Cheap Chandeliers Under $50

10 Cheap Chandeliers Under $50 Reviews for 2021

It is said that a chandelier can make a person. And that’s the reason why you are seeking a chandelier, to be more exact a cheap chandeliers under $50. So I can well assume, nevertheless being frugal, to you, this has an aesthetic value.

Alright, based on long run research we have made this guide for you. You would be glad to see that we have dealt with chandeliers of different kinds also.

–Types of Chandeliers–

Here in this article, we will let you know 11 types of chandeliers. Hopefully, it will help you to choose your favorite one. Here I go:

Candle Chandelier :

Featuring relatively a native style, this is the parent of all chandeliers. However, instead of using real candles, candle-shaped lights are used for better security.

Antler Chandelier :

Antler chandelier implies a taste of wildlife. Consuming a moderate space it can suit any kind of room.

Crystal Chandelier:

Having different gorgeous designs it is named after its transparent material. These are a sign of pure elegance!

Glass Chandeliers:

These types of chandeliers are reputed for their diversities. It provides various favorable designs too.

Modern Chandeliers:

It is a sign of advanced geometry. Comprising different suitable sizes it is quite compatible with this digital world.

Drum Chandeliers:

Resembling a drum it is a form of a shaded chandelier. Any space will have a romantic atmosphere with this.

Bowl Chandeliers:

This bowl type chandelier lets you taste an amazing light effect which is at the same time eye-protective also!

Transitional Chandeliers:

Transitional chandeliers are a superb combination of antique and modern style.

Beaded Chandeliers:

These are quite conversation-friendly. You will enjoy its company.

Caged Chandeliers:

Cage but look like the earth that contains a light. Though it can fit any room its more capable to entertain your guests.

Tiered Chandeliers :

It is of multiple layers and comparatively a taller chandelier. This ornamented design takes more space than others also.

–Our Top Picks–

Before you go in detail, here is the exclusive list of our top picks:

01. Heil Lighting KU300107 Crystal Chandelier


Key features:

  • Translucent shade
  • Requires 3 LED bulbs
  • Flush mount ceiling light
  • 11.0*11.8″ dimension

Featuring an ornament-like lamp this is more beautiful than its picture. It needs three changing LED bulbs to rock on. This modern-looking mount ceiling chandelier consumes only 120 watts i.e. more brightness with a less electric bill! It weighs only 4.49 pounds and can fit your bedroom, corridor, balcony, stairways, living room, study room, and even at the office.

But it needs your patience to set up the chandelier. Some users suggest reversing the instruction. I mean you had better hang it to the ceiling first and put the crystals on the last to ease the task. If your room size is between 8-15 meter square, this 11.0*11.8″ lamp would nicely fit.

Why we picked it?

  • Not dimmable
  • Long-lasting
  • Bedroom, corridor, balcony, stairways, living room, study room, and office
  • Suitable for the moderate size room

02. SOTTAE Elegant Crystal Chrome Chandelier

Key features:

  • ELT safety system
  • self-assembled
  • modernized
  • 11.8*4.7″ dimension

This is another contemporary cheap chandelier for you. In spite of having suitable for restaurant, bar, bedroom, hallway, kitchen, kids room, and dining room, you can use this for the ceremonial purpose also. Leaving a soft and warm light this 11.8*4.7″ lamp can accommodate 12-20 meter square rooms easily.

It gives you a romantic aura. Not only that, it is very easy to install and needs two bulbs to be added. SOTTAE ensures the ELT safety system. But don’t forget to have gloves on that moment, alright! You should also be careful to cut off the power supply while cleaning or replacing light bulbs.

Its compact fluorescent light consumes only 120 watts. You can set different sorts of lights also. It looks somewhat like a bee colony that even put the effect of waves on your wall. Kids do love this most. You will also enjoy doing any sort of work under its comfortable ambiance.

Why we picked it?

