10 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 2020

10 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 2020

Have you been looking for a cheap living room sets under $500? Well you’ve come to the right place. We’ve searched all over the web and have compiled this list of the best cheap living room sets under $500 that are worthy of buying.

Living room sofa sets and couches serve as the main decoration for your living room. Having a classy living room set not only provides you with an appropriate seating space but also jazzes up the interior of the room.

Moreover, these sets also depict your taste and desire for beautifying your home. Nonetheless, buying the best living room sets for your home is often expensive.

If you are looking for someone to help you with getting a nice living room set, then your search ends right here. In this article, we will guide you about how you can buy nice and cheap living room sets under $500.

Furthermore, to assist you in making a decision, we have also picked up some of the best couches and sofa sets for you.


A List of Top 10 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500:

While buying a living room set, you have to consider numerous things. It should ideally provide you with great features, quality, and durability, without blowing your budget.

If you’re confused about how to buy such couches or sofa sets, then don’t worry. Below, we quickly review the best cheap living room sets under $500 for you to buy.

1. Walsunny Black Rattan Living Room Set

10 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 202010 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 2020

  • PE rattan wicker and steel frame
  • Fade-resistant cushions
  • Machine washable cushions
  • Quick assembly.

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We begin our list of cheap living room sets under $500 with a nice sectional sofa from Walsunny. It is a decent sectional couch seamlessly suitable for outdoor settings as well.

The first thing in this sofa that catches your attention instantly is its striking color combination of red and black. It bears a highly resilient frame comprising PE rattan wicker and steel.

Thus, it seamlessly endures wear and tear due to weather changes, and rains. Besides, the sofa allows tremendous customizable to users with its contemporary design. With its four sectional seats,

You can either configure it as a giant single couch, an L-shaped sectional for corners, or the conventional style with two singled-out seats for a more formal arrangement.

The set also comes with a classy coffee table for placing refreshments. Thus, if you’re looking for nice patio furniture to set your living area outdoors, perhaps, this one is what you need.


  • Easy to clean
  • Light in weight
  • Perfect for outdoors
  • Great customizability.


  • No chaise or ottoman
  • The design may be bulky for indoors.

2. Poundex F7857 Leather Living Room Set

10 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 202010 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 2020

  • 2 sectionals: sofa and loveseat
  • Faux leather upholstery
  • Resistant to damages
  • Requires no assembly.

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Another wonderful addition to various cheap living room sets under $500 is this Bobkona Aria sofa set. It is a great sofa set that is easy to assemble for everyone owing to only two sectionals. It boasts a minimalistic yet elegant style with a simple configuration.

The entire set merely comprises of a loveseat and a sofa. Both the sections comprise of armed settees, thus providing a relaxing experience to the users.

The sofa set comes in a catchy Espresso color that makes it a perfect living room set. The sofa upholstery exhibits faux leather which keeps the user comfortable. Whereas it also provides you with four plush accent pillows to relax your back.

Owing to its tufted design, this Poundex sofa set can easily withstand rough use. Whereas the leather material makes cleaning very easy.


  • Very easy to set up
  • Swift cleaning
  • Comfortable seating.


  • No chaise or ottoman
  • Cannot be customized

3. Poundex Bobkona Faux Leather Living Room Set

10 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 202010 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 2020

  • 3-piece sectional
  • Movable ottoman
  • Reversible chaise
  • Polyurethane filling

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If you have a large space in your living room, yet you don’t want to occupy it all, then you may need a sofa that looks great while still living plenty of space around.

This Poundex Bobkona Matthew sectional set is one such example of contemporary furniture. It not only warrants coziness and comfort for the users but also levels-up your home decor.

This classy living room set from Poundex features the always-in settee style with tufted seats upholstered with faux leather. In addition, like any other high-end sofa, it also offers a reversible chaise and a movable ottoman for additional seating capacity and comfort.

While it looks extremely elegant owing to its espresso color, it also provides a relaxing feel to the user as it bears foam filling coupled with resistant springs. Thus, you can freely use this sofa keeping all your worries aside regarding damages.


