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15 Clothes Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2022)

If you’re living in a small space, you know how important it is to make the most of your storage. Here are 15 clothes storage ideas for small spaces that will help you keep your home organized and tidy.

Once you’ve decluttered your closet, it’s time to get organized. One simple way to do this is to invest in some good-quality hangers. You can find hangers made of wood, plastic, or metal.

A cluttered and messy closet can make getting ready in the morning a nightmare. Luckily, there are many creative storage solutions that can help to organize your closet and make your life a little bit easier.

Clothes Storage Ideas for Small Spaces



In the very past chests bears a type of wooden or leather-made container which has four small legs to keep cloth, jewelry, money, weapons, and other valuable things for the best security at home or workplace.

But nowadays these pieces of furniture have changed in appearance, masking material and purpose too. It doesn’t maintain its asthenic look as before.

Chests are deliberately used today for store cloth mainly. They are not only better storage for storing clothes but also good furniture for your home used for many purposes. Aluminum and plastic-made Chests give them another milestone as they are durable and stylish at a reasonable price.

Various Use of Chest:

  • Easy to find small things like Lingerie.
  • Lockable systems maintain security and privacy.
  • Protection from damage and insects which can harm your cloth.
  • More drawers or compartments separate them to use find.
  • Some of them have side doors where you can hang your clothes.
  • The Topper portion can be used for keeping a small basket or flower vase which enhances the beauty of your bedroom.
  • Slim looks and designs are easy to fit bathroom and elsewhere.

Closet System:

A neatly organized clothing storage can be a dream for anyone where you can keep so many things together and all things are easily catchable when they are needed with great protection of clothing and other accessories.

A Closet Systems can do all things easy for you which are demanded by you for a long time. Closet Systems come in a wide range of materials such as Melamine, Wood, Metals, and a combination of them.

They can be wall mounted or free-standing systems as they need to be mounted. According to your using advantage, you can install them as open or close storage. You can place them single tier or multi-tier, and drawers according to your need.

Various Use of Closet System:

  • Accumulate more money from purchasing  duplicate clothing as
  • The closet is a better display.
  • Use every inch of space for storing clothes in it.
  • It made it easy for finding anything which is needed exactly.
  • A better organization brings peace of your mind undoubtedly.
  • Acute safeguard if your money is invested in your clothing.
  • More Compartments make it easy to personalize things by one.
    Pick the right one to donate which is not usable to you.

Clothes Hanger:

Clothes Hanger

Clothing organizations will be incomplete if you do not hang some clothes which are required. As a result misshaped clothes which mostly make you dusky. Clothes Hangers are turned in the market with extensive materials such as Plastic, Wooden, Wire, Velvet, and so on.

With so many variations of clothing, cloth hangers are also many types like Pant hangers, Shirt Hangers, and Sweater hangers. Suit jacket hangers. Skirt hangers, Children’s clothes hangers, etc.

These types of hangers have individual features to do their work perfectly; you can avail them according to your preference and need with a small budget.

Various Use of Clothes Hanger:

  • Wrinkled and crushed free clothing by using a Clothes Hanger.
  • Get more space for keeping other things as Clothes Hanger saves more space.
  •  Save your time from wasting too much time on finding what items to look for.
  • The placement of clothing is easier and quicker by them.
  • Assure your cloth is ready to wear.
  • Get your cloth as you keep them, they will not move anywhere.
  • Then can be used for multi purposes such as drying and exhibiting things properly.

Drawer Organizer:

Drawer Organizer

Getting more space in your living place makes you more comfortable and happy to organize things rightly. It would be in your kitchen or dresser and closet.

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You can easily be benefitted by a drawer organizer if you installed it in your dresser. They are available in various components and sizes.

Some have additional features such as foldable, Rubbermaid liner, lock system zipper, and so on. Most of the Drawer Organizers are easy to install and move.

Some of them are more compartments or boxes to esquire small things neatly. Wooden, plastic, and various materials are getting preferable for drawer organizers.

Various Use of Drawer Organizer:

  • Categorized all the things which are alike easily.
  • Make a division of things according to their need, urgency, and uses.
  • Being a swift home maintainer.
  • Easy to find the right thing in time.
  • Protection from damage and better security.
  •  Best organizer for you if you have a bulk collection.
  • Get rid of messy children’s clothing closets.

Garment Rack:

Garment Rack

It is not necessary to be a retailer for using Garments racks if you want to keep a large number of clothes neatly organized and wrinkle free with easy to pick the right one it is essential to have one Garments Rack.

They come in a wide range of designs such as Single and Double Bar Clothing  Rack, Spiral and Round clothing Rack, Two and Four way Clothing Rack, Belt and Tie Rack, and so on.

Metal and Wood are the better storage  Clothing Rack because of their durability and furnishing looks. Rolling and other features make it more comfortable for you.

