How to Choose Perfect Living Room Sets

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Before you purchase your next living room set, consider what type of design and color scheme you want before buying. Also, make sure that you measure out the space where the couch or loveseat will go before making a purchase. Here we quickly highlight some common features you should assess before making a purchase.

Size of Living Room Sets:

While you will find both large and small living room sets with an affordable price tag, don’t buy either of them at random. Instead, picture your room or the area (where you intend to place the sofa) in your mind and see if your desired living room set suits it.

Certainly, a bulky sofa set will look very awkward if you have a small living room. Likewise, small sofas or couches, no matter how beautiful, will only look minimalistic in large areas or living rooms.

For a more precise estimation, you can also measure the area of your room after rearranging your existing furniture to make space for the incoming couch.

Shape of Living Room Sets:

Most living room sets exhibit a U- or L-shape. While both of them apparently look good, buy the one that fits your room. In case both shapes do well for you, then see how you would arrange the rest of the furniture with your sofa.

Most L-shaped sofa sets offer more flexibility in arrangement. Whereas, U-shaped sofas are good for large families, especially those who like to spend quality time together.

Material of Living Room Sets:

In the market, you can find various living room sets boasting different materials. Though, the frames of most sofas comprise wood. Yet, the inside filling and the outer lining are different.

Most quality living room sets contain foam and springs on the inside. Whereas, the outer lining or cover can comprise any material from leather to linen to common polyester fabric.

Although, both leather and cloth materials are soft, choose the one that is easy to clean, especially if you have kids at your home. Likewise, in the case of cloth, make sure that it does not cause allergies to you or your family.

Additional Features of Living Room Sets:

As you decide to spend your hard-earned money on a living room set, look for some extra features. For instance, the armless living room sets seem comfy and spacious. Yet, the ones with armrests are more comfortable for the users.

Likewise, check for an ottoman with a couch that can also serve as a chaise. This feature usually comes with most couches offering reversible chaises. Furthermore, an ottoman with storage capacity would be even better than a conventional footrest.

Whether you decide to pay more or less, you can easily find a good quality sofa. Just keep in mind a few key points to assess your chosen product.

Check The Frame:

Sofas bearing wood, oak, or ash frames ensure durability. Although they might be a little costly, they would pay off in the long run. Whereas those having plastic or metal frames are not comfortable and vulnerable to cracking.

Know The Binder:

Although, sectional sofa sets provide the convenience of assembly to the users. However, they can also become an embarrassment if the sections do not adhere to each other adequately. Sectionals that feature adherence with glue, or nails do not often remain intact.

Therefore, look for those living room sets that offer robust joinery, such as metal screws with brackets, and wooden dowels, glued with screwed and corner blocks.

Check The Fillings:

Most people consider foam a comfortable filling. However, little do they check the quality of the foam. While soft foam feels good to sit on, sofas comprising such soft fillings can sag quickly. Similarly, sofas bearing hard foam fillings can last long but do not offer comfort.

A high-end couch or sofa usually boasts high-resilient foam coupled with feathers as a filling.

Inquire About The Springs:

While buying living room sets, you are likely to hear terminologies such as hand-tied springs or serpentine springs. While an average person would consider both terms the same, they actually have subtle differences.

Hand-tied springs sport the utmost endurance, but the resultant products are often costly. Serpentine springs, on the other hand, make the products less expensive. But they are relatively less durable – may be appropriate for an average tier sectional sofa set or couch. However, make sure you do not fall prey to low-end furniture with cheap springs.

Choose The One With Favorable Upholstery:

Most living room sets feature various linings that somehow affect the final product price. These include various fabrics such as polyester linen, or leather. Likewise, some fine-quality sofas bear embossed or ridged covers sporting different designs.

From all of these, choose the one that best fits your lifestyle and requirements. For instance, covers with dark colors and smooth surfaces are usually easy to clean, especially leather. But they also quickly look dirty.

Similarly, those couches with ridged or designed upholstery hide the dirt but are difficult to clean. Likewise, some living room sets come with removable and washable covers, whereas some offer wipe or spot cleaning.

Hence, depending on your routine activities, family members, location, and the presence of kids choose the one that does not increase your cleansing chores. You can also buy separate washable covers for ease of maintenance.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, choosing the perfect living room set is important in order to create a homeowner’s feel. It is also important to consider the size of your space, as well as the budget you have. If you are looking for a new set of living room furniture, be sure to go over all of the options and choose one that will fit your needs perfectly.

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