10 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 2020

10 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 2020

In modern days new technology has made washing machines update from very complicated structures to some of the easiest machines that turn on and do their job perfectly with just a push of a button. Cleaning your clothes by hand can be an irritating task to do.

Washing machines save you a lot of time and effort in washing your clothes. But today the prices of these machines are rising up to an unwatchable rate.

It is just too hard to afford them. Well, don’t worry because we have picked 10 cheap washing machines under 200 dollars for you and made sure they do the job right and leave you with clean clothes that look like you just bought them from the store.

Types of Washing Machine:

We see different types of washing machines in the market, these have some unique features, and that is why they have been divided into different categories. When you are choosing the right machine for you, it is difficult to make up one’s mind which one best suits your needs. Let’s get some ideas about them.

Fully automatic washing machine:

A fully-automatic washing machine does everything at the touch of a button. This washing machine comes with a single tub that acts as a washer, dryer, and also rinses the clothes. These can come as front and top load machines, and the programs and efficiency can also vary between the machine, depending on the brand.

Semi-automatic washing machine:

A semi-automatic washing machine contains two tubs, one for washing and the other for drying. Unlike a fully automatic washing machine, hereafter the washing cycle is complete you have to put the washed clothes in the drying tub for the drying cycle

Top loader washing machine:

They have a drum rotating around a horizontal axis like a front loader, but there is no front door. They have a liftable top load lid like a standard washer. These machines operate and spin just like a front-loader and use half the amount of water required for a standard washer.

Front loader washing machine:

A front load washing machine is a fully-automatic washing machine that loads from the front side. These machines usually consume less water and energy, and usually yield better laundry results than their top-load counterparts.

Portable washing machine:

Portable washing machines are ideal appliances if you’re living in an apartment or a small house and a full-size washer is not an option. These units are designed to move from a storage area, such as a closet, to a kitchen or bathroom where you can hook one up to a faucet and start washing clothes.

—Our Top Picks—

A list of 10 Cheap Washing Machines Under 200 Bucks: You are ready for a new washing machine, and you only want the best washing machine at the moment, but one that suits your wishes and budget.

We have already done a lot of work for you because we have looked up the 10 best affordable washing machines at this moment and have placed them clearly. This way you can quickly and clearly see which washing machine suits you best!

01. Best Overall: hOmeLabs 0.9 Cu Washing Machine

10 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 202010 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 2020Key Features:

  • Portable full automatic washer
  • Flexible 5 cycles and 3 water level settings
  • 6 lbs of clothing capacity
  • Electric fuel type and noise-free
  • Equipped with LED display
  • Transparent lid
  • Top load compact clothes cleaner
  • Premium build quality stainless steel drum
  • Comes with roller wheels for easy movement.

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The hOmeLabs 0.9 Cu washing machine measures 0.9 cubic feet and is easy to handle for washing your clothes. Having a small space or dorm will give you the need to move this washer usually for space-saving, that is why it is designed to be lightweight and is also equipped with two roller wheels on the bottom for easy movement.

It has five washing cycles and three water capacity options you can use based on the material of clothing you are washing. You can choose from five washing programs which are Gentle, Rapid, Normal, Soak, and Heavy to make sure that your clothes get the best wash and not get damaged.

It has proven to wash even the most delicate materials there are such as wool and have them looking like brand new. The washers have interesting features that make your cloth washing very easy.

It has a viewing lid made of transparent material to make sure your clothes are getting the proper cleaning, the inside is made of durable steel that has slim to none chances of getting rusty, the washer is also equipped with a drain pump to get rid of all the used water.


  • Has various processes from which to choose from to was different material clothes
  • Moves gently in small spaces such as RVs, dorms, and studios.
  • Does not make loud noises


  • It vibrates
  • The washer can gather water and get damaged if not taken care properly

02. Best for Apartments: Giantex Compact Washing Machine

10 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 202010 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 2020Key Features:

  • A lightweight material equipped
  • Full automatic washing machine
  • Automatic drainage with a built-in drain pump
  • Electric fuel type and electricity saving
  • Max weight capacity reach 8 lbs
  • 5 programs for choosing: wash-rinse-spin, wash, rinse-spin, wash-risne, spin, soak-wash-rinse -spin.

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Living in a dorm or a small studio apartment can be pretty rough for when it comes to space. The portable automatic laundry machine is the best cheap washing machine when it comes to small or shared spaces. The item is light and easy to move around the room.

It does not waste your time working only by one push of a button. It has different processes and water volumes based on what you are washing. You can choose from rinse-spin, wash-rinse-spin, wash-rinse, soak-wash-rinse –spin.

When washing your clothes and for the amount of water needed you can choose from 16-30 liters of water used based on the material you are washing because every material has a different amount of water needed to go through a proper cleaning process.

