What Are the Types of Pest Control Methods

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Pest control can come in different methods, depending on the type of pests and the severity of the situation. The various methods that can be used to prevent and eradicate pests are as follows:

Natural Pest Control

Organic control is the use of substances, equipment, and living organisms that do not present any severe hazard to eliminate and fend off pests. This pest control method is usually preferred by those who want to constrain the damage caused by small animals and insects and ensure the safety of their kids, pets, and plants.

Here are some ways through which you can carry out organic control:

  • Introduce plants and predators that eliminate pests
  • Install electric fences
  • Wash plants with insecticidal soap
  • Use natural pesticides and horticultural and neem oil
  • Set traps and add floating row covers.

Chemical Pest Control

Chemical pest control is the most readily available method of eradicating pests today. It involves the use of chemicals to exterminate pests. According to Self Control Pest, this type of control is reliable, especially when tackling a large portion of the pest population, and is used in certain circumstances where no other method will work.

Electronic Pest Control

Technological advancement has allowed pests to be repelled and eliminated using electronic devices. Electronic pest repellents are subdivided into two they are ultrasonic and electromagnetic.

Hygiene Pest Control

More often than not, clean environments do not attract pests. Hence, always practice good hygiene at home. Clean up every after a meal, throw residue and leftovers in a secured trash bin, wash the dishes, and keep all your household areas and items clean.

When Do You Need Professional Pest Control?

Although you can do pest control yourself, there are several situations when professional help is advised and you should seek termite treatment. They are:

When There Is Structural Damage

Once you notice that there has been some damage to the structure of your home, it is time for you to call for professional help. For instance, wood is a prime target for pests like termites. Because these pests multiply quickly and work fast, they can cause severe damage to your home in no time and need to be dealt with urgently.

When There Is Interior Damage

Although interior damages are not as severe as structural damages, they are still a sign that you need professional pest control. Different pests can be responsible for damages seen around the home, from furniture to drywall. If these pests are not properly handled in time, you will be forced to make significant repairs like fixing walls and replacing furniture.

When There Are Odors and Sounds

Smells and sounds are usually signs of hidden pest problems. In most cases, professionals who specialize in controlling pests efficiently and effectively handle these problems. Large pests, especially rodents, are often the ones you hear. You might notice a scurrying or scratching sound in attics, crawl spaces, and behind walls. Termites can also make noises audible enough to be heard.

Pests also emit odors easily recognizable, such as the musty and sweet smell of bedbugs, the ammoniac smell of mice, and the oily smell of roaches. These sounds and odors can be very uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. Therefore, you should contact a professional control company as soon as you notice them.

When There Are Signs of Nesting

It is common for pests to make themselves at home as soon as they enter a place. They do this by building nests and reproducing in hidden areas where they feel protected, like walls, attics, or behind appliances. Once you notice these signs of nesting in your home, it is obvious you need the help of professional Frisco wildlife removal services.

When The Pests Are Difficult

Pests like termites, cockroaches, and bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of on your own. This is because they tend to multiply quickly, and it could take up to three years to completely eradicate termites from your home if not done professionally. You are also likely to spend more money when handling these pests yourself.

Therefore, when you notice that you are dealing with these difficult pests, you should leave it to the professionals for swift and effective eradication.

When There Is a Safety Risk

Some pest issues are things that you can live with and handle yourself. However, when it begins to put your health, your family, and your pets at risk, it is worth immediately calling professionals.

In some people, certain pests can cause severe, life-threatening allergic reactions. For example, stinging insects might cause breathing difficulty. Venomous spiders like the black widow and brown recluse are also potentially dangerous to humans.

Rodents can also cause health problems once they occupy your home. They can spread diseases like the hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, which causes severe breathing problems, through their feces and urine.

When There Is a Recurring Pest Problem

Some pests, such as ant pests, are relatively easy to eliminate with retail or homemade treatments. However, sometimes, these pests just won’t go away. If you’ve tested all of the retail options and home remedies and the pests are still there, it’s time to call control services.


Pests threaten all living things, whether humans, plants, or animals. Therefore, no amount of pest infestation should be tolerated. Be sure to do pest control before and after noticing any signs of pests. Also, call for a professional when the infestation becomes more than you can handle.

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