4 Effective Ways To Extend The Life of Your Boiler

Last updated on February 13th, 2024 at 05:08 am

Modern homeowners have many heating unit options to choose from. When trying to find the right heating unit option for your home, you will need to consider a variety of factors. If you want a way to heat your home that is both effective and economical, then a boiler system is a wise option.

These systems work by the heating liquid inside of a boiler and then dispensing it through radiators placed throughout the home. Companies that offer boiler services can get one of these systems installed quickly and correctly.

Once you have a new boiler system in place, you need to work on keeping it functional for years to come. Here are some things you can do to extend the life of your boiler.

Flushing Your Boiler is a Good Idea

Approximately 9 million homes in the United States rely on boiler systems for their heat. Over time, your boiler will start to collect a lot of gunk. This gunk is usually caused by the magnetite in your system. The more of the substance you allow to accumulate in your boiler, the harder it will be to keep this system efficient.

One of the main things you need to do to get rid of the debris in your boiler is to flush it. This job is both complex and time-consuming, which is why leaving it to professionals is your best course of action. Routine flushing can keep help you reduce boiler damage. This type of maintenance will also improve energy efficiency.

Have The Electrical Connections Checked

An interrupted flow of electricity is one of the main things your boiler needs to stay operational. The electrical wires that connect to your boiler can get corroded over time. When this corrosion occurs, the connections will weaken.

Without a consistent electrical supply, your boiler is bound to get overworked. You can stay a step ahead of this problem by allowing an electrician to check these connections routinely. If problems are found during this inspection, the electrician can fix them before they negatively affect your boiler.

If you’re confident to do this yourself, just make sure that you have an idea of the electrical setup of your house. Some retailers like Bravo Electro should carry sufficient parts if you ever need one.

Be Mindful of Internal Pressure

A boiler needs just the right amount of internal pressure to operate correctly. As time goes by, the internal pressure of your boiler can fluctuate. Having the internal temperature checked by professionals is a great way to discover problems early on.

If the internal temperature is too high, professionals can purge the system. When pressure levels are low, professionals will simply open up the tap to increase the amount of water that reaches the heating circuit.

Clean Your Boiler

A boiler will work much better if it is cleaned on a regular basis. If you notice that your boiler is covered in soot, then this is an indication that bad combustion is taking place. You also need to check your boiler’s joints during this cleaning process to ensure no unwanted air is getting in.

While maintaining your boiler is hard work, it is definitely worth the effort.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, there are a number of effective ways to extend the life of your boiler. Regular maintenance and inspections are key, as well as using quality parts. If your boiler is past its expected lifespan, consider replacing it with a newer model that has been proven to last longer. Always be prepared for emergency repairs by having the necessary parts and tools on-hand.

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