How to Measure and Install Wallpaper?

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The first step to measuring a room, hallway, or kitchen is the find out what size you want your paper. Several different measurements can be used and some of them may not make sense for your project. For example, if you’re hanging wallpaper on a wall with an odd shape like this one, it’s best to use the width and height dimensions rather than trying to measure diagonally across the whole space. 

The second step is to take accurate measurements of all four walls so that they can be added up into total square footage. If there’s any furniture in the way such as cabinets or fireplaces then those should also be included when measuring up each wall since these obstacles will need extra coverage from wallpaper. 

How Does a Quantity Surveyor Help to Calculate Wallpaper?

The occupation of quantity surveying emerged in its present form during the twentieth century. Emerging from the roots of architecture, building construction, civil engineering, and management, it has become a distinct profession that is now recognized by both statutory bodies and industry associations across the world.

A quantity surveyor or cost consultant will play an integral role in helping you calculate the wallpaper required for your home décor project. After all, calculating wallpaper is not like calculating a business transaction, where a computer can be used to perform a calculation in less than a second!

The process of mathematically determining the amount of wallpapers needed for different areas of your home décor project is called  ‘calculating’, and it requires time and patience. A quality quantity surveying service knows how to determine the right amount of wallpapers required for each area after taking into account things such as height and width, number of windows or doors, and shapes.

How to measure a room for wallpaper

1. Measure the length and width of the wall you want to cover

2. Calculate how many square feet are in your room by multiplying both measurements together

3. Divide the number of square feet by 36 (since there are 36 square inches in one square foot) 

4. The result will tell you how many rolls of wallpaper you need, which can be found at any home improvement store or online

5. Once you have measured your space, purchase enough wallpaper for that size space

How to measure a kitchen for wallpaper

1. Measure the height of your kitchen walls to determine how high you’ll need to measure up from the floor

2. Use a measuring tape and pencil/pen to mark out where you want your wallpaper to start and end

3. Measure the width of your kitchen in feet, then divide that number by 12 (inches) 

4. Add an extra inch around each side for trimming, so if it’s 10 inches wide, add two more inches on each side for a total of 12 inches 

5. Cut out paper rectangles that are six inches taller than the height measurement and six-and-a-half inches wider than the width measurement 

6. Starting at one end of one wall, place a rectangle against it with about an inch hanging off either edge; attach with adhesive or double-sided tape along the bottom edge only

How to measure a bathroom for wallpaper

1. Measure the width and height of your bathroom

2. Take a picture of the wall and use it as a reference to determine how many rolls you will need

3. Decide if you want to cover the entire wall or just one side 

4. Determine which direction you want to go with your design – horizontal or vertical- and measure out 2 ft sections on your paper for each roll 

5. Cut off any excess paper after measuring, leaving about an inch from where it overlaps with another section 

6. Tape down all edges, starting at the bottom left corner and moving up the right side first before going back across the top edge in the same fashion

How to measure a wall for wallpaper

1. Measure the height of your wall from top to bottom

2. Measure the width of your wall from left to right

3. Add 2″ on each side for a margin and then divide by two 

4. The number you get is how many feet you need for wallpaper 

5. Multiply that by 12″ and it gives you how many inches

How to measure a hallway for wallpaper

1. Measure the length and width of the hallway

2. Calculate how many square feet are in your hallway 

3. Subtract 10% from the total to account for seams, trim, and other installation needs

4. Multiply that number by $X per square foot to determine how much wallpaper costs (you can find this information at your local home improvement store) 

5. Determine if you want a patterned or plain design – patterns will typically cost more than plain designs but they may be worth it depending on what look you’re going for!

6. Purchase your desired wallpaper and install it according to package instructions!

How to measure a staircase for wallpaper

1. Measure the height of each step from the top to the bottom

2. Measure how far down each step is from the top, and make a note on where it will be easiest to measure

3. Take measurements for both sides of the stairway, as well as at every turn

4. Add up all your measurements and subtract them by half an inch – this should be your final measurement for wallpaper 

5. Cut out a piece of paper that’s one foot wide and two feet tall with a straight edge – then cut into strips that are 1/2″ wide with a pencil or pen 

6. Place the strip on the floor against the wall so you can see how much space there is between steps – if more than 1/2″, repeat the process until you have enough room to fit your design.

How to measure a stairwell for wallpaper

1. Measure the height of the stairwell 

2. Measure from one side to the other, with a straight edge 

3. Calculate how many feet you need for each row and divide by two 

4. Add 1 inch for overlap on each side

5. Cut your paper to size and lay it out on the floor in its final position before sticking it down

6. Use a pencil or pen to mark where you want your first strip of wallpaper to go – make sure this is at least an inch away from any edges so that there will be no bubbles when you put up more strips around it.


Wallpaper is a simple way to change the look and feel of your home. But, like any other type of decorating project, it’s important that you measure the area before purchase and install with care for best results. We hope this guide has been helpful in ensuring success when installing new wallpaper!

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