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10 Cheap Twin Beds Under $100 That Worthy of Buying

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2022)

If you’re looking for a twin bed that is affordable, durable, and easy to assemble, then this blog post will help. We review the best cheap twin beds under $100 on the market today.

Twin beds are perfect for kids’ rooms, guest rooms, or anywhere you need an extra bed. They’re also a great choice if you’re limited on space. But before you buy a twin bed, there are a few things to keep in mind.

In this article, we’ll review the different types of twin beds and share some tips on how to choose the right one for your needs. We’ll also provide a buying guide to help you find the best deal on a twin bed. So read on to learn more!

Our Top Picks

Metal Twin Size Bed with Headboard
Overall Best
Metal Twin Size Bed with Headboard
  • The bed frame is made of steel with ultimate strength
  • 6-legs contacting the floor for durability and stability
  • Enough storage space 
  • Bed frame comes flat-packed in one box for easy home assembly
  • Strong support for a good night’s sleep
Yaheetech 13 inch Twin Size Metal Bed Frame
Budget Friendly
Yaheetech 13 inch Twin Size Metal Bed Frame
  • Modern Styled Headboard
  • Under-bed Storage
  • Sturdy Slat Structure
  • Frosted Coating Surface
  • Solid Support Legs
  • Protective Foot Pads
Twin Size Platform Bed Frame with Wood Headboard
Value For Money
Twin Size Platform Bed Frame with Wood Headboard
  • Rustic Country Style
  • Strong Metal Slats Support
  • Bed dimension: 79.1″ x 39.1″ x 37.1” ;mattress size: 39” x 75”;
  • Capacity: Maximum 300lbs
  • Easy Assembly
HAAGEEP Black Twin Metal Bed Frame
HAAGEEP Black Twin Metal Bed Frame
  • 14 inch tall with 12 inches of ample under-bed storage
  •  Strong steel and sturdy structure, durability, noise-free
  • No box spring needs
  • No tools required, quick and easy to assemble
  • 5-year warranty guarantee
Twin Metal Platform Bed Frame Mattress Foundation
Twin Metal Platform Bed Frame Mattress Foundation
  • Overall dimensions: 41.5 x 78 x 35” 
  • Max. weight capacity: 300lb
  • Metal bed frame for twin size
  • Strong Slats Supports
  • Stable Structure
  • Easy assembly

Ultimate List of Cheap Twin Beds Under $100

If you’re looking for a twin bed that’s inexpensive? You’re in luck! I’ve found some below $100 beds on the market with free shipping. Check out this post to find out more about these beds and how to choose the right one for you.

Cheap Twin Beds Under $100 Reviews

While buying a twin bed, you have to consider various important things. It should basically, provide you with good quality,  great features, and durability, without blowing your budget.

If you’re hesitant about how to buy such twin beds, then don’t worry. Below, we quickly review the best cheap twin beds under $100 to buy.

1. Zinus Metal Twin Bed Frame For Kids:

Cheap Twin Beds Under $100

Key Features:

  • Comes with 10 stats of wood
  • Assembles in a couple of minutes
  • Wood is made out of nonslip tape
  • Equipped with a bed frame.

This is the best cheap twin bed frame when it comes to mattress support. This bed frame has 10 stats of wood that support your mattress perfectly and does not let it sag. This makes your mattress last much longer and maintains its form.

Not only do these wooden slats make your bed last longer but it is also made with nonslip tape which reduces the mattress’s movement completely.

You do not even have to worry about spending hours assembling it because it is created to be assembled in just a matter of minutes.

Before assembling your bed you should take the time and read the instructions because they give you proper directions on how you can put the bed together.

Give your room a touch of style with this great twin bed frame because it also comes with an elegant headboard.


  • This bed is very strong and sturdy
  • The bed does not make any noise when moving
  • The frame is made of durable metal


  • It can break if you mishandle it
  • It does not hold more than 300 lbs of weight

2: zinus-van-16-inch-metal-platform-bed-frame:

Cheap Twin Beds Under 50

Key Features:

  • Made out of strong steel
  • Has 12.5 inches of storage capacity under the bed
  • Does not make sound
  • Victorian headboard.

