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10 Best Mosquito Killers for Your House in 2021

Have you been looking for the best mosquito killers for an indoor or outdoor place in your house? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve searched all over the web and have compiled this list of the best mosquito killers that are worth your hard earned money.

If there is one thing that people hate about going outside is mosquitoes. These tiny bugs that feast on our blood can ruin a perfect, romantic dinner outdoors. Maybe you want to do a little night camping with your kids but these annoying little creatures just won’t leave you alone.

There is no point in killing them once by one since there are just too many. Well, there are a few options out there which you can use to solve this problem. Yes, there is an eco-friendly way to get rid of mosquitoes for good

Now, (thanks to science), you can finally enjoy staying outside with the help of mosquito killers. These devices are great and they work on electricity. Simply plug-in a mosquito and let it do the job without any problems.

Mosquitoes are naturally attracted to the special light on which the device is built and once they get close enough, they get electrocuted. If you want to be a little bit more modest than you can use mosquito spray that is going to clear off the spot in half an hour or so.


No one likes dealing with mosquitoes. But there is a solution to everything. You don’t have to sit back and stand all the bites, (not to mention the risk of getting a disease),

While you are trying to enjoy a night with people that you love. Here is a list of the 10 best mosquito killers of the year:

1. Elucto Electric Bug Zapper:

Elucto Electric Bug Zapper

Key Features:

  • Equipped with one easy-to-clean swat
  • Works with 2 Duracell batteries
  • Enviormently friendly with no released toxins or harmful chemicals.

This is an easy to use bug zapper that kills bugs in an instant. You can use this bug zapper indoors or outdoors and you do not have to worry at all about recharging the bug zapper because now it comes with battery insertion. Only two batteries are needed for the best bug killer to work.

The best thing about it is not only that you don’t need to worry about charging it, also you don’t need to stress out about swinging the zapper several times to make sure the bug is dead, because the zapper is designed with only one swat which makes it easier to kill the bug in no time.

Because it has one layer it is also really easy to clean, unlike zappers with multiple layers that get the bug stuck inside and make it difficult to get it out. Another thing to keep in mind about the Elucto Bug Zapper is that you will not harm the environment.

This zapper does not release any harmful toxins that can get inhaled or contaminate your food. If you want these pesky bugs and insects gone for good then this bug zapper is just the tool you need.


  • Easy to use for indoor and outdoor spaces
  • No need for charging
  • Easy to clean.


  • Releases a burnt smell after the bug is zapped
  • Some of the wires might fall out after several months of use.

2. Flowtron Electronic Mosquito Killer:

Key Features:

  • Has ½ – 1 ½ killing radius
  • Is used only while plugged. Comes with a 9-inch cord
  • Has a 15watt bulb power
  • Enviormently friendly. It does not use toxic spray.

The best bug killer you can use for big outdoor spaces is definitely the Flow Tron Electronic Bug Killer. This bug killer is used for big outdoor spaces that start from ½ acres up to 1 ½  acre coverage.

This bug killer is equipped with an electrified grid and a UV light both used for killing unwanted bugs in an instant. The UV lights are used to attract any sort of bugs while the electrified grid make sure the bugs get zapped.

You can also use this excellent bug killer as a decorative lantern for the space you are putting it in. Make sure you don’t use this bug killer indoors or near an area where human activity takes place.

A good thing about this bug killer is that it is eco-friendly and does not harm the area which you put it on.


  • Takes care of a big area from bugs
  • It is inexpensive when it comes to spending electricity and spending or other harmful sprays.


  • It needs to be plugged in order to work. It is hard to get a plug at a big outdoor space area
  • It does not have a strong killing power.

3. KATCHY Mosquito Killer:

Key Features:

  • The area it covers is 320 square feet
  • Registered with EPA for its safety
  • It includes two modes. Silent mode and robust mode
  • Odorless, no zapping included, and is environmentally friendly.

With its great ability to get rid of mosquitoes and fruit flies this insect trap is the best bug killer for you. It is created to work best in indoor spaces. The best result you can get is by putting the insect trap near a house trash bin or inside a dark room.

This high-quality mosquito killer takes care of these bugs by attracting them with the UV light and then sucking them inside making them unable to escape by the sticky glue boards it is equipped with.

KATCHY Insect Trap is very safe when it comes to keeping it around your children or pets. Then high quality insect trap not only does not release harmful chemicals but it also does not include electrical zapping and it is odorless.

