5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas You Should Try

Last updated on February 19th, 2024 at 05:18 am

Did you visit your friend’s house last fortnight and return back with a great deal of envy? Received chidings from your wife?  Mesmerized, rather floored by their bathroom decoration, right? 

It happens; we can not but be envious sometimes of others’ success. We are human beings, after all. So no need to drench yourself in the ocean of grief. Remember, human beings can not only feel envious but create marvels too! Enough is enough; rise from your couch…be resolved and prepare to outsmart them, you know…outclass them this time with your counter.

There are companies like Hammer Service that offer world-class designs and ideas for your bathroom. So view the website. In this article, we are going to discuss the top five bathroom renovations. Read our article. We understand.  

Top 5 Renovation Ideas You Should Try 

In this section, we will try some of the great ideas you can use to renovate your bathroom.

1. Small Textured Tiles On The Shower Floor

The beauty of your bathroom depends, quite an extent, on the floor tiles. You need to understand that the selection of your floor tiles is a great way to add to the external beauty. You also need to be critical regarding the selection of your tiles. 

While you design your shower corner, make sure that you select small textured tiles on the shower floor. Textured tiles provide you with a look and feel. They add to the aesthetics

But the best thing that they provide is safety and security. This is one thing that you need to be careful about. Contemporary tiles can be cleaned easily. So maintenance is easy. 

2. Make Tup Optional, And If You Need To, Select Smaller Ones

Considering bathtubs? These have really turned out to be optional and of the bygone days. Space is one thing that is a determiner of designing horses. Better to say space is depleting. 

If you install one big-sized bathtub, you lose quite some space. Then it turns out to be complicated so far as space management is concerned. Try to minus your bathtub, or else install a smaller one. 

3. Palm Printed Bathroom

Bathrooms are of different looks and feel. There are different themes that you can choose to design your bathroom accordingly. Among the different themes you use in your bathrooms, go for palm-printed bathrooms. Palm-printed bathrooms are great, and they soothe your eyes. 

Remember, when you are inside your bathroom, the peace of mind drives you. Palm print will definitely provide you with the sensation of peace and tranquillity that you need. This is one thing that you need the most. The green color is associated with calm and composure. 

Therefore you need to be very critical regarding the selection of tiles for your bathrooms

4. Waterfall-Style Walk-In- Shower 

This is another new concept that you get from the perspective of designing. Imagine you visit some waterfalls; you are close to some of nature. The surroundings of the waterfall are decked with stones. This stony decoration definitely takes you near that natural waterfall with stones here and there. 

Believe us, this is highly fulfilling and goes way beyond the common design patterns and themes used in bathrooms nowadays. Therefore you have that option with you to deck it close to nature.

5. Maximize Your Storage

Unfortunately, we are in an age where space is depleting. You need to make sure that you optimize your storage. Install drawers to create more space for keeping the bath fittings. This is indeed great for your home. Look that you are making use of each and every corner of your bathroom. This is smart and futuristic. 

Your needs will keep increasing with time but not your space. Therefore you make sure that you make the best arrangements to make the best use of the space. Remember, smart is futuristic. Smart is beautiful.


In conclusion, it can be said that the ideas that have been provided sync with the latest trends and fashion. All you need to do is follow a style coupled with a futuristic approach. This completely changes your bathroom designs and elevates them according to modern conventions. So consult some design services that can provide you with your needs.

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