This high-quality twin bed frame is made out of metal steel and has a simple square structure. The structure of this great twin bed makes the bed have steadiness and does not let the mattress move out of place.

No worries about moving around a lot in bed because with every move you make you will only get silence in return. This is also a storage twin bed because of the nice 12.5 inches of space you have below the bed.

This bed is just perfect for a girl’s or boy’s bedroom or even a guest’s room. The twin bed frame is very easy to assemble and has a beautiful headboard similar to a Victorian style.


  • It is durable and strong
  • The bed assembles easily
  • The bed is very sturdy


  • Does not bear more than 330 lbs of weight
  • If you mishandle, it might get crooked.

3: Zinus Abel Twin Bed Frame for Adults:

Key Features:

  • Has 13 inches of storage capacity under the bed
  • Constructed to fit through tight spaces
  • Made from strong steel.

If you are looking for a top-quality storage twin bed, we have listed the best and cheapest one out there. This twin bed frame has a full 13 inches of space to store your belongings.

Do not worry if your room is located after a very tight hallway or stairway because this twin bed is designed to fit in easily through these tight spaces.

It can even go through doors without any problem and without getting damaged. The structure of this twin bed is made from durable steel and gets assembled in just a couple of minutes.

The assembly is so easy, combined with the bed frame’s lightweight gives this bed the ability to get put together even by early teens or even elders.

Of course, it is recommended that a second person should be present just for security when the assembly takes part.


  • Easy to assemble by ages 14-90
  • It does not squeak
  • Comes in strip pads to keep the mattress from moving


  • The steel is sturdy and strong
  • The bed frame is easy to unpackage
  • It is easy to assemble because it is light

4. SmartBase Twin Bed Frame For Kids:

SmartBase Twin Bed Frame For Kids

Key Features:

  • Takes less than 10 minutes to assemble
  • Comes with 13 inches of storage capacity under the bed
  • Equipped with leg caps
  • Made of durable steel.

This SmartBase twin bed frame requires just 10 minutes to assemble in your room with no tools required. It saves a lot of space due to its 13-inch storage space capacity for you to put your valuables.

This storage twin bed is also equipped with leg caps to not damage your floor with any harsh scratches. This twin bed frame is light and durable,

it also does not make any noise while moving because the leg caps not only keep your floor from getting damaged but also prevent squeaky noises that we all know are hard to stand.


  • The steel is sturdy and strong
  • The bed frame is easy to unpackage
  • It is easy to assemble because it is light.


  • Does not hold more than 400 lbs
  • Squeeks if there are 250 lbs pounds or more on the bed.

5. Zinus Yelena Twin Bed Frame For Kids:

Key Features:

  • Equipped with slats to support mattress
  • Assembles in a couple of minutes
  • 12 inches of storage capacity under the bed
  • Equipped with foam tape to reduce noise.

This twin bed frame is made of strong and durable steel. The slats support the mattress and do not let it sink in.

This makes the mattress have a longer lifespan and not form those very big holes and saggy parts that make it impossible to peacefully sleep. The assembly is not a problem either because this bed can be put together in just a few minutes.

The tools and instructions come with the bed so you do not have to stress out of setting it up on your own and with no directions.

This great storage twin bed has 12 inches of storage space for you to put your valuables and is equipped with foam tape to make the bed noise-free even with the biggest of movements. This set comes with a studio table that can be purchased on its own if wanted.


  • Handles large weight
  • Makes no noise under average human activity
  • It is a great piece for small living spaces


  • The bars in the center are short
  • Rubber bumper might break if mishandled.

6. Zinus Joseph Low Twin Bed Frame For Adults:

Zinus Joseph Low Twin Bed Frame For Adults

Key Features:

  • Low profile twin bed frame
  • Is made for Spring, Hybrid, or a Memory foam mattress
  • Equipped with slats of wood to support the mattress
  • Box Spring included based on preferences.

If you are looking for an elegant low profile twin bed frame then this is just the best one you can come across. This bed frame can hold a Spring, Hybrid, or Memory foam mattress.

The structure of the bed is made out of strong steel and is also designed with slats made out of wood to keep your mattress balanced and comfortable.