The machine comes with a tube that easily drains out the dirty water. There is also no need to worry about trying to get it to work because it comes with clear instructions on how you can activate the different instructions.  So In a short review, we suggested choosing these cheap washing machines under 200 bucks that worthy of buying.


  • This product is great for small living spaces
  • It can handle a good amount of clothing in one wash
  • Can save time and effort by going through all the cleaning processes automatically


  • The length of the tube might be short for some spaces
  • If not handled as instructions say it can gather water and get damaged

03. Best User-Friendly: TG23 Twin tub Washing Machine

10 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 202010 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 2020Key Features:

  • Handheld portable two sectioned washers
  • 20-minute power wash
  • Wash section: 3.5 kg capacity Spin section: 2 kg capacity
  • Wash & spin timer
  • Runs on electrical power
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Included with lint filter, drainage tube, and water fill hose.
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Going out camping or just traveling a lot in an RV can get kind of smelly or dirty if you do not have a washing machine. Now you can enjoy your traveling with this portable cheap washing machine. The only thing you need for the washer to work is access to electric power, access to water, and some soap or detergent.

The washer is designed in two sections, one section is to wash your clothes and the other one is for your clothes to go through a spinning process. The cloth washing process of the two combined is only 20 minutes where it takes 15  minutes for the clothes to get washed and 5 minutes for the spinning process to complete.

Although the capacity for both sections is different, the washing section has a 3.5 kg capacity for washing clothes and the spinner has a 2 kg capacity. The machine also comes with a drainage tube and clear instructions for how to use it.


  • Easy to carry around while camping or traveling by car
  • Clean clothes in a very short period of time
  • Saves space for small living areas


  • Is not constructed to work on a daily basis
  • It does not fit big clothing like jackets, blankets, etc.

04. Best for Portable: Panda Washing Machine

10 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 202010 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 2020Key Features:

  • The process of washing is 15 minutes and the process of spinning is 5 minutes
  • Stainless steel tub
  • Transparent lid
  • User-friendly control panel easy to use
  • Drain hose and water inlet
  • Inlet hose and quick adapter
  • Suitable for condos and apartments.
  • Fully automated washing, rinsing and spinning function
  • Electronic controls with led display
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Compact houses can be difficult for you to manage space that is why we have listed another great simple washing machine that will ease your situation when it comes to housing space. This washer is perfect to use for a condo, RV, dorm, studio apartment or even if you need good quality but affordable. So you can easily afford these cheap washing machines under 200 dollars.

The machine is a late 2020 design and comes with two twin washers and dual functions that include wash and spin or wash and dry.

It has a medium capacity of 11 lbs for when washing clothes and takes about 20 minutes for the whole process of washing and spinning to be complete. This washer works perfectly for cleaning small to medium size clothes like socks, underwear, t-shirts, hand towels and more.


  • It has only three labeled buttons that are easy to use
  • Washes clothes for a short amount of time
  • The pump works really well


  • The washer is not designed for large clothes
  • Not recommended for very sensitive materials like wool

05. Best For Large Load Capacity: Giantex Full-Automatic Washing Machine

10 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 202010 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 2020Key Features:

  • Full automatic washing machine
  • Compact design & large load capacity
  • Time and water level control
  • Easy and safe to operate & monitor
  • Multifunctional control panel
  • Automatic imbalance adjustment
  • Stainless steel inner tub
  • Electricity and water-saving
  • Designed with 10 processes and 8 water volumes
  • Handles 12 lbs of clothing weight
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Having so many clothes in your wardrobe can mean that there are a lot of materials to handle and we all know that every material has its own cleaning process. Perfect for people with a lot of clothes to handle, this automatic washing machine has 10 washing processes from which to choose from for each material clothes to be washed properly and not get damaged.

But it does not stop there because this washer also has 8 water level options you can choose from. The long honeycomb structure of the washer lets you have a 12 lbs clothing capacity.

This washer is surprisingly affordable for its high-quality usage and modern technology. The lid of the washer is transparent so you can keep an eye on how well your clothes are washing and if the water is enough for the process. This great simple cheap washing machine is also child-friendly. It has a lock activation and whenever the lid gets opened an alarm is set off.


  • This washer has a lot of options to choose from when washing clothes
  • It is lightweight and easy to move around
  • It has a big capacity for one round of washing


  • The draining hose might be short for different kind of households
  • Shipped without quality control

06. Best Eco Friendly: Lavario Clothes Washer

10 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 202010 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 2020Key Features:

  • Easy up & down motion
  • Runs on hand power, It is non-electric
  • Saves energy and water making it eco-friendy
  • Works on the push and pull movements
  • Takes up to 20 minutes to wash clothes properly
  • 5-gallon basket holds the equivalent of one small electric load
  • Easy to fill in tub, shower or with a sink or hose
  • Ultra-light and compact
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Traveling often can lead you to places where there is no electricity to be found. That is the reason why we chose to include this non-electric washing machine on our list. The only things you need to have access to is water and soap.