KATCHY is also registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. This device is easy to plug in and be used anywhere in your house.


  • Easy to use. Works just by plugging it
  • Does not make any disturbing noise while working
  • Kills a variety of small insects. Works perfectly on killing mosquitoes


  • Does not work well for big insects
  • Not as effective for large rooms.

4. Aspectek Electronic Mosquito Killer:

Key Features:

  • Equipped with two UV bulbs and comes with 2 extra bulbs
  • Chemical-free and no need for using spray inside the house
  • Has a very strong electrical grid to zap bugs in seconds
  • It is cleaned easily by just washing its plastic tray.

Killing a variety of not only small insects but also big ones this great insect killer is perfect for your household. This electronic insect killer has two UV light bulbs that have the power to attract insects from far away.

As soon as the insects come close to it, they get zapped by the strong electrical grid. It is also safe to put it anywhere because the device has a screen that prevents anyone close to getting in contact with the electrical grid.

This top-rated insect killer can be easily installed anywhere in your house by attaching its chains to the hooks that exist on the top of the unit or you can just simply put the insect killer on a solid surface and just let it do its job after plugging it.

The cleaning process is simple. Because it is equipped with a plastic tray at the bottom you can just remove the tray, wash it, and put it back again. This quality insect killer will always keep you pleased and free of any insect.


  • Works on small and big indoor space
  • Can kill almost any type of insect that approaches it
  • Proven to be safe to keep near people.


  • The bulbs might not last for more than a couple of months
  • The bug can sometimes escape the electrical grid and not get killed.

5. Wondercide Natural Mosquito Spray:

Key Features:

  • Spray for outdoor usage only
  • Covers up to 5000 square feet of outdoor space
  • Safe to use near children and pet-friendly
  • Kills any type of bug.

Perfect for outdoor usage this natural spray kills bugs, mosquitos, ticks, moths, crickets, roaches, fleas, ants, scorpions, chiggers, and any insect you can think of that can happen to appear on your outdoor space.

No need to worry about chemicals and toxins because this spray is 100% safe to use near adults, children, and pets. You need to attach this spray to your hose and simply just spray your outdoor space.

You can spray in on your lawn, bricks, siding, flowers, patio, and so on. The spray will cover up to 4000-5000 square feet depending on how much pressure your hose can provide you with.


  • Makes sure that the area is completely free of insects
  • Does not harm your environment.


  • The bottle is smaller in person ( just a little bit bigger than your hand)
  • It is hard getting the liquid out of the spray can when it is about to end.

6. EcoRaider Bed Mosquito Killer:

Key Features:

  • Tested for public housing usage
  • USDA approved to be unharmful to the environment
  • Lasting up to two weeks of protection
  • Non-toxic and chemical-free.

One of the best bed bugs killer scientifically proved to work with a hundred percent efficiency. It works even on the most resistant bed bugs on which normal pesticides fail.

It is approved by USDA to be an eco-friendly spray that kills bed bugs without damaging you or your family members. It is also safe on skin and hair, pets, and humans.

You can use it directly on surfaces such as mattresses or futons and the spray is going to be effective from the first time you use it. It can kill bed bugs directly on the first impact that they have with the spray.


  • It has one hundred percent efficiency on all types of bugs.
  • Eco-friendly and non-harmful to humans and pets


  • The smell can last for a while after usage
  • Might not work if not used properly

7. Murphy’s Plant-Based Mosquito Sticks:

Key Features:

  • Plant-based stick and DEET free
  • The time one stick lasts is 2-2.5 hours
  • Comes in 3 packs and each pack comes with 12 sticks inside
  • Unharmful to people, pets, or the environment.

Made from 100% natural plants such as Bamboo, Citronella, Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Rosemary these sticks are the best mosquito killers in the market.

Each stick burns up from 2 to 2.5 hours and gets rid of any mosquito or insect near you. No need to worry about any harsh smell, because the natural plants used to make this top quality insect killer stick releases a fresh aromatic scent that you will definitely enjoy.

These sticks are also made entirely free of DEET. Each pack comes with 12 sticks that can all last up to 27 hours. The perfect solution for an outdoor picnic or bbq.


  • Burns for a long period of time
  • There is no bad burning smell, rather a nice fresh scent
  • 100% natural sticks.


