How to Control Pigeon Population Growth in Phoenix

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Phoenix is known for its scorching heat and abundance of pigeons. While pigeons may be a beloved part of the city’s culture, their population growth can cause serious problems. Pigeon droppings can contaminate food, water, and buildings and can pose a health risk to humans and animals. In this blog post, we will discuss how to control pigeon population growth in Phoenix using a variety of methods.

Best Methods for Effective Pigeon Control in Phoenix

Trapping and Removal

One of the most common and effective methods for reducing pigeon populations is trapping and removal. Trapping pigeons can be done with a variety of traps, including live traps, cage traps, and netting. Once the pigeons are trapped, they can be removed from the area and relocated to a new location.

This method is most effective when combined with other methods, such as blocking access to food and water sources and modifying roosting sites.

Birth Control

The pigeon population in Phoenix is growing at an alarming rate! While some might view these birds as harmless creatures, they can actually pose a serious threat to public health. As the population of pigeons continues to grow, it is important to take steps to control their numbers.

One of the most effective methods for pigeon control in Phoenix is birth control. By reducing the egg fertilization rates, we can help to control the overall population growth.

Oral contraceptives can be mixed into birdseed and distributed around areas where pigeons congregate. This will help to reduce the number of births and, over time, help to control the population.

Eliminate Food Sources

One reason pigeons congregate on properties is because they’ve found a food source. If you eliminate the food source, pigeons will have no reason to stick around. Common food sources include bird feeders, pet food, garbage, and spilled seed from trees or plants. To keep pigeons from finding food on your property:

  • Keep bird feeders away from areas where pigeons congregate. If possible, place them inside a building or enclosure so that only small birds can access them. 
  • Keep pet food and water dishes indoors or in an enclosed area away from pigeons. 
  • Keep garbage cans covered and stored in a garage or shed if possible. If not, keep them clean and free of debris. 
  • Pick up fallen seeds from trees.

Hazing with Birds of Prey

One of the most effective ways to keep pigeons away is by using predators as a deterrent. Birds of prey, such as hawks and falcons, are natural predators of pigeons, so seeing them in the area will usually cause pigeons to fly away. You can either hire a falconer to bring birds of prey to your property regularly, or you can install Falconvision decoys, which are life-size replicas of birds of prey that intimidate pigeons and cause them to stay away. 

Install Peppermint Oil Repellents for pigeon

Peppermint oil is a natural repellent for many animals, including mice, rats, and deer. It also works on pigeons! Peppermint oil repels pigeons because the scent is so strong that it irritates their senses. To use peppermint oil as a deterrent, simply soak some cotton balls in the oil and place them around the areas where you’ve seen pigeons congregating. You’ll need to replace the cotton balls every few days, but this is a cheap and easy way to keep pigeons at bay.

Use Visual Deterrents 

Visual deterrents work by making an area less attractive to birds. Common visual deterrents include scarecrows, mylar balloons, and reflective tape. These deterrents work by breaking up the silhouette of a potential landing spot or by making noise when blown by the wind. Visual deterrents must be replaced or moved regularly to remain effective. 

Use a Water Sprayer or Motion-Activated Sprinkler System.

Pigeons don’t like getting wet any more than we do, so spraying them with water is a great way to keep them away from your property. You can use a regular garden hose with a nozzle attachment or invest in a motion-activated sprinkler system specifically designed to deter animals such as deer, rabbits, and birds.

Hire a Pest Control Company 

If you have tried everything else and you are still struggling with a pigeon problem, it may be time to hire a professional pest control company. These companies have the experience and expertise necessary to get rid of pigeons for good. They will likely use a combination of methods, such as trapping, netting, and repellents, to solve your pigeon issue once and for all. 


Pigeons can be more than just a nuisance; in some cases, they can pose a health hazard by carrying diseases that can be transmitted to humans. If you’re looking for ways to keep them away from your property, the methods listed above are some of the best methods for pigeon control in Phoenix. Be sure to try a combination of different methods for the best results, as pigeons are intelligent creatures and will quickly adapt to changing conditions.

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