This washer works on half of the water needed for an electrical washing machine. It is easily used by hand power. You just push and pull the handle until the clothes are washed with soap. The washer is designed to have strong power for washing clothes even though you only have to push it gently.

Designed to be eco-friendly and to be used anywhere this washing machine will save you a lot of money and keep your clothes smelling fresh. The great part of this washer is that not only can it clean small to medium clothes but jeans and thick shirts also. It has clear instructions on how to use it. So we highly recommended this eco-friendly cheap washing machines under 200 bucks. I hope anyone can afford this cloth washer.


  • Does not tire you while washing because it needs light hand power
  • Clean clothes perfectly like any washer machine
  • Can be easily used anywhere


  • Takes time for you to wash clothes
  • Soiled clothes do not wash properly

07. Best for Space Saving: Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine10 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 202010 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 2020Key Features:

  • Twin tub washing design
  • Easy to operate
  • Large capacity
  • Top load twin tub compact design
  • The washing process takes up to 30 minutes
  • Washing capacity: 11 lbs Spinning capacity: 6.6 lbs.
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The mini twin tub machine is a great option for washing your clothes in minutes. It is made to fit small areas such as dorms and small apartments. This is the best space-saving washing machine for your small apartments. The washer has two sections, the section for washing the clothes and the section where the spinning process occurs.

The automatic timer for the washing section is 15 minutes but you can even choose the time you want your clothes to be washed as preferred and for the spinning cycle the time it takes for the process is only 5 minutes. The washer itself is equipped with a net where the dirt is stored after the clothes are clean, it is easily taken out and cleaned for the washer to keep working properly.

Even though the structure of this washer is very simple the capacity of it is large. It can hold up to 11 pounds of clothes per wash and more than 6 lbs of clothes per spinning process. It is recommended to use the spinner twice for every load of clothes you put in the dryer.


  • Wash clothes fast and without any problem
  • Saves a lot of space in your house


  • The inlet tube might not fit well with some water sources
  • The draining process needs gravity, the draining tube needs to be at a lower point

08. Best Durable: ZENY Twin Tub Washing Machine:

10 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 202010 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 2020Key Features:

  • Dual performance
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Gravity drain
  • Does not make any noise or vibration while washing
  • Has a 20 washing process
  • Washing capacity: 8 lbs
  • Spinning capacity: 5 lbs
  • Lightweight and durable plastic body with a space saver.
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Travel washing machines can make like that much easier but when it comes to noise and vibrations the small space you are living in can shake up and make you go crazy for as long as it is washing. This portable cheap washing machine does exactly the opposite.

It is designed to be completely silent while working and does not even vibrate. Another reason this machine is great for traveling purposes or for small spaces is that it is easy to move from one place to another due to its lightweight material.

The washer has a washing section and a spinning section that both last for up to 20 minutes as a process. The washing process is strong going up to 300v even though the washer has a small figure. If you are looking forward to traveling or moving in a dorm or small space then having this washer will only make your journey more easy and peaceful.


  • It does not take a lot of time and effort to wash your clothes
  • Makes no sound
  • It is easy to use for traveling purposes


  • Is not created for washing large clothing
  • The drainage needs a gravitational pull

09. Best Light Weight: SUPER DEAL Twin Tub Washer:

10 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 2020

10 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 2020Key Features:

  • Washing capacity: 8 lbs
  • Spinning capacity: 5 lbs
  • 1300RPM motor
  • 20-30 minutes wash time
  • Low power consumption
  • Time and Space Saving
  • Considerable design & Energy saving
  • Design with washer tub and spinner tub
  • Built-in Gravity Drain and Inlet Water Hose
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Choosing the best and cheap washing machines under 200 bucks for your clothes can be tough. Sometimes they twist and twirl your clothes so much that they damage it. It is designed to be careful at washing clothing. The washing process at the perfect amount for washing your clothes, not too strong, not too low so your clothes can come out clean and also look like you just bought them from the store.

The washer is built with the washer section and the spinner section. Both can work at the same time if desired. The washing section capacity per load is 8 lbs while the spinning capacity is 5 lbs. The material of the washer is made from durable plastic which makes it immune to rust and also lights to move around.