Various Use of Garment Rack:

  • Usable for both indoors and outdoor.
  • Most of them are portable as they have wheels.
  • Displayer of hanging clothes.
  • Saves your money by dying clothing in the sunshine.
  • Make free your Closet.
  • Keep huge clothing in an organized manner.
  • Installing shelves and trays within Garments  Rack multi-purpose.
  • Placing them in the living room is helpful for crafting room decor.

Garment Cover:

Indoor or outdoor everywhere there is pollution such as dust and mote which is carried by air spoils your clothing in unknown ways.

To face them you need protection that saves them properly. Garment Cover for single cloth or multiple would be a trustworthy option for anyone.

If you want a huge collection of dresses or secure garments cover racks can be more useful as they are available in the market and online-based shops wisely.

They come in various materials such as transparent thin plastic, vinyl, and so on. Hanging with rods and hooks will be the best one if you have less space. Sturdy zipper, waterproof is a most convenient feature which makes them need to you,

Various Use of Garment Cover:

  • Use them widely in commercials and in homes.
  • Carry with you time to travel.
  • Keep clothing all of the bad weather.
  • Most of them have a clear Window to find the right one.
  • They come in an extensive range of sizes and you can purchase them according to your demanding size and length for Short, Skits, Long Dress, Jacket, Coat, Uniform, Trousers, etc.
  • As a wide range of them are foldable, they will not take up more space in your closet.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.

Hanging Shelve:

Hanging Shelve

Hanging Shelves can be a rocking idea if you want to decorate your kitchen and room elegantly with tidily.

It is outstanding storage of so many things like Tv sets, huge collections of Books, Photo frames, authentic art collections, kitchen accessories, and so on.

If you can choose good and solid materials for installing it then it will be a long lasted and a better organizer of so many things with a smart budget. It is a smart idea for your kitchen living room, dining room even office.

The best convenience of installing it is to catch the exact things which are needed without creating any messy moves in a cabinet or other storage.

Various Use of Hanging Shelve:

  • Getting rid of the usual tame wall and putting floating shelves brings a bright look to it.
  • Having more and more space within a tiny room.
  • Leave the messy and disorganized look of your loving kitchen permanently.
  • Taking benefit of every single corner of the room.
  • Saving extra cost from buying bulky cabinets.
  • Hanging Shelves are undoubtedly an impressive Display in your art gallery and collections.
  • Simple to install and clean.

Hat Rack:

Hat Rack

Wearing a hat or cap no longer be a sign of support or protection even if it is a stylish clothing item in modern days.

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If you are one of them who have a great love for Hats or Cap you would definitely face more difficulties decorating them neatly and getting them ready to wear after being put out from the closet.

Hat Racks is a quite sensible idea to store them as an experienced hand. They come in various designs and materials according to your need and collections.

You can place them on the wall. back of door, cabinet, and free-standing too. Wall-mounted single or double rods with metal hooks is a common hat rack.

Various Use of Hat Rack:

  • Multifunctional Racks can be used for other things like wigs, baseball hats, cowboy hats, summer hats, socks, globules, and so on.
  • Save your favorite hat from wrinkles.
  • Increase space in your dresser.
  • Keep together with your whole collection
  • Make the partition according to your need and use.
  • Protection from skimming, creasing, and other damage to hats, caps, and wigs.

Luggage Rack:

Luggage Rack

Whether you are not traveling frequently but when you do instantly feel you have a Luggage Rack. Apparently, these types of racks are common furniture in a home according to their purposes. Chiefly, they are made from solid woodmeal and nylon.

If you have medley things to carry and got bored with them these can be excellent to tote. Wooden luggage is widely preferred because of its stylish look and easy convenience. They are usable for boxes,  purses, bags, suitcases, and so on of any size.

Various Use of Luggage Rack:

  • They are fitted in any corner of the home.
  • Most modern Luggage Racks are foldable, as they are easy to store.
  • You can store them under beds, behind the door, and in cabinets.
  • The bottom part of it can be used as shoe storage at the time before leaving.
  • Make an easy separation after coming back home with clean and dust and odorless clothing packing.
  • Straightway prepared to use.

Shoe Organizer:

Shoe Organizer

Storing shoes veritably is a leading point to be noticed to keep your home neat and hygienic. There are various accessories  to store shoes such as under cabinet and bed through a vertical, hanging shoe shelf, shoe racks cubby systems, shoes  rack over the door and with pockets,

Tier shoe racks, solid benched, crystal show box, or container with a lid. They come in varied materials such as plastic, wood, reusable pop-up bags, melamine, wire, and so on. Some of them are stackable and self-length adjustable features that can be more useful to your home.

Various Use of Shoe Organizer:

  • Keep your home clean and germs-free.
  • Make all shoes easy to access.
  • A smart way to save space.
  • Protection for shoe damage.
  • Lightweight and movable.
  • Adjustable for men, women, and children’s shoes.
  • Avoid keeping shoes on the floor and get a dirt-free floor.
  • Get them in pairs.

