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Creative Ideas Saving Space in Laundry Room

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2021)

Laundry rooms are pretty small spaces and finding storage space in them is quite a hard deal but it is not impossible. In years you probably found yourself owning to many items that are only used for laundry purposes. This has made it very hard to organize them in just one small space.

This is a clever trick you can use to upgrade your laundry room and it will save you a lot of space. It will also save you the time of continuously tidying up the place. This trick can be easily done at home just by using some tools.

It only takes up just one wall side of the laundry room and can basically hold everything from an ironing board to cleaning supplies that are already creating a big mess in your laundry room.

The Hack to Save Space in Your Laundry Room:

There is no need to go to the store and buy items that will supposedly save space in your laundry room. You can just do it yourself. You simply need a hammer, some nails, a leveling device, two U-hooks, and bed slats. The tools might sound complicated but even if you do not own some of them you can easily buy them for a cheap price at a thrift store.

The first thing you need to do is to place two U-hangers as far as you can reach on the wall with the help of nails and a hammer. Use a leveling device to see if the hanger is in a straight line. After that, place the bed slats on the hooks and if the bed slats are too long you can cut it at the desired length.

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This laundry room hanger organizer will fit all the items you can think of that are part of your laundry room. Just put some S-shaped hangers on the laundry room hanger and there you have it.

If some items are too big to fit the S-shaped hanger then simply attach two hangers together and you will easily hang any item, large or small.

Instructions You Need to Follow Increase Storage Space in The Laundry Room

  • Place two U-shaped hangers on the wall
  • Use a leveling device to make sure the hangers are in a straight line
  • Secure them with nails and a hammer
  • Put the bed slats and cut them by the desired length
  • Equip each slat with several small S-shaped hangers
  • Hang items on

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Supplies Used to Increase Storage Space in The Laundry Room:

  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Level 
  • U-shaped Hooks
  • Bed slats
  • Sharp Object to Cut off Excessive Bed Slats
  • S-shaped Small Hangers

1. Nails

Coceca Hardware Nail Assortment Kit 200 pieces.

  • Various sizes
  • High-quality materials
  • Nails are of high quality
  • Very strong and sharp
  • Applicable for any type of wood.

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2. Hammer

3 Piece Hammer Set, Durable Fiberglass Handles, And Polished Steel Heads.

  • 3 Piece Multipurpose Hammer Set
  • 16 Ounce Rip Claw Hammer
  • 30 Mm Double Sided
  • Rubber Mallet (nylon Or Rubber)
  • 200 Gram Tack And Chipping Hammer

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3. Level

GemRed Box Beam Digital Level Angle Measure.

  • Accuracy
  • Hold Function
  • True Level and Inclinometer
  • Sturdy box-beam aluminum frame, rubber end caps
  • Large Bright Blue LCD Display
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4. U Shaped Hooks

Dirza U Shaped Hooks for Home and Garage Storage Organizer Tools.

  • Comes With 5 Sizes
  • Utility Hanging Hooks
    Perfect For Home Garage Organizer
  • Heavy-Duty Build Quality
  • The Hanging Hooks Surface Has A Smooth Coating
  • Easy To Install

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5. Bed Slats

Classic Brands Heavy-Duty Solid Wood Bed Slats.

  • Heavy-duty wood slats
  • Eliminates the Need for Link springs
  • Can be used in place of
  • Bunkie boards
  • A perfect solution for support for bunk beds, daybeds.

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5. Retractable Razor Knife

Retractable Razor Knife

  • Heavy Duty Utility Knife
  • Retractable & Adjustable Blade
  • Quick Release
  • Replacement Blades

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6. S-shaped Small Hangers

S-Shape Stainless Hangers For Clothes Organize.

  • Space Saving Pants Hangers
  • Stainless Steel Clothes Trousers Hangers Organizer
  • Unique Design Any
  • Clothes Are Suitable
  • Easy To Use

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To Sum Up:

This is one of the best DIY life hacks you can create to increase storage space in your laundry room. It is very simple to build and will not take more than an hour of your time. If you are struggling with laundry room storage you can follow the step by step instructions of the video I have provided.

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