  • Ideal for restaurant bar, bedroom, passway, hallway, kitchen, kids room, and dining room
  • A romantic touch
  • Cheap but simply beautiful
  • Eye-protective

03. Mooni Hallway Crystal Chandelier


Key features:

  • Square flush light
  • Polished chrome
  • Crystal metal glass
  • 7.87*7.87*7.09″ dimension

If you are looking for a cheap, reliable brand then this one is really a good option. Mooni has long-run goodwill, and it is their item no. 140. This mini modern square flush mount ceiling light contains only one bulb. It ensures a polished stainless steel base.

You can choose this for your bedroom, kitchen, shop, foyer, hallway, staircase, dining room, craft room, etc. Also, it can fit your office, hotel, restaurant, saloon, lockers, laundry room, etc. A little hard to hang them, true, but you can not help to praise for its performance.

The Chinese manufacturing company assures a safe shipment. Although some of the consumers found it troublesome to put the light strands together and attach them with the metal plate, however, didn’t hesitate to hail the Hile stuff at all.

Why we picked it?

  • Safe foreign shipment
  • Energy saving
  • Cheap but gorgeous
  • Fit to various spaces

04.  Raindrop Modern Crystal Chandelier

Key features:

  • Diameter 7.9 inches height 29.5 inches
  • Spiral shape
  • Downlight
  • Not dimmable

Who doesn’t love the raindrop! Perhaps you are searching for a crystal chandelier that gets you closer to raining. In that case, this modern minimalist design is for you. Enlightened with a fascinating beauty it will represent your aesthetic level. It comprises a polished chrome and requires only one light.

Just don’t forget to tear off the protective film before you hang. We would like to suggest maintaining a balance between the ceiling and the tabletop due to its long shape. Some users faced trouble with this. It can easily fit your living room, dining room, hotel, foyer, bedroom, conference room, hallway, office, etc.

Why we picked it?

  • Updated version
  • Ideal for living room, dining room, hotel, foyer, bedroom, conference room, hallway, office, etc.
  • Not too bright but stunning

05. Waneway Acrylic Chandelier with Beaded Lampshade


Key features:

  • Pendant lampshade
  • 3 tires
  • Jewel droplet
  • Reducing ring
  • 1.54 LBS weight
  • Metal and acrylic

Probably you want to romanticize your nights or brighten your evenings, right? Well, Waneway Acrylic Chandelier is a great match for that. It provides a three mouthy tiers beaded lamp. Especially the diamond-shaped beads shine and reflect the light to scatter some attractive shade throughout the room.

You would love to see the beads splattering the sunshine into rainbows. It requires a 40 watt light bulb max. Its removable reducing ring is suitable for most of the light fitting also. The exceptional three-tier design is an apt choice for corridor, lounges, balcony, stairways, hallway, kitchen, island, bar, bedroom, small room, and living room.

This 16.93*12.6*16.93 dimension is even perfect for a wedding or party decoration. I must say like others that it’s an uncommon chandelier to personalize your space. But you have to be careful to select the right color for light bulb okay! A wrong selection can ruin the whole plan.

Why we picked it?

  • Meets home, bar or  ceremonial purpose
  • Personalize your space
  • Sheer elegance for urban life
  • Gaudy look
  • No electrical installation required

06. ZEEFO Modern Crystal Mini Chandelier


Key features:

  • Flush mount fixture
  • K9 acrylic crystal
  • Mini classic light
  • Dynamic light effect

This time we are here to suggest the ZEEFO modern crystal ceiling light. This is a dynamic crystal compact chandelier. Its dimension is 6.7*7.8* 7.8. The crystals are easy to install, yet a little tricky and interesting also! This unit looks like a set of Ping-Pong balls getting down from the stainless steel strand.

However, a caution, you should install this by a professional electrician provided the electric insulation gloves. It is wise to prevent any electric shock or serious accident. The metal is bendable and the crystals are easy to fall off. Surely you would love to see some lightening effects on your ceiling.

