedule, leaving homeowners without the comfort of air conditioning during an especially hot spell.

One of the EPA Certified professionals from an air conditioner Installation service in Scarborough will come out and evaluate the air conditioner on your behalf. Due to the homeowner’s biannual scheduling of system checks, the company should be familiar with this specific unit.

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Consider the following example:

One inspection is scheduled for the heating system in the fall, and one inspection is scheduled for the air conditioner in the spring. Maintenance of the HVAC system on a regular basis may be beneficial in extending its serviceable life.

All of these tasks are necessary to ensure that the condensing unit operates at peak performance: cleaning the coils, examining the amp draw of the compressor, and lubricating the fan motors.

Other tasks include monitoring system pressures and temperatures and checking the coolant levels. If the Freon level is 10 percent lower than normal, the unit will function at a cost that is 20 percent more than normal, according to the manufacturer.

A technician will notice that the level is low and will look into the likelihood of a leak if one is suspected. The repair must be performed before the Freon can be introduced if one has been detected during the inspection process.

As a CFC, this chemical will disrupt the Earth’s ozone layer if it’s allowed to escape into the sky, according to federal regulations. If a technician fails to repair the equipment within a reasonable amount of time, his or her license may be suspended or canceled.

Cleaning Filters Regularly:

In addition to cleaning the filters in their air conditioners regularly, a homeowner is responsible for keeping the area around their air conditioners clean and the landscape well-manicured and under control.

As a result, an air conditioner service should be regarded as equally crucial to a consumer as a mechanic is to their automobile in terms of helping to extend the life of the unit. A free estimate, as well as product warranties and guarantees, should be sought while looking for an air conditioner servicing firm.

Final Thought:

In conclusion, keeping your air conditioner in good condition is important for maintaining a comfortable home environment. By following the tips mentioned in this article, you can keep your AC unit running smoothly and efficiently all summer long.

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