  • Hard to light in the beginning
  • Does not kill every insect if there are too many insects around

8. Garzum Mosquito Trap:

Key Features: 

  • High-quality products including ABS plastic, temperature resistant, and also durable.
  • High voltage electrical grid
  • Safe to use around children and pets. It is toxic-free.
  • Easy to clean by brushing off the tray.

Suitable for indoors this mosquito trap uses ultraviolet lights to attract the pesky bugs. And the second the bug comes near the trap its high voltage electrical grids will immediately zap them and kill them.

The quality mosquito trap only uses electrical grids so this means that it does not release any toxins or chemicals. It also surrounds the grids by a thick plastic layer which makes it impossible for humans to get electro shocked.

With all this being said this worthy mosquito trap is safe for infants, pets, and your home. It is designed with ABS plastic which makes it durable and it is also temperature resistant.

This odorless mosquito trap is also very easy to clean. Just take out the bottom tray and clean it with a brush. It is that simple. This is definitely the best mosquito killer you can use for your family home.


  • This insect trap is both safe and high quality
  • Easy to use and easy to clean


  • Does not kill 100% all insects in the room
  • Difficult for the mosquito to reach the electrical grid

9. Bonide Mosquito Repellent:

Key Features:

  • Covers 4000 square feet of area
  • Excellent for outdoor purposes
  • Holds up to 3 weeks after sprayed on the area
  • Is pleasantly scented

This is one of the best mosquito repellents that work wonders when it comes to outdoor usage. It can cover up to 4000 square feet (3.72 a) of space and can last as long as 3 weeks keeping any bug away or instantly killed by the zones that are sprayed with the repellent.

This product is suitable to spray everywhere including your lawn, the place around your swimming pool, your backyard and so much more. Unlike other nasty smelling repellents,

This Bonide Mosquito Repellent is pleasantly scented so your outdoors can smell fresh throughout the 3 weeks. It has natural ingredients such as Geranium oil, Cedar oil, Citronella oil, garlic, lemongrass oil, vermiculite, and corn cob.


  • Is long-lasting and kills all pesky bugs
  • Covers a large area of your outdoors
  • Does not have a bad synthetic smell to it


  • Should not be let near children
  • The repellent does not work after it rains. It comes off.

10. Cliganic Mosquito Repellent Bracelet:

Key Features:

  • DEET free and non-toxic
  • 100% natural compounds used like essential oils
  • Comes with 10 bracelets each having its own bag
  • One size fits all. Anyone can wear the bracelets no matter the age or size.

One size fits all bracelet for both kids and adults. These bracelets are completely free of DEET and the only thing used to keep the mosquito away is essential oils such as lemongrass, citronella, and geraniol oils. This bracelet is 100% natural and has no toxins or harmful compounds.

It comes in 10 re-settable bags with each bag holding one is best to keep the bracelet inside the bags to keep them lasting longer. These are the perfect solution if you need a fast option to keep away mosquito from biting when you are out and about.

They even come with a variety of colors so you can never get tired of seeing the same colored bracelet. These bracelets are perfect for camping trips, picnics, and going to concerts. It gives results even for indoor usage and is waterproof.


  • Comes with different colors so it will not get dull
  • Pet-friendly and human-friendly
  • An easy solution to use to prevent mosquito bites.


  • It does not prevent 100% of the mosquitos from biting you especially if you are in a place filled with mosquitos
  • The bracelet stretches out easily and does not keep its primary shape.


How to Choose The Best Mosquito Killer?

Depending on what kind of environment you stay really defines what kind of mosquito killer best suits you and your space. We can sure be 10 times bigger than a mosquito but these devilish creatures just find a way how to ruin our day.

That is why each one of us should have at least one solution to getting rid of these unwanted creatures.

Everyone’s question is how do they get rid of mosquitoes in their house and how to kill the mosquitoes in their house.

The answer is simple, just choose one of these 10 mosquito killers based on these points we made for you to make it easier to decide what you would like to purchase.

Design of The Mosquito Killers:

Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to choosing practically anything. There are a lot of forms of mosquito killers. There are the mosquito zappers that work with electricity,

They first attract the insect by a blue UV light and when the mosquito finally arrives it kets zapped from the electrical grids of the product. The other kind is the mosquito spray.

This kind of mosquito killer keeps any insects away or instantly kills them if they dare touch the sprayed area. Then there is the electric net for killing mosquitoes, this kind works just fine and zaps the mosquito in a push of a button,

But in order to do that, you have to swing the net to catch the mosquito before it gets zapped so it’s a really long process but there are a lot of people who enjoy this type of thing.