Due to its lightweight and small structure, this washer is easy to fit in small spaces such as a closet or a small bathroom. It can even be used for activities such as camping. No need to be confused about how this washer works at all because it comes with clear instructions on how to use


  • It does not damage the clothes while washing them
  • It does not make disturbing noises
  • Works with low power saving energy and water


  • Is not built to fill a full load
  • After a couple of years, it may start making motor-like noises

10. Gravity Drain Compact Twin Tub Washer

10 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 202010 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Reviews for 2020Key Features:

  • Equipped with a gravity draining tube
  • Has 7 lbs of washing capacity
  • Made from transparent plastic to avoid rust and make it easier to view the washing process
  • Energy efficiency with large washing & drying capacity
  • Separate time control for washing & drying
  • Suitable for washing all kinds of clothes
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Perfect for your dorm or any small living space this cheap washing machine will do the job for you. The weight of this washer is very light and easy to move around. What makes this washer so special is the fact that it has a transparent construction that lets you have a clear view of how well your clothes are getting washed.

The washer is made out of plastic that does not let it get rusty. A clean of the washer from time to time will do the trick and keep this washer working for ages. It has two tube washers, one for washing and the other for drying. Whether you want to wash a load or just a shirt it will wash it carefully and leave your clothes smelling fresh and clean of stains.


  • It fits perfectly in any space
  • Wash clothes with just an easy button press


  • Is not designed to fit all kinds of clothing
  • The draining needs to be gravity supported to work

—Buying Guide—

How To Choose The Right Washing Machine?

We have listed some of the best cheap washing machines under 200 Bucks. Going to the laundry costs a lot of money if you sum it up in one year and also washing your clothes by hand can waste you a lot of time.

But not all the machines are of good quality and do the job. Some even burn up or make loud noises out of nowhere. Here we will show you what cloth washer best fits you and your environment.

The material of Washing Machine:

There are three types of material from which a washing machine could be made which are stainless steel, plastic or enamel. The washers made of stainless steel are more expensive and more durable than other materials that can be used.

For washers made out of plastic, they tend to be more lightweight and simple in use. Usually, these kind of washers are for travel and for an easy fit in your living space

The enamel material, On the other hand, can be less durable and needs more time to look after it. Even coming at a cheap price it is still less worth it than the stainless steel and plastic material.

Features of Washing Machine:

When you buy a washing machine, you have to follow some tips for washing machine features that will have you getting to grips with your new washing machine in no time. These are

  • Reload Function
  • Air Dry Function
  • Smart Rinse
  • Memory Wash

Washing Load capacity:

The standard washing machine capacity is 7 kg, but today models with a load capacity of up to 15 kg are also available. However, they are not necessarily cheaper to use.

Large capacity can only be an advantage if you have a large family or if you practice a sport that involves a lot of laundries. With a large wash instead of two smaller ones, you save time, water, and electricity.

Functions of the washing machine:

As you all know, washing machines come with modifications. Some have bottom wheels or handles for easy movement. Others are equipped with transparent lids to make the washing process viewable. Alarms, timers, and more modifications can be added to your machine. You can choose what best fits you for your household

If you have children it is best to get a washer equipped with an alarm for when your children try to open the lid. It is best to get a washer with wheels or a handle if you have a very small space to live in. The recommended modification is a transparent lid for where you can view the process and the washing clothes at any time.

When choosing a washer also keep in mind that most washers make noise, if you live in a small space this noise will irritate you very much so best choose a silent washing machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the washing machine spoil clothes?

Some low-quality clothes do spin and make clothes look worn out. Even picking out the wrong cleaning process for your clothes spoils them. Choosing the right machine does not spoil even the delicate material.

Is it okay to leave clothes in the washing machine overnight?

It is not an intellectual work to keep clothes in the machine overnight. If you keep your clothes for more than 10 hours, it will smell bad. There remain chances to grow bacteria and your clothes may damage from moisture.

Can we use the dryer in a fully automatic washing machine?

If it has a drying option for clothes then you can use it, although most machines are only for washing and spin-dry purposes.

Can bacteria survive in the washing machine?

The stronger the washing machine and the more complicated the process the harder it is for bacteria to survive, the cheaper the quality the harder it will be for bacteria to go away.

Can you put one piece of clothing in the washing machine?

Some washer faces problems if the wash load doesn’t reach a reasonable level. You may put one piece of clothing when it makes a reasonable load for. A queen size blanket is enough to run a wash cycle whereas underwear is not.

Can you wash a blanket in a washing machine?

You can wash blankets with a gentle wash cycle using cold water. Just put your blanket on the tub, add 1/4 cup of mild detergent and set the function. The rest will be done by the washer itself.

Final Thought:

Whether you are living at home or hitting the road to seek a new destination you have not seen before you will need a cloth washer. We listed out some of the best cheap washing machines under 200 bucks that we tested out that were both cheap and worked perfectly fine.

No doubt they with make your life much easier and leave you smelling fresh and looking clean when it comes to terms of clothing. What do you think works best, machines or would you stick to the traditional cleaning of your clothes? Both work fine but if you want more time on your hands and less soap you will definitely stick to machines.

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