Bunk Bed with Mattresses

10 Best Cheap Bunk Beds with Mattresses in 2021 (Updated)

A cheap bunk bed with a mattress can even be very comfortable for the right child, so long as it meets all safety standards and requirements. Most people don’t realize this fact but bunk beds can be as comfortable as king-sized beds sometimes, and this is dependent on the manufacturer and how they’re made.

Kids love bunk beds, especially the ones who may be forced to share it with their siblings. However, one must be attentive to what is available on the market and what it has to offer before buying the best cheap bunk bed because, in reality, not all bunk beds are of the same standard.

Trust us to give you a well-detailed review of the 10 best cheap bunk beds mattresses as we always do. We have been able to put together a list of ten top bunk beds available to guide you in your purchase and give you a better idea of what to look out for.

–Our Top Picks–

We have listed the best cheap bunk beds that you will do the job just fine and will surely be easy on whatever kind of material you will have to wash.

1. Dorel Bunk Beds with Ladder and Guard Rail:

Cheap wooden bunk beds with mattresses
  • Traditional transitional twin-over-full bunk bed with sturdy wood construction.
  • Conveniently converts into a twin and full-size bed.
  • Features a 4-step ladder and guard rails on the top bunk for added security and durability.
  • Assembly required. 1-year limited warranty.

This is an amazing solution to your space-saving problems. Both parents and kids will love this. It is designed in such a way that it gives children an area to have fun and sleep safely and comfortably while maximizing room space for them to play in.

The Brady Twin over Full Bunk Bed has exciting features like the upper guard rail for extra safety, sturdy wood construction, and an angled ladder to enable them to climb to the top.

It also has slats for support on both beds included, which cancels the need for box springs. It can also be un-stacked to get two individual beds. Versatile, durable yet available in different colors, this is a great option for you.


  • Exquisite design
  • Space-saving and can be converted to two individual beds
  • Slat guardrail design installed for added security
  • An integrated step ladder for easy climbing
  • Provides a safe and cool sleep area


  • Develops cracks after a short term of use

2. Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed with Mattress:

  • It is a unique combination of quality and ageless design to give a comfortable feel to your child’s bed.
  • It features fastening systems with a 4-step ladder and full-length guardrails.
  • Manufactured from rubber wood
  • Can be converted into 2 individual Twin beds
  • The maximum weight for the top bunk bed is 165 lbs.

This is a combination of timeless design and unequaled quality for your child’s bedroom. It is made from solid rubber wood and composites, known to be of high quality.

The Stork craft Caribou Hardwood Twin bunk bed features distinct fastening systems, full-length guardrails, and a strong four-step ladder. It can also be configured into two individual beds for ultimate versatility.

The exclusive use of rubber wood makes the Stork craft bunk bed superior to others. This is because rubber wood naturally is stronger, denser, and more durable than pine wood which is commonly used.

In compliance with certain safety standards as the ASTM and CPSC, this bunk bed is available in varying non- toxic finishes and is sure to stand the test of time.


  • Made using rubberwood offering superior, sturdier, and durable quality than those made from the regular pine wood.
  • It is trendy, convenient to use and multi-functional
  • Saves bedroom space and kids love it.


  • Fragile, cracks, and sways easily.

3. Long Horn Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed with Mattress:

  • Combines quality & unique design to give you the best.
  • Has a unique fastening system with a strong 4-step ladder & full-length guardrails.
  • Made from rubberwood and is durable and stronger
  • Can fit standard sized twin mattresses.
  • Sturdy ladder & guardrails for maximum safety.

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  • It is durable
  • Made with safety standards ASTM and CPSC


  • The fragile, assembly may be time-consuming

4. Twin Bunk Bed with Metal Frame and Ladder

  • Capable of accommodating two twin mattresses.
  • It’s a durable metal frame for comfort and seating support.
  • The ladder is slightly slanted to ensure safety.
  • Easily assembled
  • Upper bunk bed weighs 200lb (ca. 91 kg) while the Bottom bunk bed weighs 225lb (0.1 t).

Another division of Dorel Industries, DHP is a brand that deals with children’s products, bicycles, and even home appliances. All products in the bicycle and juvenile category have an array of innovative and trendy products, ranging from branded Quinny, Safety 1st, Tiny love, GT, Mongoose, and a wide range of other products.

The Dorel markets for home products have a wide range of assorted furniture, produced locally or imported.  The Twin over Twin bunk bed by DHP is a simple, stable, secure, sleek, and space-saving bed that meets all your expectations and needs.

It is designed to give you optimum security and safety, with its easy assembly system and full-length guardrails with a ladder attached to the bed frame. The black metal frame is durable and lasts long years of playing, suitable for accommodating friends, twins, siblings, or family.


