10 Efficiency Tips For Your Air Conditioning System

Last updated on March 3rd, 2024 at 06:34 am

One of the main contributors to your monthly utility bill is the heating and cooling system. During the summer months, the use of your AC system is likely to increase to keep your home comfortable all day long.  

If you’re eager to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system to save money and lengthen its lifespan, there are several measures you can take. Here are valuable tips to boost the efficiency of your air conditioning system:

1. Clean The Vents

An effective way to improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling air conditioning system is to keep the vents free of dirt and debris. In most cases, you’ll find the vents on the floor or the ceiling. It’s best to ensure that the vents are entirely free of any debris. Keeping the vents clear will ensure continuous airflow through the system.  

Even if you perform regular dusting and vacuuming, some objects such as rugs, blinds, toys, or even furniture can block the vents. All the vents in your home must be clear. Make it a priority even if you have to rearrange all the furniture in a room.

2. Change The Filter Regularly

Once your air conditioning system reaches the maximum airflow, it’ll operate at maximum efficiency. Sadly, the efficiency drops if the filters are dirty.  

When the filters are dirty, they significantly reduce the air quality within your home and lessen the airflow, forcing the system to work harder. If you want to boost the efficiency of your AC system, changing the filters is an easy way to achieve this.

3. Close All Windows And Doors Securely

When using the air conditioning system, the cool air might seep outside easily if you leave the windows and doors open, even with a small gap. Over time, this can affect its overall efficiency.

4. Cover The Windows

A straightforward way to boost the efficiency of your AC system is to close the curtains or blinds to block out the sunlight. It’ll lessen the total amount of heat entering your home. In addition, doing so will prevent the AC system from straining just so it can provide a comfortable temperature for your home.

5. Provide Shade To The Outdoor Condenser

During the summer months, the increased heat has a significant impact on the outdoor condenser unit. As it ensures the constant heat, it’ll work harder to keep your house cool. One way to lessen the strain and prevent the unit from overworking is to cover it to provide shade. When providing shade, avoid obstructing the airflow in any manner. 

6. Clean The Outdoor Condenser Unit

The outdoor unit of the AC system will function well if it’s thoroughly clean and free of any debris. Although cleaning the condenser can be tricky, you should know the steps to take before starting.

If you lack the skills or don’t have time, you might consider hiring a professional to take care of the task for you.

7. Repair Any Leaks Around The House

The presence of leaks around your home is a primary culprit that disrupts the overall efficiency of your AC system. When there’s a leak, the cool air that spreads around your home will move outside. As a result, the system will work harder than usual, leading to a higher utility bill.

8. Clear The Drain Line

The drain is usually next to the indoor cooling coil of your unit. In most instances, you can find it over the furnace in the basement, if you have one.  Pour bleach into the drain and rinse it with water. Doing this will keep the drain clear during the summer season.

In addition, keeping the drain line clear will prevent water-related issues from developing over time. Once there’s a blockage in the drain line, it can drastically affect the efficiency of your AC system. As for the drain lines outside your home, keep them free of dirt or mulch. 

9. Proper Insulation For The Ductwork

When you have exposed ductwork in the attic or crawlspace beneath your home, the possibility of having a leak increases. Moreover, these sections of your home do not receive cool air.  

Although you can pinpoint potential problems with the ducts, a professional should tackle the task. Aside from repairing the leakage, a professional will provide proper insulation to the ducts.

10. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Make sure that you schedule regular maintenance with a professional. It’ll ensure that your AC system is in good shape and working optimally without any efficiency problems. It is important to schedule regular maintenance on your AC system in order to keep it running at its best. Maintenance can help prolong the life of your AC unit and improve its efficiency.

You may want to consult a professional HVAC service company like North Richland Hills HVAC near your location to schedule annual maintenance and ensure that your AC unit is running properly.


Keeping your home comfortable at all times is the task of your air conditioning system. If you can’t provide it with proper care and maintenance, it’ll work harder and eventually result in a drastic drop in its efficiency.

With the help of these valuable tips to boost efficiency, you’ll have a comfortable home and reasonable utility bills, and your unit will work favorably for years to come.

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