How to Organize Your Kitchen Waste System?

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The kitchen is widely regarded as the heart of home everywhere in the world. It is a place where we spend most of our active and quality time with our family. If your kitchen is well equipped and maintained, it has pleasant effects on the overall environment and health of the family members. One thing that can hurt the overall house environment is when your kitchen has a messy bin.

Yes, the garbage cans are a source of pesky annoyances but if they are well-maintained, you can live with them. You just need a few adjustments to your kitchen to ensure a healthy and happy bin system.

Essential Tips for Efficient Kitchen Trash Organization

kitchen layout

1. Kitchen Layout

For implementing and maintaining the kitchen trash system, you need to pay attention to the overall kitchen layout. An ideal kitchen layout is one where you have separate places for preparation, cooking, and cleaning that are not too far from each other. You must place a bin in your kitchen that must be far away from the fresh food but near to the kitchen exit so you can easily take it out for recycling. The best place to learn more about kitchen layout, kitchen essentials, and equipment is the best product hunter.

2. Cleaning Outside the Kitchen

Organizing and controlling kitchen waste doesn’t end in the kitchen. An effective kitchen trash system also extends to the placed bin outside and then the final recycling collectors. You need to ensure the smooth and efficient movement of the waste from the kitchen to the final garbage place. Garbage should be moved using a clear channel from the kitchen to the outside bin, and finally to the municipal collection without any spills. The large bin outside should have a clear path to the final collection point.

3. Household Needs

If you are a large family, you need a bigger bin and bin system. If you are in a place where you have to take the trash out twice a day, it is better to consider a two-bin trash system. You can use one bin for dry goods and the other one for wet waste like leftover food, eggshells, and vegetable peels. If you have a smaller household, you should stick to small bins and take the trash out regularly to maintain a healthy kitchen environment.

4. Cleaning Habit

When you take the garbage out every day and regularly clean your kitchen, it has great effects overall on you and your surroundings. Get your wastebasket cleaned and washed every week. Use biodegradable bin-liners and clean the container weekly by giving the outside of the container a rub down followed by a monthly disinfectant clean. If you form a healthy cleaning habit, the trash can will not become disgusting and unhygienic.

Under-Sink Trash Can
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5. Under-Sink Trash Can

A great way to keep the bin situation neat and clean is by using the under-sink trash cans. Small and medium-sized containers can be fitted to a cabinet door to pivot, slide, and swing open as the door opens. These trash cans efficiently act as garbage disposal and also help to take regular trash out. The best under-sink trash cans offer benefits like avoiding your pets accidentally falling into them, holding the garbage smell, and preventing leakage.

6. Minimizing Waste

When you start working on ways to minimize waste, it is a great step towards kitchen organization. It is better to buy only what you need at the grocery store and avoid overspending by incorporating meal plans into your everyday routine. Go for items that are in reusable containers, and support farmers by buying the in-season products. Cut down on unnecessary packaging of things.

recycling station for home

7. Recycling Station

Our planet is in dire need of using recycling in our daily life. It is crucial for the health of our planet as landfills have proven an unsustainable practice. This situation has obliged us to start waste-reducing procedures, and introduce reusing and recycling.

It is easy to implement an earth-friendly waste system in the kitchen. You can start with something simple like using the leftover ingredients to try new meals instead of throwing them away. Paper, plastic, and glass are things that don’t decompose naturally so you can fit three recycling bins in the pantry.


Every home now needs an organized waste system. Without this system, the kitchen can get messy and have very bad effects on your health and overall environment. Kitchen optimization helps you reduce waste which means you have a more organized kitchen, a happier family, and a healthier planet for us all to live on.

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