Keep Your Inflatable Pool in Great Condition All Season Long

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Inflatable pools are a great way to spend a summer day, but they can also be a valuable addition to your home during the winter. If you keep your pool in good condition all season long, it will be easy to enjoy its benefits all year long. Here are five tips for keeping your pool in top shape all season long:

How do maintain an inflatable pool?

Inflatable pools are a great way to cool down and have some fun in the summer sun, but they need to be properly maintained in order to stay safe and clean. Here are a few tips for how to properly maintain your inflatable pool:

  • Check the pool for tears or holes regularly and repair them as soon as possible. A tear or hole in the pool can cause it to deflate, leading to water leakage and a safety hazard.
  • Make sure the pool is always clean and free of debris. Use a net or broom to sweep away any leaves, twigs, or other objects that may have fallen into the pool.
  • Ensure that the water is properly chlorinated and pH balanced. Chlorine helps keep the water clean and free of bacteria, while pH balance helps prevent algae growth.

The best way to keep your inflatable pool in good condition is by regularly cleaning it. This involves emptying the water and debris from the pool, scrubbing it down with a brush, and then letting it air dry. You should also check for any holes or tears in the fabric and repair them as soon as possible. In addition, be sure to keep the pool away from sharp objects or other potential damage sources.

How to fix an inflatable pool ring?

Like every inflatable thing, a blow-up pool may also suffer punctures that subsequently need patching. While the pools with many air chambers still remain usable after a couple of punctures, those with a single air chamber need quick attention. But don’t worry, as it is always easy to fix the pool puncture yourself.

The best inflatable pool also brings a patch kit with it to fix small holes. So, for these pools, you just have to locate the hole in the pool, then rub it with sandpaper to make the surface smooth for holding the patch.

Also, rub the adhering side of the patch with the sandpaper for the same purpose. Then, stick the patch onto the pool’s surface with glue while ensuring no air bubbles. Let the patch dry for about 24 hours, and your pool will be ready to use.

In case you do not have a patch kit or have run out of patches, you can use duct tape as well. It will fix the hole temporarily. In the meanwhile, you can consider buying a patch kit from the market.

How to find a leak in an inflatable pool?

Although, it won’t take much time and effort to fix the leak in an inflatable pool. Yet, locating that puncture is quite problematic.

However, here we share two quick tips that will help you locate the leak.

1. Using Soap Water:

Prepare a thick soap solution and rub it on the surface of the pool where you doubt the leak. Wherever there is a hole, you will find a bubble appearing due to the outflow of air.

2. Wet Plastic Wrap:

For those who don’t succeed in spotting the leak with the soap solution trick, wet plastic wrap works wonders. Simply wet a usual plastic wrap and cling it to the surface of the pool.

Gently rub it with your hands to remove any wrinkles and bubbles. Within seconds, you will notice air bubbles appearing below the surface. Once you find the holes, make sure to mark those sites with a chalk or marker. You can then mend them whenever feasible.

Quick tips to maintain your pool

  • Never leave your children and pets unattended near the pool.
  • Keep your pool safe from any sharp objects. Also, teach your kids not to play with toys having sharp edges while in the pool.
  • Make sure to clean your pool regularly.
  • When not in use, cover the pool with some shade or pool cover to protect it from pollution, dirt, and direct sunlight.
  • While storing the pool during winters, clean it first, then keep it in a protective bag. Also, make sure not to fold it too tightly to avoid any cracks in the material.

Final Thought

In conclusion, keeping your inflatable pool in great condition all season long is important for a number of reasons. Not only will it make your pool last longer, but it will also keep you and your family safe while you are swimming. Make sure to take the time to properly maintain your pool and it will be ready for use each and every season.

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