The next type of mosquito killer is mosquito sticks and pads, these are the kind of products that need to be burned or heated to do their job and kill mosquitoes. And last but not least there are bracelets you can wear throughout the day.

The mosquitoes do not get killed by the bracelet, but they just can not stand them and choose to stay away from anyone who wears them.

For me the sticks work best, I really enjoy their relaxing smell and they also get the job done just fine. I have used them ever since I could remember and I do not remember ever complaining.

Use of Mosquito Killer:

Not only do the mosquito killer come in different designs they also come for different environmental usage. Whether you want it for indoors or outdoors you should always read the description before buying because it tells you what kind of environment can the mosquito killer be used.

If you are seeking a mosquito killer for indoors the best choice is an electrical mosquito killer, even a mosquito net zapper, a bracelet or burning sticks can work just fine for your household.

Depending on your circumstances (for example, if you have a kid you would want to purchase safe zappers and bracelets and not look forward to the burning stick or the mosquito net zappers because they can harm the child) you can make the best choice of what to purchase for indoor usage.

When it comes to the outdoors the best mosquito killers are repellent sprays for the body or for the area, for smaller gatherings and spaces burning sticks or a mosquito net zapper can work seldom.

Make sure that these sprays do not contain any toxic or harmful substances that can interfere with you or your loved one’s well-being. Make sure it is 100% natural by looking at the ingredients. Also, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients the spray has I recommend not to purchase it.

Compare The Price and Quality:

Before purchasing any mosquito killer you should see the ingredients (of the spray and repellents) or the quality of the material (like the zappers with electrical grids). If the mosquito killer is built on low quality the less it will give expected results, therefore, the less its cost should be.

When you are looking for a high-quality mosquito repellent try to find sprays that include essential oils and smell fresh and not synthetic.

For the material of mosquito killers, you should look for ABS plastic, the durability of the product, the temperature resistance of the product, the power of the electrical grid, and so on.

Reviews of Mosquito Killers:

Even if you are absolutely convinced that you found the best mosquito killer on the market you should always go and take a look at the reviews.

The reviews will determine if the product will do its job or not because the public has no interest in complaining or getting pleased without a reason. Most people when they go to reviews the usually check the bad reviews first.

But that is not such a good idea. The best way to look at the reviews is to look at the percentage of each star. If the one-star has more than 25% on the mosquito killer reviews then I would not recommend the product.

If the product is more than 50% five stars then it is a pretty nice product and the chances of you being satisfied are a lot higher.


Here are some questions we picked to make you more clear about mosquito killers in general:

What is the best indoor mosquito killer?

You won’t be able to confirm if you have trapped the entire mouse in your house. However, you need to keep on using a mouse trap as long as you noticed any activities. The most noticeable sign of mice in your house is fresh droppings.

What does the mosquito spray kill?

The mosquito spray kills bugs, mosquito, ticks, moths, crickets, roaches, fleas, ants, scorpions, chiggers and any insect you can think of that can happen to appear on your outdoor space.

Do mosquito killer lamps really work?

Yes, they work just fine in dim or dark rooms but do not work that properly in rooms with too many lights.

What is the best way to kill a mosquito?

The problem is not killing the mosquito but not letting the mosquito bite you that’s why the best product to use is a mosquito spray to keep them away.

Does spraying repellent really keep mosquito away?

Yes, it works very well. It works wonders and it is also long-lasting.

What is the best yard spray for mosquito?

We have mentioned different types of yard sprays in our top 10. The best mosquito killer is the Bonide Mosquito Repellent.


After mentioning the 10 best mosquito killers of the year we are sure that you will make the right decision on buying the best mosquito killer in the market. All of these products are reviewed and tested for their quality and how good they actually work.

Whether it is for outdoors or indoors, mosquitos are going to be there waiting patiently to irritate you. Like I have mentioned earlier, mosquito bites can give you different diseases. While this happens rarely, chances are that you might be the next victim.

So assure yourself against these tiny bloodsuckers, by getting a mosquito killer. It doesn’t matter whether it is an electric one, spray mosquito killer, or patches what matters is that you keep yourself and your family safe from their bites and you make sure the mosquito killer is eco-friendly and does not contain any chemicals.

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