For this, you can either choose warm light or white daylight E12 bulbs without any hesitation. This crystal chandelier is suggested for the kitchen, kids room, hallway, bedroom, and dining room. Nonetheless, before purchase, you must check the size to meet your requirement.

Why we picked it?

  • 24 months warranty easy installation
  • a top choice for Kitchen, Kids Room, Hallway, Dining Room, Bedroom
  • certified frustration-free
  • elegant contemporary design

07. Surpars House Crystal Chandelier


Key features

  • 17 feet long cord
  • standard size plug
  • ear-drop looking

Another affordable exceptional lamp is the Surpass House Crystal Chandelier. Weighing only 1.54 lbs its dimension is 6.3*6.3*9.8 inches. It is certainly going to add extra glamour to your space that contains only one light. Be careful to choose a less warm bulb, then see how it glorifies the atmosphere!

You will have a 4.5-meter long cord with an on/off switch and a standard US plug. This is the exclusiveness of this pendant chandelier. The compact design light looks much prettier than you see in the picture. It first arrived in 2017 and till now as far as our study goes, it’s going very well.

Why we picked it?

  • quite affordable
  • simply beautiful
  • energy-saving
  • suitable for bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, corridor, closet, etc

08. XUANMEI Black Crystal Mini Chandelier


Key features:

  • Mini antique shaped
  • Non-bug attracting
  • Built-in fixture
  • Self-assembled

This antique shaped cheap chandelier is rocking today. It signifies your elegance. The XUANMEI is a modern crystal ceiling light with a built-in fixture featuring a 7.48*7.48*7.09″ dimension. It can carry up to 40 watts. This is a fine decor for any space like a bedroom, living bedroom, hallway, kitchen, corridor, kids room, dining room, etc.

It requires an E26 bulb. The recommended room size is 5-8 meter square. It is self-assembled, easily installable but for this, a professional electrician is a must. One more One, whenever you will install or clean, don’t forget to cut off the power supply.

You know safety first! The semi-flush mount chandelier hanged with a 4.72 black plate is quite durable. You will have 2 years of warranty along with it.

Why we picked it?

  • cheap and durable
  • antique look but modern
  • 24 months warranty
  • recommended for bedroom, living bedroom, hallway, kitchen, corridor, kids room, dining room, etc

09. Todpoles Pendant White Diamond Chandelier


Key features:

  • UL listed and certified
  • 12 feet chain and 15 feet cord
  • Multifaceted diamond beads
  • Satin cord cover

Do you want a diamond parking faceted faux crystal chandelier hanging from some white filigreed rings? Then this one is waving at you! This cheap and gorgeous chandelier is a great choice for any room and occasion. You can get this in your bedroom, dining room, bathroom, kids room, and even at dens and nurseries also.

Featuring multifaceted beads, forged metal frames, and dangles with Satin cord cover it gives your space a festive look. You will get a glamourous view with soft lightening by Todpoles. It is available in 1, 3, 4, and 5 options. It merely needs you to drop off the Satin cover before fixing.

You will get 12 feet hanging chain and a 15 feet plug-in cord. You can either opt for cord and plug-in as a Swag lamp or hardwired install as a ceiling fixture. Though some users found it hard and messy to install this chandelier. It requires a 25 watt (E26) candelabra bulb.

Why we picked it?

  • compatible with several kinds of bulbs
  • perfect choice for bedroom, dining room, bathroom, kids room, dens and nurseries
  • gorgeous but low cost
  • suitable for both room and occasion

10. Contemporary Style: Hile Lighting KU 30074 Modern Chandelier


Key features:

  • Plastic strand
  • Crystal ball
  • Contemporary pendant lamp
  • Consumes 100-watt max
  • 8.66*8.6*9.84 dimension

Hile Lighting KU 30074 is one of the most appreciated chandeliers. It requires only one bulb and a small space but illuminates in a royal mode. Please choose a cool light as there is no filter for the light bulb. If you want lordly stuff at a cheap rate, then it is highly recommendable.