  • Bunks are available in different shapes and sizes
  • Trendy, modern, and convenient
  • Fit comfortably in small spaces
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Secure to use


  • Often difficult to assemble alone

5. Novogratz Maxwell Twin Metal Bunk Bed with Mattress:

  • Solid metal frame construction with metal slats and rails inclusive.
  • Steady and Secured side ladder with connected bar
  • Metal bunk bed with safety rails on the top bunk
  • Can accommodate two twin-size mattresses comfortably

In a situation where you have limited room, this product will play a critical role. This offers you a sleek modern design and is ideal and functional for space-saving.

Manufactured in a metal frame with slats and side rails, support, stability, and durability are assured. It also comes with full-length guardrails for the upper bunk and a side ladder for your child’s safety while getting on and off the bed.

This bunk bed is available in three classy colors: gray, pink, and navy blue that will give your room a great look.


  • Saves enough space, therefore, no need for an extra room
  • Available in classy colors


  • No provision for extra screws in case the other is lost

6. Easy Assembly Quick Classic Metal Bunk Bed with Mattress:

  • Quick-Lock easy patent-pending can be assembled under an hour
  • No box spring is required.
  • Strong steel support convenient and compact
  • Compact packaging for easy allows shipping
  • Children under 6 years old should not be allowed on the upper bunk
  • Two integrated ladders are included-mattresses sold separately

Another exquisite space-saving Twin over Twin metal bunk bed from the shores of Zinus gives you a sturdy steel frame support for your mattress. It is designed with guard rails on the top bunk and two connected 4-step ladders on both sides.

The weight limit for both bunks is 175 lbs. It has a patent quick-lock assembly that enables it to be coupled within one hour.

The Zinus Aileene Twin over twin bunk bed is capable of accommodating two twin mattresses and offers a safe and fun sleeping area. It has a 5-year warranty and is an excellent choice for bedroom space-saving.


  • Has two connected 4-step ladders
  • Equal length for both bunks


  • Unstable, fragile, only suitable for children about 6-10 years of age.

7. DHP Silver Screen Metal Bunk Bed with Ladder

  • Trendy designs to compliment any décor.
  • Multifunctional furniture
  • Can be converted from sitting to sleeping bed easily
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • The upper bunk weight limit is 200lb while the futon mattress is 600lb

The Silver Screen from DHP is suitable for small spaces and apartments, dorms, and children’s rooms. It is a twin over Futon metal bunk bed that gives a classy design to your child’s room, yet providing safety, durability, and versatility.

On the metal frame are sleek lines that form a centerpiece in the room, with full-length guardrails, ladder, and childproof mechanism for added safety.

It can be transformed easily from a couch to an extra sleeper which makes this bunk bed an ideal space-saving solution.


  • It is versatile and can be used for different purposes


  • Fragile, Unstable

8. DHP Metal Loft Bunk Bed with Mattress

  • Durable metal frame construction with a ladder for climbing.
  • An ideal option for maximizing space
  • The upper bunk can accommodate a standard twin-size mattress
  • Guardrails on the top bunk with metal slats. No need for foundation

From the stables of DHP, we have a wide range of nice beds to fit all your needs. The Twin metal loft bed maximizes space giving room for other things like a study corner or playground.

It also has storage drawers and shelves to maximize space. These make your child’s room fun with bunk beds of different sizes. Sturdy slanted ladders are built-in for easy climbing up and down the bunk with full-length guardrails for safety.

It is designed to fit a twin mattress of up to 6 inches and metal slats eliminate the need for extra foundation or box springs.


  • Provides fun and comfort
  • Secured metal slats
  • Full-length guardrails
  • Inbuilt ladder


  • Often difficult to adjust, ill-fitting screws

9. DHP Manila Metal Daybed Plus Trundle

  • Made with sturdy metal frame with metal slats
  • Trundle with four easy-glide casters,
  • Two lockings and two non-locking.
  • Made to accommodate one twin size mattress.
  • Unique multi-functional piece ideal for maximizing spaces
  • It weighs 400 pounds while Trundle weighs 225 pounds

This Daybed is designed with Victorian rounded finials to add style to your room. A perfect choice for kid’s sleepover and anyone who needs an extra sleeping space.

Custom-made to give your children’s room a simple and modern yet sophisticated look, this lovely bed is designed to complement any kind of decor. It is very attractive and appealing to the eyes and handy to accommodate visitors with its roll-out handle.

This product is crafted with a strong metal frame and metal slat to fit any twin size mattress. It is used in relaxing or sleeping areas for your comfort and that of your guests.


  • Space-Saving ability
  • Built-In Support System
  • Stylish


  • Unstable, difficult to assemble with some parts not fitting properly.

10. Easy Assembly Quick Lock Twin Metal Bunk Bed with Mattress

  • Visible Easy Quick-Lock Assembly, coupling in an hour
  • Strong steel support made of steel frames and slats. No need for box springs.
  • Compact packaging allows for convenience while shipping
  • Parental control as children less than 6 years old should only stay on the bottom bunk
  • The Mattresses are sold individually.