  • Durable and strong
  • Easy to clean leather
  • Quick assembly


  • The design may be bulky for some
  • Some people notice cracking of the leather after short use.

4. Merax Gray Living Room Set

10 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 202010 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 2020

  • Great seating capacity with chaise
  • Movable ottoman with storage
  • Easy to assemble sectionals
  • Dirt-proof fabric.

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Certainly, finding cheap living room sets under $500 that also offer great seating capacity is rather difficult. Yet, Merax has seamlessly addressed this need of you by offering this great sofa set.

The Merax living room set is basically a modified version of their older sofa sets. With the new variant, the makers have packaged a premium quality living room set in a very affordable budget.

The main attraction with this Merax sofa is its movable ottoman with storage. This facility enables you to keep your living room clutter-free.

Not only it brings convenience, but it also adds to the seating capacity. While the sofa also features a chaise with it, you can also use the ottoman as another extension.

Despite being huge, this sofa set is very easy to assemble. Just put together the 3-seat sofa and chaise together, and a nice L-shaped settee is ready for you.

In addition to its amazing features, the sofa also outperforms other brands in terms of quality. With thick foam having suede upholstery, it will surely impress you with its robust quality.


  • High quality and durability
  • Comfortable to sit
  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect for large spaces.


  • Not for small spaces
  • Chaise not reversible

5. Tufted Faux Leather Living Room Set

10 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 202010 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 2020

  • Robust and durable
  • Chaise and separate ottoman
  • Compact size
  • Faux leather material.

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For those looking for a conventional sofa set for their living rooms with a modern touch, here comes a nice option. This tufted leather sofa set is one of the best cheap living room sets under $500.

It precisely is a couch with a chaise that also encloses an ottoman in the package. Hence, you can enjoy the best relaxing time with your friends as you lie down on the chaise. Whereas, the ottoman can serve either a footrest or even a coffee table.

The sofa set is available in the traditional black color that succeeds in drawing attention. Moreover, what makes this one distinct from others is its superior robustness owing to its premium quality faux leather.

It is not only soft and comfortable but is also very easy to clean. Hence, if you plan to buy an everlasting settee for your small living room, this one is for you.


  • Classy design
  • Suitable for small places
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can bear more weight


  • Not for large spaces
  • Not for big families

6. Divano Roma Tufted Living Room Set

10 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 202010 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 2020

  • Small in size
  • Comfortable to the user
  • Space for three
  • Linen upholstery

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If you’re looking for a nice small couch that also provides you a comfortable place to sleep, then this Divano Roma futon is all you need.

Among all other cheap living room sets under $500, this once seamlessly stands out as it mimics a futon. With split-back sleeper style, the sofa warrants coziness to the user.

It encloses a safe to use and soft filling on the inside that bears a linen upholstery. Hence, it does not irritate you.

Besides, this attractive sofa comes in a small size which makes it suitable for small areas. It is lightweight furniture and requires no extra efforts for assembly.

With an ultramodern yet simple look, the sofa can provide comfortable seating to three persons.


  • Very comfortable
  • Soft cushioning
  • Easy to assemble


  • No ottoman
  • No chaise
  • Not for large families

7. Poundex F6904 Living Room Set

10 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 202010 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 2020

  • Tufted seats
  • 4 pillows
  • 1 sofa+1 loveseat
  • High quality

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Whether you want a sectional sofa or a conventional sofa set with a contemporary touch, Poundex has you covered always. This F6904 Bobkona Windsor sofa set is a nice blend of vintage and modern designs.

Moreover, the makers are kind enough to provide this amazing furniture on a very affordable price too. The set consists of a loveseat and a sofa that together provide a good seating capacity.

You will also get four pillows with the sofa set to let you relax your back as you sit. Bearing a fine quality linen-like upholstery, the sofa ensures coziness to the user even after sitting for long.