The slats are made with non-slip tape to prevent the mattress from moving. These slats also prevent the mattress from getting damaged or aging. If you want to personalize the height of your mattress you can easily use a box Spring.

The assembly of this bed frame takes roughly 20 minutes to put together. Instructions are included to make the assembly easier.


  • Easy to make storage space under the frame
  • It is very sturdy and durable
  • Easily assembles in just 20 minutes


  • Does not support a large amount of weight
  • The mattress might bulge between the slats of wood.

7. Box Spring Twin Bed Frame For Kids:

Box Spring Twin Bed Frame For Kids

Key Features:

  • Traditional look box Spring twin bed frame
  • Equipped with 2 pieces of fabric, top to bottom
  • Foldable structure
  • Made of highly durable steel.

This nice and simple box Spring twin bed frame is made of highly durable steel. It is really sturdy and can easily support every mattress and foam. The slats are made horizontally to provide more support for the mattress.

This bed frame is not only equipped with a steel structure but also with 2 pieces of fabric to cover the whole bed, one of the fabrics is placed on the top of the bed and the other on the bottom.

These pieces come together with a zipper and make the bed look neater and put together. This cover can be easily removed for cleaning purposes.

The assembly is easy because the bed is only designed to be folded and unfolded. The unique part of this box spring bed frame is that it is also equipped with slats so you have two supportive structures for your mattress.


  • Shows up in a simple compact box
  • It is well put together
  • Easy to fold up and unfold.


  • Putting on the box Spring cover can be difficult
  • The instructions do not give any details on how to put the covers on the frame.

8. Zinus Trisha Low Twin Bed Frame For Kids:

Key Features:

  • Low profile twin bed frame
  • It is designed for hybrid, memory foam, and spring mattresses
  • Made of dark matte steel
  • Slats made of wood support the mattress.

This is a low-profile twin bed frame is designed for hybrid, memory foam, and spring mattresses. If you want to personalize the height of this bed frame, you can easily use a box spring.

The structure is designed with matte dark steel that easily blends in with your room. This twin bed frame is also equipped with slats made of wood to support the mattress and prevent it from getting sagged.

These slats are designed to make your mattress stay in place and not move. This bed is tested for sturdiness and durability and can overcome years of usage without getting damaged.

If you have a simply furnished room or a darker-themed room then this bed frame will give your room a kick of style.


  • It is very sturdy
  • Easy to assemble with tools for half an hour.


  • After several months of use, the bed can make some squeaky sounds but they can be repaired with oily substances
  • Does not support more than 200 lbs of weight.

9. Zinus Wen Twin Bed Frame For Adults:

Key Features:

  • 5-inch frame
  • Made with a wooden frame
  • Equipped with foam tape to reduce noise
  • Slats made of wood support the mattress.

If you want a cheap twin bed frame then this is the bed for you. This box spring bed is well put together and looks great, especially if you have a wood-themed room. The frame is 3.5 inches, and it is somewhere to 12 inches in height.

This twin bed frame is used with a footboard or a headboard. There is also no need to worry about irritating squeaky noises because this bed is designed with foam tape that is added to the steel structure of the bed.

The slats made of wood also prevent your mattress from moving and make them age less quickly.

The look of this bed frame is really impressive because the wood looks expensive and of good quality. This bed is definitely a good purchase when compared to its price.


  • The bed frame feels solid
  • It is very easy to assemble without the use of any tools
  • The wood looks high-quality in comparison to the bed’s pice.


  • The wood feels like some other lighter material when you touch it
  • If you look under the bed you can spot glue lines. Although this does not affect the well being of the bed.

10. Zinus Cherie Leather Twin Bed Frame for Kids:

Key Features:

  • Designed with faux leather
  • Equipped with middle legs
  • Made of strong metal
  • The slats are designed to support the mattress.

This elegant imitation leather twin bed frame gives you room style. It is designed with a strong dark steel frame and has an exceptionally soft head frame made out of leather. The head frame is buttoned and gives it a luxurious tint to the bed.

The legs of the bed frame are also equipped in the middle to prevent the bed from moving. This bed has slats to not let the mattress sink or get damaged.