The Zinus Patti bunk bed is a unique product by Zinus known to be economical, save space, and offer strong mattress support. It is a steel-framed, twin over twin metal bunk bed with guard rails at the top bunk composed of a 4-step ladder.

Its weight limit is about 175 lbs for the top and bottom bunk bed. It’s designed with an easy Quick-lock system to enable you to couple it in an hour.

It is capable of guaranteeing a safe and fun sleeping experience with the twin mattresses and has a warranty of 5 years. This is indeed the best choice to save space in your bedroom.


  • Comfortable and easy to assembly
  • Saves space in the bedroom
  • Solid durable construction
  • 5-year guarantee.


  • Maybe a bit risky if children are not monitored.

–Buying Guide–

How to Choose the Best Cheap Bunk Beds with Mattress?

We all know that bunk beds are amazing for the kid’s room. They complement any decor, economize space, making the room fun but you should also know that the choice of the right size, type, and design is not always an easy one.

A bunk bed should be safety insured, sturdy, durable, and loved by the kids. All these can make getting the right choice confusing. How then do you choose the best bunk bed for your kids? Well, we’ve put together some tips that might help you.

Measure The Room:

Before looking out for nice bunk bed designs measure the room first and decide on where you want to put it.

These measurements help you decide on which kind of bunk bed will be best for your kids and you know the most appropriate size to go for that’ll fit their room. Also, keep in mind that these beds also come with accessories such as stairs or ladders.

Choose a Type of Bunk Beds with Mattress:

In spite of what most people think, out there, you have more than one type of bunk bed to choose from. This ranges from simple to complex type and some even come with different configurations but the choice is dependent on the space available,

The needs of the child and the general room design of the room. You should be able to narrow your search to just one or two types based on these findings.

Decide on Important Features:

Different features and qualities are emphasized in different bunk beds and designs. Decide on which ones are necessary and applicable to you and look for designs with those features included. For instance, you may want one with a large desk or drawers inclusive.

Ensure It is Age-Appropriate:

Before making the choice of a bunk bed, ensure that you consider the age of your kids. This is to ensure the safety of your child thus extra safety features should be included.

It’s advisable that the older one gets the top bunk as toddlers often find it difficult to climb up and down the ladders. You could consider going for a low profile bunk bed if you have toddlers.

Make sure it is strong enough:

Kids are little and fragile, unlike us, but they can be a bit rough sometimes. You definitely want their room furniture to be durable and sturdy to avoid causing harm to them.

Therefore, it’s important you check these before buying a bunk bed. Shake it very well and see what happens next.

–Tips and Tricks–

What Are The Benefits of Bunk Beds?

When it’s bedtime, these bunk beds help to get the kids tucked in. They are making a comeback this season and kids love them a lot, so do adults. Discover the amazing benefits of getting a bunk bed for your kid’s room and add style to it.

Space Saver:

Bunk beds do an amazing job at filling spaces, especially vertically and this is mostly applicable when you have many children, providing valuable floor space for them to play in and put in other features like dressers, desks, and other furniture.

Money Savings:

Bunk beds eliminate extra expenses for support like headboards and box springs/foundations.

From a wider point of view, you can invariably lower the cost of your home greatly by using bunk beds, thus canceling off the need for plenty of rooms. You’ll discover that these bunks are a perfect fit in cabins and vacation homes as well.


If you intend to make changes and adjustments in the future to the room, these bunk beds have numerous options you can choose from.

Some are capable of being separated into two twin beds, a good option for kids who don’t want to be high off the floor or are afraid of heights. They are also available in full and twin sizes, in some cases, a combination of both and it accommodates kids of all ages.

Some bunks can be converted into sofas, giving the kids a spot to get their homework done and also play video games.

To get maximum flexibility and satisfaction, get a loft bed with a lower trundle which has the capacity to be pulled out. They are highly functional and have provision for extra storage like built-in drawers and cubicles.


Kids love the concept of vertical freedom as they see it as an opportunity to turn their beds into spacecraft, forts, castles, and much more. They enjoy having a place of their own to do whatever they want such as sleep, play, or keep their stuff.

When you take all these benefits into account, you’ll surely appreciate the investment and enjoy it as it keeps providing convenience as the years go by.

How to Install Bunk Bed Properly?

The process of assembling a bunk bed often takes time and patience too. Such that most times two people need to work together.

You only have one set of hands and as you go on, you find out that it’s quite difficult to hold a piece of wood whilst trying to use a screwdriver at the same time.

While trying to get help, ensure to set up the bunk bed in the room it’ll stay in permanently. This is because once you have assembled it, fitting it through the bedroom door may be difficult.