The combination of sofa and loveseat lets you configure any desired seating style. Plus, the small low-seat style also makes this set perfect for small areas. In all, it is a wonderful deal to transform your living room into a formal setting without many efforts.


  • Customizability
  • Sturdy quality
  • Soft fabric


  • No chaise or ottoman
  • Not for large spaces

8. Poundex Upholstered Living Room Set

10 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 202010 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 2020

  • Elegant design
  • Reversible chaise
  • Cushioned ottoman
  • Easy to clean fabric

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This upholstered living room set from Poundex is another gift for those looking for cheap living room sets under $500. Particularly, if you want a decent sectional sofa for your living room with a spacious seating capacity, then this one will serve you the best.

This Poundex sofa set comes in an elegant design boasting a soothing gray color. While it supposedly bears a seating capacity of three persons, it is crafted in a roomy manner.

Thus, you feel quite relaxed and airy as you sit on this sofa. Whereas, it also includes a wide chaise for you to lie on or sleep.

This sectional sofa consists of high-quality cushioning with foam and springs for utmost durability. Whereas the linen upholstery completes its look in a fine manner.


  • Quick assembly
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Fine color


  • No storage in ottoman
  • Not for large families

9. Poundex Blue Grey Living Room Set

10 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 202010 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 2020

  • 1 loveseat + 1 sofa
  • Comfortable seating
  • Tufted back and seats
  • Line-like poly fiber upholstery

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Here is another wonderful sectional set from Poundex that inarguably deserves to be in the list of best living room sets. The first attraction on this sofa is its unique pleasant blue-grey color that adds a pleasing hue to the entire room decor.

Besides, it comes in a highly manageable way as it boasts a combination of a loveseat and a spacious sofa. While it apparently offers a seating capacity of 4, it can comfortably accommodate even 5 adults.

The material of the sofa includes a comfortable foam and fiber battings that keep the users relaxed. Whereas the linen-like upholstery further jazzes up its softness and comfort whilst adding to its endurance as well.

If you want a nice sofa set in the conventional style for a small living room, or if you want to add a settee to various bedrooms in your small apartment, perhaps, this one would suit you the best.


  • Can even accommodate 5 persons
  • Sofa comfortable for lying too.


  • Some customers faced problems in alignment during assembly
  • Some complaints about poor quality

10. Poundex PDEX Living Room Set

10 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 202010 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 in 2020

  • 1 loveseat + 1 sofa
  • Elegant design with smooth finishing
  • Compact size
  • Light in weight

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Our last pick for cheap living room sets under $500 also comes from Poundex. It is another decent sofa set for small families and small areas such as apartments or studios. Featuring a loveseat and a sofa, this set provides a quick seating facility to the users.

The prominent features of this sofa set include a nice color, elegant look, and very smooth finishing.

Available in charcoal color, this set adds a touch of vogue to your room’s interior. Whereas, the master color also enables the sofas to match with your living room’s theme. With this product, Poundex has not only packaged attraction but also quality and endurance.

The sofas bear very comfortable cushioning consisting of foam and springs that also warrant resilience to wear and tear. Whereas, the micro fabric upholstery also gives it a smooth, sleek, and clean look to the entire furniture.


  • Enhanced fabric wearability
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Firm and comfortable cushions
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not for tall persons
  • Not for large families


How To Choose Best Living Room Sets For Your House?

When you set out to buy a sofa set for your home, perhaps, you will find a wide range of cheap living room sets under $500. However, not every living room set is suitable for you.

Before spending your money, you have to consider various features that may or may not be appropriate for your space. Here we quickly highlight some common features you should assess before making a purchase.

Size of Living Room Sets:

While you will find both large and small living room sets with an affordable price tag, don’t buy either of them at random. Instead, picture your room or the area (where you intend to place the sofa) in your mind and see if your desired living room set suits it.

Certainly, a bulky sofa set will look very awkward if you have a small living room. Likewise, small sofas or couches, no matter how beautiful, will only look minimalistic for large areas or living rooms.