This bed is simple and it makes your room look neat and gives it the illusion of a bigger space. If you do not have time to decorate your room then this is the perfect bed for you because it is decorated itself.

No need to worry about the assembly either because it has clear instructions about how to put it well together.


  • The assembly is easy and takes about 15 minutes
  • The plates that support the bad make it feel sturdy
  • Comes with the tools you need to assemble.


  • The bed is made of chemicals that might irritate you
  • The bed can be dented if not handled well.

Things before consider to buy cheap twin beds under $100?

We have listed some of the best and durable bed frames in the market, and we hope that we made it easier for you to choose the perfect twin bed frame.

If you already have your mattress then it is much easier to choose the bed you desire. Be careful when choosing the bed size and make sure you already know what kind of mattress you have.

If you are someone who wants to start from the start and want to choose the mattress and the bed together it is best if you buy a mattress and bed together while there are plenty out in the market that comes as a whole.

Well, the process of buying a frame is very hard because you have to choose the right material and quality but it can also be a bit overpriced at times.

Material of the twin bed frame:

When buying anything from the store we first check the material it is made of. that is the same for buying a twin bed frame. Usually, a normal and traditional twin bed frame comes in a square-like structure and is made of wood or steel.

All the bed frames I have slept in were made of wood and I think that this material is perfectly fine. If you have wood then you can even build a bed frame yourself. With the help of some tools.

When I was young one of the beds I have slept on was hand-made by my dad and I slept very comfortably and the bed did not make any squeaky noises even though I often jumped up and down on it.

Even with the other wooden beds I always had a peaceful night of sleep and relaxation. Another popular material you can use is a metal bed frame.

I think that this option is good if you do not plan to stay for long and move houses a lot. The metal frame does provide you with good support while sleeping bet it does not last as long as a wooden bed.

The metal frame beds get dented through time and if not of good quality they can even get scratched. But when it comes to an affordable price the metal bed frame definitely wins.

Safety of the mattress:

Another important thing you should be aware of when picking a mini crib mattress for your baby is the level of harsh chemicals and the level of flammability the mattress has.

In modern days mattresses are created to be toxic-free and anti-flammable, but not all of them are like this. So when choosing a mattress for your baby be sure that these mattresses are tested and approved.

Your baby’s health in the long term is determined by the quality of the mattress, so I recommend you buy an expensive mattress because as the saying goes; better safe than sorry. Apart from that, you want the mattress foam to last long right?

Well, it is best to get the cover water-resistant, anti-mold, and anti-bacterial, this means that if water or if the baby accidentally urinates in the mattress the liquid will not access the foam part of the mattress because if that happens the mattress will smell awful.

Being anti-mold and anti-bacterial means that the cover is not prone to letting mold form or it does not attach the bacteria onto the surface.

By this, you do not have to worry about the baby getting seriously ill or worse than they will get. Another thing you have to worry about is the size of the mattress in comparison to the crib.

If the crib is bigger than the mattress then you have to stick on the two-finger rule, this is a rule everyone should know about the space between the mattress and the crib.

Simply try to easily put two fingers in the space between the mattress and the crib and it space easily fits two fingers or can probably fit, even more, then this can be dangerous for your baby.

If the mattress does have such a space apart from the crib then the baby could get their limbs stuck inside the space and because of their delicate bones could even get seriously injured.

Wood slats or box spring:

Your mattress needs support when putting on the bed frame and slats or box spring is just the thing that keeps your mattress looking brand new.

A box spring is more elastic and made out of metal, while wood slats are horizontally placed bars of wood under the bed frame.

Both do the job just fine but in my experience, the box spring seemed to get ruined with time and the broken springs tended to ruin the mattress also.

This is probably because the box spring I had was not the best quality. I would recommend wood slats for your bed frame because it is easy to put on, easy to replace if broken, and do not make noise after a long period of time of using them. The box spring, on the other hand, might squeak after some time of use.

Height and storage space:

There are two types of bed frames when it comes to height. There are low-profile bed frames that are designed with short legs and are closer to the floor.

Most of these have a box spring you can include if you want to increase the height of the bed. And the high bed frames that are usually perfect to store stuff below.