Space Saver Bag:

Space Saver Bag

Not only at the time of traveling but also at home we always want to save space as we would love to buy new clothing more and more.

These bags are mainly manufactured from polyethylene and nylon types materials with a special zipper which ensures their airtight and waterproof safety features of them.

Sucking out of the air into it entirely saves approximately 50% space storage. They are usable any time and anywhere. It is not required to have every time a vacuum machine rather you vim press your hand over them and suck out the air.

Various Use of Space Saver Bag:

  • Take more things on your journey.
  • Make exceeding space in your cabinet.
  • Odor and mildew-free clothes.
  • Most of them have a good super zip lock and sturdy materials make them long-lasting.
  • They can be used for preserving foods also for a long time.
  • Trustworthy protection for your clothes like fibers.
  • Because of their transparency, you can check them without opening them.
  • Easy packing and reusable.

Storage Bench:

Storage Bench

Storage Benches are the most diverse furniture which is fitted in any place like bedroom, kitchen, entryway, patio even dining space.

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They will be better storage and active good furniture for your home. Wood, Metal, Wicker, Plastic, and Leather are the common materials for making them.

Though Wood is the most elegant and attractive component for making Storage Benches. You may find them in different storage types such as Flip-top, Cubby, cabinets, Drawers, etc.

Having so many styles like traditional, contemporary, cottage, modern and industrial make it more attractive to peoples day by day.

Various Use of Storage Bench:

  • Be benefited from versatile uses.
  • Get an organized and decorative living place at home.
  • Avail more storage space with storage benches.
  • Children are comfortable with it.
  • Considerable coffee table with a bed.
  • Storage for Wine at the entryway!
  • They can be placed as a divider and sofa table.
  • A Furniture to create authentic looks like you at your place.



Trunks can be effective storage with a decorative appearance for your place somehow an infrequent thought to you. But when you claim more and more space in a home with excellent décor Trunks can be an apparent option to you. They can offer you more storage solutions even what you have desired.

They are convincing for keeping wardrobes with large facilities, kitchen accessories in the kitchen, kids’ toys, storing seasonal clothing even more. With many drawers systems and shelves, they can be more attractive for living, guestroom, mudroom, and kids’ bedroom.

They come in various styles such as contemporary, portable, and so on. Also many components and colors according to your preference and budget.

Various Use of Trunk:

  • Storage for home and travel.
  • Easy accessible and maintained.
  • Store so many things within it.
  • Serves a large number of purposes.
  • Durable and sturdy because of their made of materials and structure.
  • A decorative piece for the home.
  • Useful for camps and long vacations.
  • Saving more space to originate a simple look at the home.
  • Efficient for keeping valuable things with better security
  • Facial to carry and store.

Under-Bed Storage:

Under-Bed Storage

You can not deny the contribution of underbid storage as a encradle storage to a small house with so many needed things. Being a brilliant solution for those who want to use every tiny storage compartment in their entire home.

Under Bed Storage have some better ideas such as cabinets, drawers, containers, bins, shoes, bags, boxes, and so on. Plastic and wood is the main material for them with a wide range of styles and sizes.

Rolling, wheels, and lid, zipper-lock are additional features for making it easy and comfortable to maintain and install with an attractive presentation, designs and usage make them popular practically.

Various Use of Under-Bed Storage:

  • Sweep less necessary things from your eyesight.
  • Minimize your cleaning time duration.
  • Reduce dust and germs that come from unused things,
  • Get urgent things from shrinking them.
  • Long termed and safe storage.
  • Retainable for more belongings.
  • Being released from a scattered and messy home with neat organization.
  • Make space on your chests and closet for new articles and garments.

Valet & Suit Stand:

Valet & Suit Stand

Valet & Suit Stands mainly pertain to a type of stand furniture of men’s cloth such as truer, suits. jacket hanger with shoe bars and containers astray for keeping different items like watches, keys, cell phones, and other jewelers.

According to use and benefit Valet and suit stands to arrive in the market in various materials such as Stainless Steel, wooden and other metals with wide designs and colors.

Wall mounted and hanging are also stylish and simple for gentlemen’s outfits and other accessories. Moreover, electric Valet and suit stand go more advantages as warm cloth before dressing if it is required.

Various Use of Valet & Suit Stand:

  • Space-saving fitment for bedroom, guestroom, and hotel room too.
  • An outstanding and eye-arrested gift for a male.
  • Ready cloth free from wrinkles and cockles.
  • Find all things like dress, shoe, cell phone watch all together to leave.
  • Easy to use and move.
  • Some of them have Tie bars and mirror facilities to be more approaching.

Final Verdict on Clothes Storage Ideas

If you hate having a small closet then take a look at these clothes storage ideas for small spaces at home. They will help you turn your unorganized closet into a clean and tidy one.

Untidy clothes can be a real pain when it comes to finding the perfect outfit but by creating additional storage with these items your closet will be easier to manage.

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