These 8 Steps Helps to Install Bunk Bed Properly:

Step 1

Create space for the job. Make an area in the room, unpack the box of the bunk bed, and keep the packaging outside to ensure enough space.

Step 2

Find out the instructions/manual and hardware. You often find them in a plastic bed attached to the railing of the bunk bed.

Separate the hardware pieces in small bowls to avoid misplacing anyone and to make finding them when you need it very easily.

Step 3

Ensure to read the instructions carefully, noting the uses of the different parts, where they should fit in, and in the order to assemble them.

In some cases, most people prefer arranging the different parts and line them up in order to avoid searching for anyone at each step.

Step 4

Assemble the bunk beds from the lower bunk first, attaching the side rails to the headboard and footboard. These bunk beds come with bolts, nuts, and wrenches to hold the parts together and you’ll need them to attach these components.

Make sure the bolts are tightened in all four corners, and then you can place the unit at its final position.

Step 5

Next, you insert the slats of the lower bunk into the side rails. Some banks have already made provisions for holes (predrilled holes) into which the slats are screwed.

Step 6

While the top bunk is on the floor, assemble the parts. Also, attach the side rails to the top footboard and headboard as well. Then, insert the slats using the bolts and nuts to attach the guard rails to the top bunk.

Step 7

With the help of your assistant, lift the top bunk into its position. You’ll also discover that lower bunks have predrilled holes as well for connector pins to hold the two units together. Lower the top bunk unto the bottom bunk.

Step 8

Make an assembly of the ladder and connect it between the head and guard rail and you’re good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the bunk beds with a mattress that will make everything more clear.

Why is it called a ‘bunk bed’?

The term “bunk” dates as far back as the mid-1700s and although its origin is uncertain, it is suspected to have Scandinavian roots, probably related to the word “bunker.” While its roots are foggy, the true origin of the word “bunk” which means “nonsense” or “falsehoods” is pleasantly certain.

Which is better: sleeping on the top or bottom bunk?

The chances of being disturbed by those on the bottom bunk when trying to get into getting are lesser when you stay on the top bunk.

It’s actually different in the bottom bunk as you’re unlikely to sleep when someone is climbing into the bunk. When a dorm party is hosted in your room, there is less likelihood for your bunk to be used as a communal space.

Is it dangerous to get bunk beds for toddlers?

Most times, accidents are caused by kids playing in their bunk beds. This does not eliminate the fact that there are other less obvious, but serious hazards associated with bunk beds,

Which has led to terrible situations like entrapping of children or injuring them, leading to suffocation, or sometimes death. It just requires carefulness on the side of adults and ensuring safety before purchasing

How thick should a top bunk mattress be?

In most cases, getting a thinner mattress is a better choice for a bunk bed. When trying to make a purchase, look out for one that is not more than 6 or 7 inches.

Is there an age limit for bunk beds?

It is very common to see bunk beds being used as the first regular bed by kids after they outgrow a crib, usually within 2 years old or height of 35 inches. Some of these bunk beds are also independently used as twin beds for use of older children and in some cases, adults.

Bunk Beds: Best gift for your kids

How best you could gift to your kids? You might have given sweets, chocolates, toys, or video games to them on birthdays till today. But did you ever think of gifting something that would be useful to your kids?

If you really care for your kids and want to gift the best thing they would enjoy, choose metal bunk beds.

Yes, it may sound a little awkward to some people who don’t pick a gift from a usability point of view. Remember when you are buying something for your own kids you need to pick something that would pay its value back.  It is far better to choose costly but useful gifts than choosing cheaper ones of no substance.

Why gift bunk beds to your kids?

For comfortable nights:

Bunk beds are an attractive, useful, durable, and perfect sleeping place for your kids.  They give ultimate comfort and make your kids feel happy while playing on it. We all know that good night sleep is important for a kid. You need to see if your child is facing any disturbances during night hours.

For a whole day stay:

Small kids mostly play in their bedrooms round a day. They need a safe place to play around. Bunk beds could be their favorite option for this. The grounded compartment of a bunk bed can be used as a playing base.

For home improvement:

You may consider bunk beds as a perfect home improvement solutions. Bunk beds are available in the metallic body and modern design. It will add decor to your kid’s room. A fully furnished bunk bed can improve the look and feel of your children’s playing room.

For flexible bedding needs:

Bunk beds are available with mattresses and sofas. They are available at any color, design, and sizes for you to pick.  You can also order bunk beds of different heights, construction materials, and bases.   There are midi bunk beds, triple bunk beds, single metal bunk beds, single metal futon bunk, and more.

Give your kids something special you will be proud of.

–Final Thought–

So these 10 best cheap bunk beds with mattresses have been extensively reviewed in this article and we think you should try out a few of them. Let us know if you have any thoughts or comments after purchasing and using any of our reviewed products. We will love to have your feedback.

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