This is an ideal collection for the aisle, balcony, bar, stairways, bedroom, living room, and office. Hanging from a strand the crystal balls spark like jewelry. This 8.66*8.66*9.84 dynamic design is an updated version of Hile Lighting factory.

Its frustration-free certification along with the aristocratic lighting mood made it more reliable. However, it’s not large enough for corporate purposes. Suggestions came from the users to put all the crystals on and insert bulb before installing because of its small size.

Moreover, you will find it handy to squeeze the ring on the end of the strand to open up the tip arms and then slide it on to the base. Be careful to cut off the power supply to avoid electric shock.

Why we picked it?

  • easy to assemble
  • frustration-free certification
  • cheap but aristocratic
  • ideal for aisle, balcony, bar, stairways, bedroom, living room and office
  • extra glamour with cool light

Incomparable Beauty of Chandeliers

So, you have finally finished redecorating your home. Your color coordination couldn’t be more perfect, the fabrics you have chosen to have blended beautifully, and the furniture has all been placed absolutely right. 

But, there still seems to be something missing. Are you wondering why you are not getting that complete look? Well, did you pay enough attention to the lighting?

Most people seem to disregard lighting when it comes to decorating their homes or offices. Lighting is very important to give your décor the required look. 

The proper lighting can do wonders for any home or office, without which your decorating efforts may just be in vain. Among the various lighting options available to homemakers, one such option is the chandelier.

What Are Chandeliers?

Chandeliers are types of lights that hang from your ceiling and are used for ambient lighting or general lighting for any room. A chandelier is not just one light, but is an arrangement of many small and big lights, all put together to form the entire chandelier.

Styles In Chandeliers

Chandeliers are available in many different styles such as modern, antique, rustic, contemporary, floral, casual, tiffany, craftsman, traditional etc. Thus, you can use a chandelier in almost any room of your home, and can choose a style to go with the rest of the décor in that room.

Chandeliers are also available in different sizes, so as to fit in a big area such as dining rooms, or in smaller entryways and other rooms. While choosing a chandelier for your home, it is essential to size the area where the chandelier is going to be put and then choose a chandelier according to its size.

Different materials are also used in different chandeliers. You can get a chandelier made from wrought iron, or glass, to ones made from wood and other natural materials.

Whether you want a chandelier that imparts elegance, or you need a chandelier that makes your room look cozy and inviting, you are sure to find whatever you’re looking for among the thousands of styles and designs of chandeliers available.

Caring For Your Chandelier

Costs of chandeliers can begin from as less than $50 and can go up to tens of thousands of dollars. Thus, it is essential to take the right care of the chandelier. With the proper care and maintenance of your chandeliers, you can make them last for very long and provide you with wonderful and elegant lighting in your home for years to come.

People have always been under the impression that a chandelier is typically used in formal dining rooms and other such formal areas. But this is a very erroneous belief. Chandeliers can be used in most parts of your home. Whether you want to have additional lighting in your kitchen, or in your foyer, or you need ambient lighting in your bedroom, a chandelier can be used in any of these places.

The only way you can appreciate the true beauty of a chandelier is to actually get one for your home, and then see the difference it makes to your entire home!

How to Clean you’re Chandelier?

You have at least two options when it’s time to clean your cheap chandeliers. You can either wet clean or dry clean the choice is yours. Sometimes your chandelier may be too high to clean; you may have to wet clean that fixture. 

If you have a very delicate chandelier, you should immediately contact your preferred lighting store or otherwise contact the manufactures of the product and follow their instructions to the letter. But many will always recommend any good spray cleaner or hand cleaner for the job.

–Final Thought–

Cheap doesn’t mean something poor. Rather making extraordinary things cheap is a matter of excellence. In this article, we have dealt not only with the various prices but various chandeliers along with their kinds also. Chandelier shows your appetite for beauty.

The above-mentioned cheap chandeliers under $50 are like a honeycomb. No matter you are rich or middle class, any of these chandeliers is classy for sure. So all pleasure is yours.

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