6 Ways To Care For And Support Your Pregnant Best Friend

Last updated on February 24th, 2024 at 08:45 am

When your best friend gets pregnant, you want to do everything you can to show her the love and support she deserves. Having a baby is a big deal and depending on her family support system or how far she lives from her parents, you may be one of the best people to look out for her.

If you want to be a compassionate best friend and help your bestie to have an amazing pregnancy, below are 6 ways to care for and support your pregnant best friend.

Host An Awesome Baby Shower

Baby showers are a lot of work to plan, so why not take the stress away from your best friend by hosting and planning the baby shower for her? You can even make this a surprise if you’d like. The benefit of hosting a baby shower as a best friend is that you know her inside out. You can decorate how she’d like and host games that you know she’d love.  

This baby shower checklist is the ultimate guide to planning an awesome baby shower. It takes you through the months leading up to the shower, all the way to the big day, so you don’t forget anything. With party and invitation ideas, this checklist can help you throw the ultimate baby shower for your pregnant best friend.

Plan Things That Don’t Involve Drinking Or Late Nights

When you’re pregnant, you can often feel a world away from your friends, especially if you are the first one to have a baby. Once pregnancy comes, the nights of staying up all night and partying are out the window. Many pregnant women struggle with tiredness during pregnancy, meaning they can no longer keep up with late nights either.

To support your best friend and make sure she still gets to socialize, you should organize things that do not involve drinking or late nights. Swap these for walks around the park, a nice lunch, or grabbing a coffee at your favorite cafe. You could also go to pregnancy classes with her, such as pregnancy yoga or Pilates.

Check-In Often

Each day of pregnancy can pose new challenges and new excitements. Whether this is the first time the baby’s kicked or the first bad night’s sleep, checking in on your best friend often will make her feel supported. Whether she wants to moan about the pains of pregnancy or tell you her exciting news, she will appreciate you being there.

Pregnancy is also a time where hormones and emotions are all over the place, meaning a best friend is often required for a late-night call to put her mind at ease. If she is living alone during pregnancy, you can even offer to stay with her and give her some company. Sometimes, all that is needed is a best friend, a night watching cheesy Netflix movies, and a cozy blanket.    

Go To Appointments With Her

Whether this is the first baby scan or a check-up, offer to go with your pregnant best friend to her appointments. If the father isn’t around or he can’t make an appointment, this is the perfect opportunity to step in and help. You can take her to the appointment and make a day of it. Plus, your best friend is pregnant, this is an exciting time to get involved with the baby and can be as much fun for you as her.

You can also take this time to get educated about pregnancy care if you aren’t already informed. Knowing what to do if your friend went into labor or was having contractions can be really helpful in a stressful situation. If your best friend is the first person to get pregnant from your friendship group, you may even want to read a baby book so you can offer useful tips. As she’s already got enough on her plate, we’re sure she’d massively appreciate the commitment.

Encourage Healthy Habits And Be A Role Model

If your usual night-in involves ordering pizza and drinking lots of wine, it is time to swap out those habits during pregnancy. Although the occasional treat is more than okay, you want your pregnant best friend to be getting all the nutrients and vitamins she needs. This can give her energy and support her overall health, as well as the babies.

Imagine if you couldn’t drink or smoke, and you visited your friend’s house and she sat doing just that the whole time? This would be both frustrating and tempting, especially if she has recently quit smoking due to pregnancy. You can support your friend by following healthy habits when you are around her and avoiding temptation. You can always take her on a well-deserved night out once the baby is born!

Help Her Get The House Ready

Getting the house ready for a baby can be such a fun job but is much more difficult when you have a baby bump in the way. From painting the nursery to shopping for baby stuff, there is always a way to help get the house ready for your pregnant best friend. This is even more beneficial if you have a car, and she does not.

If you have a talent for art or decorating, you may want to give the ultimate gift and decorate the baby’s nursery for her. You can make this as personalized as you want and there are many adorable and chic ways to decorate a baby’s nursery. If she is going away for the weekend to visit family or she is out at work, this is the perfect time to get decorating. She will absolutely love it and seeing the smile on her face will be well worth the effort.

From hosting an awesome baby shower to helping her get the house ready for the baby, this guide can help you care for and support your pregnant best friend through the next 9 months of her life. No matter what you do, she is sure to appreciate the love.

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