For a more precise estimation, you can also measure the area of your room after rearranging your existing furniture to make space for the incoming couch.

Shape of living Room Sets:

Most living room sets exhibit a U- or L-shape. While both of them apparently look good, buy the one that fits your room. In case both the shapes do well for you, then see how you would arrange the rest of the furniture with your sofa.

Most L-shaped sofa sets offer more flexibility of arrangement. Whereas, U-shaped sofas are good for large families, especially those who like to spend quality time together.

Material of Living Room Sets:

In the market, you can find various cheap living room sets under $500 boasting different materials. Though, the frames of most sofas comprise wood. Yet, the inside filling and the outer lining are different.

Most quality living room sets contain foam and springs on the inside. Whereas, the outer lining or cover can comprise any material from leather to linen to common polyester fabric.

Although, both leather and cloth materials are soft, choose the one that is easy to clean, especially if you have kids at your home. Likewise, in the case of cloth, make sure that it does not cause allergies to you or your family.

Additional Features of Living Room Sets:

As you decide to spend your hard-earned money on a living room set, look for some extra features? For instance, armless living room sets seem comfy and spacious. Yet, the ones with armrest are more comfortable for the users.

Likewise, check for an ottoman with the couch that can also serve as a chaise. This feature usually comes with most couches offering reversible chaise.

Furthermore, an ottoman with storage capacity would be even better than a conventional footrest.


How Do I Get a Good Quality Living Room Set?

Whether you decide to pay more or less, you can easily find a good quality sofa. Just keep in mind a few key points to assess your chosen product.

Check The Frame:

Sofas bearing wood, oak, or ash frames ensure durability. Although they might be a little costly, they would pay off in the long run. Whereas those having plastic or metal frames are not comfortable and vulnerable to cracking.

Know The Binder:

Although, sectional sofa sets provide the convenience of assembly to the users. However, they can also become an embarrassment if the sections do not adhere to each other adequately. Sectionals that featuring adherence with glue, or nails do not often remain intact.

Therefore, look for those cheap living room sets under $500 that offer robust joinery, such as metal screws with brackets, wooden dowels, glued with screwed and corner blocks.

Check The Fillings:

Most people consider foam a comfortable filling. However, little do they check the quality of foam. While soft foam feels good to sit, sofas comprising such soft fillings can sag quickly. Similarly, sofas bearing hard foam fillings can last long but do not offer comfort.

A high-end couch or sofa usually boasts high-resilient foam coupled with feather as filling.

Inquire About The Springs:

While buying living room sets, you are likely to hear terminologies such as hand-tied springs or serpentine springs. While an average person would consider both the terms as same, they actually have subtle differences.

Hand-tied springs sport utmost endurance, but the resultant products are often costly. Serpentine springs, on the other hand, make the products less expensive. But they are relatively less durable – may be appropriate for an average tier sectional sofa set or couch.

However, make sure you do not fall prey to low-end furniture with cheap springs.

Choose The One With Favorable Upholstery:

Most cheap living room sets under $500 feature various linings that somehow affect the final product price. These include various fabrics such as polyester or linen, or leather. Likewise, some fine quality sofas bear embossed or ridged covers sporting different designs.

From all of these, choose the one that best fits your lifestyle and requirements. For instance, covers with dark colors and smooth surfaces are usually easy to clean, especially leather. But they also quickly look dirty.

Similarly, those couches with ridged or designed upholstery hide the dirt but are difficult to clean. Likewise, some living room sets come with removable and washable covers, whereas some offers wipe or spot cleaning.

Hence, depending upon your routine activities, family members, location, and the presence of kids, choose the one that does not increase your cleansing chores. You can also buy separate washable covers for ease of maintenance.

Which Is Better Leather Or Fabric Sofa?

Both leather and fabric have their own pros and cons. Therefore, only you can decide which one is better for you. Below we quickly compare the two.

What Is The Purpose Of Living Room Set?

Couches usually offer convenient seating to 2 to 3 persons, often bearing arms and cushions. They occupy less space and can be placed anywhere. Whereas they also bear sufficient space for anyone to sleep.