Whether you want a high or low-profile bed frame you can choose it according to the furniture you used to furnish the room. If the room is furnished with a lot of things and it is complicated then the right bed for you is a high-profile bed frame.

If your room looks more unique and is lightly furnished with more of a dark theme, I recommend the low-profile bed frame.

Depending on the way the bed is designed both beds can handle some type of storage space underneath, but if you got a lot of things going on in your room and don’t know where to put your valuables then stick to a high profile storage bed frame.

Size of twin bed frame:

When buying the bed you always have to make sure that the bed is not too big or too small. When I got a house for rent I was not educated on this topic, so I ordered the bed without studying its size and comparing it to my room and when it arrived it was too big.

The only thing that could fit in the room beside the big bed was a box I used to put my clothes in. It was not comfortable having such little space.

When you decide to buy a bed frame make sure that you have plenty of room to walk and put all your valuables in. another thing you should keep in mind about bed frames is the noise it makes during movement.

Make sure that the bed you are buying clears up the fact that it is noise-free and does not squeak. Try to buy a bed frame that has a socket-like structure or has its slats equipped with tape-like material to prevent the movement of the mattress.

Reading the reviews on Amazon of Twin Bed Frame:

When it comes to the final step of deciding to buy a bed frame you have to keep in mind that the reviews are important also.

Check the reviews to be more sure of the quality of the product and mostly, how easy it assembles.

Consider both good and bad reviews and make sure that the bed you are about to choose it the right one for you.

If you come over reviews that warn you about the bed frame having chemicals then I advise you to consider buying another one. Because a bed frame holding chemicals can increase the chances of cancer or giving birth to a baby with defects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a twin bed?

A twin bed is a type of bed that is smaller than a full or queen size bed. They are the most common type of bed in the United States and Canada, and they can be found in almost every household.

What size is a twin bed?

The twin bed has a width of 38 inches and is 75 inches long. There are also twin beds that are XL beds and are up to 5 inches bigger.

What are the dimensions of a twin bed?

The dimensions of a twin bed are 39.5 inches by 75 inches.

What is the weight capacity of the twin bed?

The weight capacity of the twin bed is typically around 300 pounds.

What is the difference between a double bed and a twin bed?

A double bed is specifically made for adult partners while a twin bed is made either for a kid who shares a room with another sibling or an adult.

How do you organize a twin bed?

The twin bed’s head frame is usually placed touching the wall. And it is placed in a corner of a room.
The bed is put in the middle of a room if it is single and if you are sharing the room the option is to put it one in a slight corner of a room and the other in another corner of the room.

Where should you put a twin bed in a small room?

If you have a small room then the best place to put a twin bed frame is in the middle of the room and its headframe touching the wall or if you want your room to look like it has more space to it then place the bed on a corner wall of a room.

How much space do you need between twin beds?

To know if the space between your twin bed is comfortable and does not make you feel claustrophobic then make sure it is as big as three people standing in a vertical position very close to each other and in a straight horizontal line.

If they fit perfectly between the twin bed then the space between them is comfortable. Any space smaller than that will be very irritating.

What are the benefits of a twin bed?

The benefits of this bed usually apply to kids or people living alone. Kids have a small body and can easily sleep in a twin bed. Adults that live alone in a studio or a dorm where there is not much space available can sleep on a twin bed and be perfectly comfortable in it.

When it comes to couples it is better for the couple to have a king-size bed because a twin bed can be very narrow and uncomfortable for two people to sleep on a daily basis.

How much does a twin bed cost?

There are a variety of prices for twin beds depending on the material, brand, and size. Twin beds can range from $200 to $500.

Final Thought About Cheap Twin Bed Under $100

Most people want to find the perfect bed for themselves, but their budget restricts them. A twin bed might be the solution you need because they are relatively inexpensive. They also offer enough space for two adults to sleep comfortably, saving you money on a bigger bed that is not needed.

Twin beds come in many styles and colors. This article discussed some of the best cheap twin beds under $100 and their features that don’t break your bank account.

If you are looking for a mattress for your twin beds, you can read this blog about the best twin bed mattress. A twin bed mattress is a viable option for those looking for an affordable and clever way to save space in their home. They are lightweight, easy to move around the house, and easier to store when not in use.

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