Is There A Difference Between Couch And Sofa?

Today, both ‘couch’ and ‘sofa’ are often used interchangeably. However, they have some subtle differences.

At first, the word ‘couch’ links back to the French word ‘couche’, which is Victorian-era furniture. Whereas, ‘sofa’ comes from the Arabic word ‘suffah’, which referred to a blanketed and cushioned bench.

Owing to their linkages, the two settees often exhibited differences in their design, style, and space. Sofas are usually bigger, even when they offer a seat for a single person.

Whereas, they can also be large enough to bear seating capacity of four. Couches, however, bear compact and sleek styles allowing two or three persons to be seated.

Moreover, couches usually come in simple designs suitable for informal settings. Whereas, sofas vary greatly in designs, and are often meant for formal settings.

How To Arrange Your Living Room Furniture?

Before you begin moving your furniture, it is better to create a rough sketch of your room on a paper. You can then plan out how you would actually arrange the furniture.

This will also help you decide which accessories or furniture you would retain in your living room after placing a sofa set.

Moreover, keep the following tips in mind for exquisite planning.

  • Set up a focal point of your living room. Then, arrange all other things in a way to make that point more noticeable.
  • Forget about lining all the sofas or couches against the walls. See where do you get more space, and arrange the seats to make a cozy social space. You can place rugs to define these areas.
  • Make sure the furniture or the accessories do not block walkways.
  • Add coffee tables or side tables to the conversation area for the convenience of users.

How Do I Choose a Sofa For Small Living Room?

  • Measure your living room.
  • Recall your lifestyle and the number of persons you usually entertain as guests.
  • If you frequently attend more guests, try to rearrange the furniture in your living room to make more space for the sofa set.
  • Take a look at your room’s interior.
  • Choose a compact couch or sectional sofa set that blends with your room’s interior and suffices for your guests.
  • If you have more casual gatherings, a sleeper or sectional sofa with chaise will suit you more. Otherwise, you can buy the more formal ones with a movable ottoman.


What is a living room set?

Living room sets generally comprise of more casual and cozy sofas, sectionals, or couches. They usually provide space for 3 to 5 persons. Some living room sets also come with chaise or futon for a more relaxing experience.

How much does a living room set cost?

You can easily buy various cheap living room sets under $500 offering amazing quality. However, the pricier ones can even cost a few thousand dollars.

How tall is the average couch?

The height of an average couch usually ranges between 30-36 inches.

What size should a living room sofa be?

The size of a living room sofa significantly depends on the size of your living room. For small rooms, sofas having dimensions 50” x 26” and above are suitable. Whereas, for large living rooms, it should be 78” x 35” or above in dimensions.

How do you place a couch in a living room?

Specify an area in your living room to place the couch by rearranging your existing furniture. Then place the couch or the sectionals in a way to create a cozy conversational zone.

How do you measure a living room for furniture?

  • Measure the height, width, and diagonal length of all the doorways and passages through which you will bring your furniture.
  • Measure the area and height of the room. Also, note down the distances from the fixtures.
  • In the case of windows, measure the height from the floor to the bottom and the top of the window.
  • Measure your furniture articles similarly (length, width, diagonal length) for ease of movement, maneuverability, and placement.

How do I measure my living room for sofa sets?

  • Measure the overall width and length of the room.
  • Measure the area where you will place the sofa set.
  • Tape or spot the area.

How much does living room furniture cost?

The cost depends upon the kinds and quantity of the furniture you place in your living room. The average cost of living room furniture usually ranges between $10,000 and $25,000.


Although, the market is flooded with numerous brands offering cheap living room sets under $500. However, buying the right one is essential for a comfortable and lasting experience.

Though, you just have to be a little careful about the features of the living room set and your living room. That is why we have provided a detailed guide in this article to help you make the best decision.

The next time you set out to get yourself a living room sofa, simply recall the points that we have shared above, and you will certainly buy the best one for your home!

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